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Ethnosuicidal nationalists


Henry Wallis: The Death of Thomas Chatterton. The subject of
the painting was the poet who died after he poisoned himself.


______ 卐 ______


“‪Even the pro-white ‘movement’ seems beholden to this irresistible death-wish.‬”

—‪Joseph Walsh

The revelation has come to me that liberals, conservatives and white nationalists are, ultimately, on the same fucking page. The only behavioral difference between them is speed.

Gentile liberals, led by the Jews, are driving the train on the road to white extinction on high speed. Non-Jew conservatives are merely trying to lower the speed by softly hitting the break here and there to slightly hinder the liberals’ ways. White nationalists, already outside the train, are heading exactly toward the same direction but at a much slower, walking pace.

Let us compare the values of the self-styled White Nationalists with the real defenders of the Aryan race, the National Socialists:

• Hitler and the NS men organized themselves in a political party—the very first, elemental step to make a difference in the real world. The WN cyber-based “movement” on the other hand refuses to leave the homely comfort zone. Nationalists who are doing this: Every single “neonazi,” white nationalist, southern nationalist or conservative racialist today, including old internet sites such as Stormfront, American Renaissance, VDARE and Majority Rights. None of them has dared to form a racist party. (In the case of Greece’s Golden Dawn, they are not Aryans.)

• The NS men clearly defined their race as Germanic (which includes Austria, the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Switzerland and even some parts of the old Soviet Union; furthermore, Hitler dreamt to share the world with the Anglo-Saxons, especially with the English Empire). Those who advocate WN on the other hand are predominately anti-nordicists, and anti-eugenicists to the core. Like the American “conservatives” of the Republican Party who treat mestizos as equals, in order not to offend Mediterranean sensibilities they refuse to acknowledge that the standard for whiteness is the Nordic type. Many have no objection to grant amnesty to the off-white population in Europe, even if that means the eventual mongrelization of the real whites. Nationalists who are doing this: Most bloggers and commenters over the boards, especially at the WN webzine Counter-Currents Publishing.

• Hitler and the inner NS party abandoned Christianity, a Levantine-inspired religion which only enfeebles the Germanic peoples. Many WNsts, incapable of radical departures from our parents’ religion, unabashedly proclaim their Christianity and have blinded themselves about the toxicity of the Galilean cult. Nationalists who are doing this: Stormfront, the Traditionalist Youth Network led by the two Matts, James Edwards of The Political Cesspool, Occidental Dissent, the neonazi Daily Stormer and even Metapedia.

• The NS men, even the Catholics and Protestants, gave up Christian axiology and became pragmatic Nietzscheans. On the other hand Christian and secular WNsts subscribe it: both groups strive to appear as the proverbial “good Christians.” The neonazi Carolyn Yeager and the historian Arthur Kemp even have tried to rationalize away the Germans’ legit will to conquer those Slavs who had delivered their nation to the Bolshevik Jews. (Clarification: George Lincoln Rockwell and William L. Pierce flourished before the term “white nationalist” became fashionable. They were not WNsts but rather followed the spirit of Hitlerian National Socialism. Neither subscribed the Christian scruples regarding our interaction with the radical Other.) White Nationalists who still subscribe Christian axiology: With the exception of VNN Forum virtually all of them. Moreover, like Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent and many commenters in those forums, racialists freak out piously when a lone wolf makes a scene leaving some enemy casualties behind. Even Irmin Vinson, who wrote an apologetic book about Hitler, did this.

• Hitler and the NS men took for granted sexual polarity. Like all militaristic Western cultures they subscribed patriarchy—no woman was allowed in the leadership class. WN males on the other hand have become feminized beyond recognition. Most of them have no problem at all with the feminism that has been wreaking havoc in the fair race and the morals of the fair sex since the 1960s. The NS men had an absolute will to biological fertility. Feminized WNsts have no problem allowing career women in their conferences or practicing ethnosuicidal birth control. Nationalists who are doing this: With the exception of Andrew Anglin all notable WN websites and conferences, including the London Forum which admits women speakers, and even “revolutionary” or eccentric groups like those of Harold Covington and Sebastian Ronin.

