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The Day!

Feminized western males in the pro-white movement freak out when confronted with what William Pierce called “The Day of the Rope.” But the absolute need for retribution is understood when pondering upon the history of the Iberian Peninsula: what happened when Gothic values were replaced by Christian values. It is impossible to understand the brutalities of this quotation from Pierce’s most famous book without knowing what happens to Aryan nations after allowing mestization or mongrelization.

In honor to what my Visigothic ancestors did with the miscegenators when they ruled Spain, after the anti-white System collapses I look forward for justice for sins against the Holy Ghost. But I insist that without knowledge of the history of the peninsula the linked quotation of my favorite novel won’t be appreciated, and both Pierce and I could be seen as monsters.

2 replies on “The Day!”

Unfortunately, the people that wax poetic about retaliation lynchings are usually unhinged in some way. So avoiding violence talk is just a way to keep the crazies out. You’re one of the few that discuss such hypothetical endeavors calmly and rationally.

I was unfamiliar with the idiom “wax poetic”. Now that I found the meaning, for the Iberian visitors that visit this thread the translation could be: “Desafortunadamente, las personas que se deshacen en elogios por los linchamientos de represalia suelen estar desquiciados de alguna manera”.

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