Ethos. The German National Socialists simply and straightforwardly pursued the fulfillment of their duty to the point of dying heroically for the fate of their race. Like the Republican Romans their ethos was severe, Stoic and brutal. Feminized WNsts on the other hand still live under the illusion of the American dream, or the infantile pursuit of universal happiness. Like the late imperial Romans they are hedonists. They lack the Teutonic spirit of tribal sacrifice and the saying, “We don’t stand a chance unless our men become killing machines and our women birthing machines” sounds like antimusic to their ears. Nationalists unwilling to sacrifice themselves for the 14/88 words: All of them! Who lusts to become a bloodthirsty soldier or literally force our spoiled women to become birthing machines? With the exception of the late David Lane, Who treasures in his heart the history of the rape of the Sabine women which gave birth to the virile Republican Rome?

Enemy #1: materialism / consumerism. Hitler and the NS men pursued collectivism, honor, structure, order and militarism always in harmony with the aesthetic drive of the Aryan soul. In Uncle Adolf’s table talks for example the subjects of the most beautiful Western architecture, painting and classical music are omnipresent as the blueprints of what the Reich would be after the consolidation of his conquests. On the other hand, even those WNsts who think like real men and advocate a final solution to the non-Gentile problem pursue the freedom of the civilian societies and, to boot, the cult of the atomized individual: libertarianism. In WN forums you don’t see much criticism of larger factors of white decline than the Jewish problem such as the mercantile societies that degenerated in capitalism and, presently, full-blown hedonistic materialism: the uttermost corruptor of the Aryan soul for any honest reader of the History of the white race. Nationalists who have not assimilated the wisdom behind the saying “The Cathedrals were built to the glory of God; New York was built to the glory of Mammon”: countless, including Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network.

• The NS men aimed for war and conquest. Adolf Hitler said: “Any other course that does not lead to the strongest race ruling mankind, means mankind has passed the peak of its development and the end will not be the reign of any supreme moral idea, but degeneration into barbarism and eventually chaos.” Feminized WNsts on the other hand cherish democracy, pacifism and even the secularists make the sign of the holy cross when sighting true Aryan militarism. Compare the Führer’s words with a statement of Kevin MacDonald during an interview by a Jew (!) about the differences between WN and NS: “The white advocacy movement, as I see it, is not exterminating anybody. It is simply going to assert our interests within the democratic form of government that we have… It doesn’t advocate conquering Mexico, you know—anything like that. There are lots of differences.” White nationalists who think like the professor and his Occidental Observer: All Christian nationalists; the (European) New Right and the American New Right—which are not Christian—, the poseurs of Alternative Right (and Richard Spencer’s Radix). In his videos David Duke even shares the Christian sense of compassion for the colored races.

• Finally, Hitler and the NS men recognized the problem of cultural degeneracy in general and degenerate music in particular. Hans Severus Ziegler opened the exhibition “Degenerate music” in 1937 in Düsseldorf. Later, it was presented in Weimar, Munich and Vienna. The hedonist WNsts on the other hand enjoy themselves with the American-Negro phenomenon of rock antimusic. They are basically wiggers. The commenter whose words I quoted in the epigraph has also said: “Degenerate music leads to the extinction of the White race. It is racially suicidal.” Here is a good quote from Encyclopedia Dramatica:

Whereas the original Nazis actually maintained their German culture, celebrating, appreciating and reveling in German art, literature and music, modern-day Nazis get their culture by listening to a lot of White Power Rock’n’Roll. Never mind the fact that rock’n’roll is essentially African-American folk music borrowed by the White Man, and that “borrowing” something from another culture is the definition of multiculturalism and that Hitler devoted an entire chapter of Mein Kampf describing how the degradation of Aryan culture would lead to the extinction of the white man.

Nationalists who have promoted degenerate music: countless since the old podcasts by Kevin Strom, and more recently Alex Kurtagić, Greg Johnson and many, many more. Virtually all male hosts, guest speakers and listeners of WN radio podcasts love simian music, including some internet shows hosted by one of our best European minds, Tomislav Sunić. In a nutshell, presently all white racists, even the sophisticate, are inadvertently committing racial suicide.


My priesthood

From this post henceforth I’ll add further entries only if I see big events in the news (more spectacular events than the Jihad attacks in Paris and San Bernardino last year). The inescapable fact is that in WN there is no actual resistance against the genocidal mass immigration of non-whites and forced fraternisation with them. Apparently George L. Rockwell was the last National Socialist of the West. Being a true Nazi involves forming a fascist party in Europe, or much more difficult, in North America—something that contemporary racists not dare do.

Trying to summon or discipline bourgeois racists that don’t leave the internet destroys the morale of the true fanatic: the priest of the 14 words. Unless these cowards become brave, unlikely in a race that is presumed dead, I must do something else. Pity!: with no Aryan men offering real resistance to the System I have no choice but to try to fulfill my priesthood alone.

Here’s my plan as a hermit. My books on childrearing [1] could help the future ethnostate, which capital should already be in Berlin had it not been for the Anglo-Saxons. But this State would only be reborn if this race repents from its unforgivable sin—if that is possible.

Saint Jerome Reading by Giovanni Bellini[1] I refer not only to Hojas Susurrantes but to two more series of several books each: Extermination and From St Francis to Himmler.
My working hypothesis is that non-abusive childrearing will prevent both mental disorders and even treason in the Aryan ethnostate.



September update

Michael Bell has recently authored “The caste system of the Alt Right” that shows an image of the Egyptian pyramids at the top. Instead, the editor should have chosen the symbol of the truncated square pyramid, so common in the architecture of the Mesoamerican civilizations.

In his flawed caste system Bell places white nationalists at the top of the pyramid, but they in fact belong to a lower caste, as explained above (see also the recent interview of me by Jake that has been published at The Right Stuff).

It is the National Socialists and a couple of American fighters, Rockwell and Pierce, who were at the top of the complete square pyramid. Bell also omitted Linder who, as an exterminationist (and an anti-Christian) could share a place at the top.

This said, after Hillary Clinton’s blunder in delivering an anti-Altright speech, it has been mainstreamed. Bell’s article may still be useful. Newcomers can now map the Altright thanks to that article, especially the castes at the very bottom of the pyramid.

121 replies on “Ethnosuicidal nationalists”

No one wants to risk his neck by forming a party I said. Compare this queer behavior with the life of Rockwell. In addition to the mentioned sites and writers we may add Bob Whitaker’s mantra crowd; those YouTube viewers who laugh at Ramzpaul’s jokes and commenters considered wise in most WN forums like Trainspotter. (Ramzpaul said recently in the last seconds of this video that NS “is stupid and retarded” without realising that he and his kind are the real retards.)

As to the sentence “Who lusts to become a bloodthirsty soldier or literally force our spoiled women to become birthing machines?” in no way it is an excess. I had in mind the weeks and even months right after the day of the rope when the baby ethnostate is born—a futuristic scenario if whites actually repent of their Sin to the point of fighting and winning the racial wars without guilt.


See also these tweets by Young White Family.

I didn’t let pass your comment because every single criticism of NS you have raised has been responded several times in this site. Obviously you have not read it. Please, don’t bother to comment again unless you read the compendium of this site (scroll a few entries below this one until you hit the preface of the new edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour), which is also available in PDF.

P.S. I also removed your most recent kind comment: “You think like a fucking jew/christian!”

Not sure if he actually likes it, but I remember listening to rock in one or two of his radio podcast shows. Whether he likes it or not the result is the same. And even if he dislikes it—like Wm. Pierce—it’s exactly the same error that Pierce committed (who, hating rock, nevertheless acquired a pop disco company for WN wiggers!).

John Tyndall made the same mistake as William Pierce. He allowed youngsters in the National Front of the late 1970’s to introduce punk rock fans to Nationalism which led to the birth of the neo-nazi skinhead movement in England.

Compare this with the SS and Hitler Youth who can be seen playing classical music at the Nuremberg rallies before the White race became a dead race.

It was Sunic’s. I could do some digging but it takes time… At any event, in his radio podcasts Sunic (and later MacDonald at his webzine) gave the platform to homosexuals who want to normalise their behaviour for WN eyes. This is exactly the same mistake that Walsh pointed out about Tyndall. All of these people believed that if they make concessions to the liberal trends and fashions their WN ideology would sink in the popular mind. They were wrong of course. As I have said before, you cannot atone for Gomorrah’s sins through Gomorrahite art.

Thanks for your kind words. This is Michael O’Meara debating the WNsts at TOQ:

It would be wonderful if we could devote all our intellectual energies to fighting the enemy and seizing power. But the problem is that we are nowhere near that stage. Indeed, what passes for white nationalism today is mainly a “rehash” of racial conservatism, which bears at least part of the blame for failing to build a movement to resist the present subversion.

It has been said: Without Marx, no Lenin. That is, without a revolutionary critique and counter to the ruling ideas, there can be no revolution. All great social movements began and gained authority in developing a culture and a worldview that challenged the existing order at its roots. The struggle to break from the United States and found a white homeland in North America will be no different…

The vast majority of so-called white nationalists don’t know who we were, and thus have no proper sense of who we have become and what exactly we are fighting. The struggle we wage, at this point in time, is mainly a struggle of ideas. Without all that history enables us to see about ourselves and what we can be, we are handicapped in this struggle. It’s hardly coincidental that the Stalinists “rewrote” their history and that the Judeo-corporate elites are today rewriting our history.

“The vast majority of so-called white nationalists don’t know who we were.” When will these guys just start right from the beginning by reading William Pierce’s Who We Are?

The idea of you writing a book on child-raising sounds interesting, but what language would you write it in, English or Spanish?

Spanish of course. Since I mention lots of anecdotes they must be written in the tongue that the actual persons of my biography used. Slang is paramount to penetrate the soul of the characters in real life…

I support those who are brave enough to challenge the Judeo-Christian dogma and all its tenets that embrace egalitarianism. The fact that you have lumped conservatism, liberalism and WN into the same ideological construct is quite interesting. Perhaps this argument is well founded on the basis that these three ideologies have become feminized and antithetical to what Hitler had envisioned.

But when we challenge religion(s), particularly those belief systems that empower inferior races – which I am totally against – do we assert, then, that biology and evolution will enable Whites to form a new political system? If science substitutes for Judeo-Christianity, how can we as White racialists rise to power based on an axiom founded by Darwin?

Here is another issue I have:

Nietzsche’s emotive perspective, IMHO, is a two pronged argument that is both divisive and contradictory. His approach is that every moral system is based on the will to power and that those who submit to these moral systems (i.e. Judeo-Christianity) are by his definition a slave. To break out of this slave morality, according to Nietzsche, one must become an Overman; but the problem with this idea is that if people were to become Overmen everyone would become anarchistic. The flip side to this argument is that Nietzsche believes that there must be a hierarchy in order to create a master race. And despite the fact that he wished for everyone to be self-assertive, how can there be any order if Overmen were willing to kill each other for the sake of obtaining more power?

If we all wished to obtain power through Nietzsche’s revelation, in the long run, all power would be evenly distributed. How can power be distributed unevenly in order to create a hierarchy? Is it even logically possible to have a patriarchy if men were willing to kill each other because one’s moral imperative was different from another?

Nietzsche was only a poetic inspiration. His work was unsystematic, preliminary and in his last years even demented (see here in this very site). The real intellectual thing started with Gobineau and matured with National Socialism. Yet precisely because of his poetic prose it’s often handy to quote the 19th century philosopher.

I have been an avid reader of your site for about a year now and from what I’ve gathered, it would be accurate to say that you are a revolutionary NS. Now I agree that what is needed in order to save the White race is to destroy Judeo-Christianity, which can only be achieved through a revolution, but how sure are we that in the aftermath of a revolution a state will emerge that endorses racial identity and not some egalitarian fantasy? I’m sure that our Jewish elites are expecting a revolution to take place in the not-too-distant future when the USD collapses, and that is why I have always been skeptical as to how we respond in times of desperation.


The judaic “elites” never took over by themselves: they were empowered by us stupid gentiles since the French Revolution. This parasitic tribe is as clueless as most gentiles regarding the financial accident that is coming. Listen to Peter Schiff’s latest audio, which he added just yesterday, where he explores the clueless mentality of another jew, Janet Yellen, the head person of the Fed.

If I may comment even though, in truth, my understanding and exposure to Nietzsche is limited compared to everyone else on this site.

I see Overman = An individual’s conquering of the desire to join the herd so to speak and to be the master or his or her own destiny.

I also see the tenet of Overman as being like an “outlier” or lone wolf. Eventually, the outliers will grown in numbers and the number of lone wolves will grow and come together to form a pack.

It just takes time for this to happen.

i subscribe to revolution w/o killing. killing begets more killing. the lower order mammals do not have a cerebral cortex. and so their behavior is amygdala driven “fight or flight.” for god’s sake, we can do better with cognitive behavior therapy, and commit to resolve conflict without violence. and i think a world view of non-egalitarianism can still succeed via peaceful strategy and tactics.

@cesar, in dies irae you asked,

“In the coming racial wars of the twenty-first century that will come under the apocalyptic sign of Mars and Hephaestus, how many racial enemies do you think will have to be slain to fulfill the fourteen words?”

how in the world does one come to level of confidence in rationally considering that decision?

“Dies irae” is heavy autobiographical stuff, just like some chapters of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra. Unlike that verse in the gospel of John, “This is a hard saying; who can listen to it?” my autob stuff is not meant to be conveyed to the masses, only to the inner disciples.

One must have a will to conquer and expand even if he merely wishes to be left alone. Without that fiery desire nothing can be accomplished. “Don’t tread on me.” and “Let’s all be nationalists in our own little corners, okay?” aren’t rallying cries. If only we had more Sparrows like yourself kindling fires under comfortable white nationalist asses!

You’re quite welcome, César. Yes, I am referring to that character. Even a small nucleus comprised of sparrows could do wonders by straightening out errant “white nationalists.”

As it stands, white nationalism is essentially the same as the new age movement. Funnelling people who are waking out of Christianity to a certain degree, and channeling their energies into a imaginary system, that at it’s core, promotes the exact same behaviour as the Catholic Church.

The psychopathic notion of being in a special club that other people don’t understand, and will wither away in said state. A state that somehow rationalizes a strange universalism despite what it claims to be. We have no use for none whites that claim to support us. Does no one consider the long term of this game? What do they think these people expect of they support the movement? That because they support it, they won’t be affected by it, and will be granted some kind of special status within a white nation? This of course goes against the whole point of nationalism.

I think the term “nationalism” is also insufficient to describe the desired state anyway, and so I think it is destined to fail. It’s not about nation ideas. People make nations, but nations do not make the people, although they do have some effect. The Europeans that settled in North America did not become Americans because they left their homelands. A German that lives in Brazil is no more a Hispanic mongrel, then a sub Saharan in a kilt is Scottish. It is the people. The people, and what they are.

All these absurd flourishes need to be let go, there is absolutely no use in them. I do concede that people need labels still, but time is quickly slipping away. We are at war. We have to fight. We have to survive. We have to kill the disease of pathological, suicidal altruism. And As I write this, I read the comment advocating non violence.

Really… How many people must die? How many women, and children raped. Families destroyed. People murdered. Traditions wiped away. Thousands upon thousands of years of genetics lost to the trash heap of degeneracy, and death for people. The continued malgegenic catastrophe go on before people realize this is not only a fight, but a fight to the death? Violence only begets violence if the initial violence is insufficient to dead with the problem.

I don’t like to use Rome as an example, but in our case, I think we need to look to the example of Carthage. It was wiped out of existence. This fight for our people, for our very soul won’t end with a few plane tickets. The ultimate question is very simple. Will the superior take charge of their own destiny for good? Or will they willingly sacrifice themselves for degenerate mediocrity? There is no other option.

Chechar – you havent acknowledged Chester Doles. He was part of a national vehicle (National Alliance). He had dozens to hundreds of people attending his political meetings in Georgia. He had 11 children (I think). And ZOG invested millions of dollars to bring him down. They destroyed his budding efforts. Just as they blatantly stole 250k the group was to receive from a Canadian supporter (in 2015).

The reason people dont do parties is that unless you have an ADL/FBI level of intelligence, and ‘soldiers’ willing to kill and die, and lawyers willing to sue at the drop of a hat – you will simply be infiltrated and destroyed. This is reality. That’s why the only stuff you see out there that is semi-formal is simply blanched conservatism, as you say. Golden Dawn in Greece saw its leaders jailed at the behest of American jews when it hit SEVEN PERCENT in the polls. You’re doing what so many do – ignoring reality of MURDER to chide the VICTIM about SUICIDE. We are not doing it to ourselves. It is being done to us.

Where things should start is verbally – using the same terms. But first we have to agree on who WE are, and even that is not clear. Half ‘WN’ have no trouble with someone who says “jews are white.” Others follow a semitic man-god. Not only is there no there there in our ‘we,’ most of ‘us’ don’t even perceive (or agree) that an unclear antecedent IS a problem! But an unclear antecedent is a poor basis for a serious movement.

You can’t deny, if there’s no progress in the field, though, there is a widening circle of very angry people who know what is ACTUALLY going on (jews genociding whites), and for that we have the internet to thank. Trump is helping this, though he isn’t one of us.

Anyway, good stuff for the most part.

True: I know nothing about Chester Doles. I’ve only six years reading racist literature and have huge gaps in my scholarship. Yet why aren’t Americans imitating Commander Rockwell? To me he was the best American ever but, alas, nowadays nobody wants to risk his ass as he did.

If we are to create a revolutionary National Socialist doctrine, we have to be very clear as to how we define race and what it means to be part of our alliance. Because Christianity has promoted race mixing since its inception, I think racial identity will have to be dealt with not just on a scientific level, but on an ideological one as well. The notion that we should strive for “racial purity” will be a tough sell, and even though Hitler tried to maintain his idea of racial purity, not many people are hitherto racially pure. We can empirically determine who is White and who isn’t, but this shouldn’t be our only criteria, which is why when we form a resistance, those who support us will have to abide by principles that focus on strengthening our cause. These principles will have to be carefully constructed as we progress away from Judeo-Christianity, and our means of doing so must leave very little room for error.

Re Christianity:

It’s hilarious to listen Greg Johnson’s latest interview of Kevin MacDonald linked in the professor’s first post this year at his webzine.

At one point the professor, speaking about the new book he’s writing, said he is bewildered about whites’ hypertrophied sense of guilt. Hilarious I said because MacDonald wrote a preface to Tom Sunic’s Homo Americanus, where Sunic blames Christianity for this virus for the white mind.

MacDonald has a conservative constituency, and although he’s not a Christian himself he does have a huge blind spot in his worldview.

The best approach is Orania, IMHO, you can set up all the administration-like bodies that run parallel with the gov’t which will takeover the real gov’t in the coming collapse, I am sure American homeschoolers, gun-lovers, WNs will appreciate this, there are something for everyone. This needs to be done also in Aryan homelands in Europe. Perhaps you could disguise this as a Christian community.

Ballad of Glenn Miller to the tune of Stewball:

Glenn Miller is a race Horst
and a strong one at that
while others sat talking
ol’e Glenn went to bat

He took him a shotgun
and a six-shooter, too
and he drove to the city
to kill him some jews

The place it was crowded
white cucks everywhere
and in Glenn’s condition
he was too sick to care

He killed an old traitor,
killed a young one, too,
‘fore he went to Village Shalom
and killed you-know-who

Then he got out his cell phone
and dialed up the cops,
who were all quite busy
eating bagels and lox

Glenn got out his whisky
and he poured himself some
as  he sat there waiting
for the coppers to come

When they finally made it
Glenn lay on the ground
and as the cops cuffed him
he uttered this sound:

“My people are dying
and nobody dares
to speak out about it
of jews they are scared”

“I tried to be honest
and I tried to be fair
but using those methods
got me nowhere”

“So now there’s Valhalla
and the fame of my deeds
to those who come after
I leave them as seeds”

Glenn Miller was a race Horst
in blood and in act
So, when you think of him
don’t doubt where he’s at

If you would join him
where Wildes Heer roam
you must die in this battle
to win Whites a home

The home that we long for
has always been near,
in fact it’s inside us
but hidden by fear

When that fear is broken
the light rushes in
revealing the heartland
of our noble fore-kin

Some call it berserk
and some call it zen,
but it’s the same today
as it was back then

Some call it jihad
and say it’s no sin
to rise up and slaughter
the jew within

Crucify the weakling
make sure he can’t rise,
’cause the kike’s resurrection
is the Aryan’s demise

Glenn Miller was race Horst
and you can be, too,
put faith in your forebears
not in the jew.

“One day my spirit will rise from my grave and you all will know that I was right.” – Glenn Miller, November 10, 2015 in response to the pronouncement of his death sentence.

Am I to believe your pun is unintended? 🙂

The information I’ve been able to glean indicates that his targets were well chosen, especially for attack by an emphysemic 72 year old man who was incapable of walking to his own mailbox without the assistance of an oxygen bottle.

Either way, I think the widespread repudiation of Miller by the majority of nominal WNs supports your contention that they are nothing more than liberal stragglers.

Nature created whites and blacks. Liberal capitalism created niggers, wiggers, and white nationalists.

I’am going with Linder and Heimdall:
Party-politics will not work.
Orania is the best way.

We can’t destroy the system or build a new one.
First of all we have to survive.

For this task we have to develop some kind of neo-tribalism:
Strong, big families, Männerbünde (Syssitias), a simple life.
Work, live, eat together with our kin and friends.

btw, César, this looks not too bad: link

The more I think about it, the more it looks like Students’ dormitories in the simplest example, that will be a great way to indoctrinate and select the candidates for NS Lebensborn program. Students love to have sex.

We can add some activities too like peer mentoring, sports, study groups, networking, just like what the Mormons do.

We need to emulate the Mormons..

Students’ dormitories? Gimme a break. All promiscuity will be banned in the ethnostate. Covington had a point in one of his novels about the creation of the white republic. During the holy racial wars the freedom fighters broke into the students’ dormitories with flame-throwers and burned the hell out of them!

I used to think that but it does not work because there is an imbalance in Mormonism. It is not unlike Islam and look what happens with rabid patriarchy? Millions of female babies killed in utero and Big Pimp so-called Alpha Males who get ALL the wives. Then we have the disaster we have today that is infecting the world like locusts…the Refugee Crisis. It was / is not a crisis, but a bunch of greedy men sucking off the rest of the world.

Utah is the same. Homosexuality there (not unlike the Crapistans) is VERY common and there a numbers of Lost Boys not unlike the refugees from the Crapistans. Autism rates are the highest in the US – know why? Because MALES carry the genes for autism..so it stands to reason with just a number of males being the only ones reproducing you get VOILA autism. Utah has the highest rates off addiction and mental illness in the country.

You want a quality society then you must have equal power between the matriarchy and patriarchy and this can happen if quality people are there. It is not about self-ordained men impregnating whoever. It is about quality men and women choosing one another and this has been dismantled because Germanic communities have been dismantled.

The people most likely to commit violent crimes I would bet are more likely to be people from mixed race unions. These people are screwed from conception and suffer mental health issues due to gaps in self-identity.

We have what we have today due to patriarchy gone wild without restraint. The Matriarch must be put back in her place of power just as the Patriarch must be placed back in his place of power. Both must behave well. It is that simple.

Do your research. Look up the University of Nebraska study on birth rates and Mormons as they fell significantly from the ate 1800’s onward. Gee, could this be due to fetish fucking and colonialism?

Find a quality woman, treat her right, compliment her when she is fat and pregnant, and you will have your birthrate soar. It is REALLY that simple.

No, Cesar. Don’t get me wrong by thinking about students in ordinary Kikestan. This is an infrastructure for Eugenics effort, think of Lebensborn, this is to ensure the intellectuals and people with other qualities deemed positive get more children even when they are young.

There is nothing wrong with promiscuity if it is done by the smart heads, it is the low caste of society that needs family planning and Christian morality of monogamy and don’t get pregnant till you finish your study rule.

It is Nietzchean worldview to throw all dogmas and morality out of the window when you are Ubermensch, Ubermenschen must dominate the population by numbers and power.

What is mankind if not animal? And we decide which animal we want to represent us in the future.

it’s not going to work because of the “tragedy of the commons.” how does an egalitarian small group handle imposers from within w/o destroying the trust of the group and without the eventual dominant alpha rising to the top?

Richard: co-housing cannot work in the US or in Germany for the simple reason that both Obama and Merkel now want to inundate all-white neighbourhoods with the coloured. We need to hostilely take over their governments if we want to survive. And the only way to do it is the “Turner Diaries” way—not now, only after the coming catastrophes start to converge.

Cesar, on second thought you are right, too. With the speed of browning and destruction of former white nations, only a political party can change the whole thing instantly, with gov’t resources. However, that Orania style communities are needed too as Systias if they are formed in cities. I see this as multifacets struggle against our mortal enemy, the Jews and their teaching and derivatives.

Othwrwise, we would have exterminated the non-whites and live a life like in Garden of Eden.

The Orania project is stupid wishful thinking. In the very first place, the white women in such small communities could never be forced to have 8 babies each. Also, only an ethnostate can force women to get married (cf. how in Austen’s novels girls could not inherit their fathers’ fortunes, etc).

The only way for Aryans to survive is to engage in nothing less than a bloody revolution.

Orania? The town was founded on a recrudescent form of Dutch Reformed Calvinism and a desire to turn the clock back. The fact that the inhabitants look racially pure should not deceive anyone; they would kick out anyone who showed the slightest hint of racial awareness, let alone National Socialist leanings. You cannot expect sanity from a people that rationalize their ongoing genocide as part of “God’s Plan.”

Aryan Man will not be saved by substituting one abomination (Orthodox Calvinism) for another (liberal egalitarianism).

I must disagree with Arthur Kemp here. The formation of small isolated Aryan outposts around the world under various false pretexts (ie. Christianity, ecology, etc) is a form of desertion. Not to mention safe and convenient: no one needs to stand and fight, no one needs to get hurt, no one needs to lose his life.

I should have mentioned that Kemp is the most outspoken public figure I noticed who advocates the desperate Orania-style solution (isolated Aryan outposts) in his book “Nova Europa: European Survival Strategies.”

Kemp’s solution is only viable if you agree with Alain de Benoist and much of the French New Right (Faye excluded) that it’s far too late to achieve any success through revolutionary party politics; that some sort of political accommodation with the hordes of non-whites now invading Europe like a swarm of locusts will have to be made.

I read the above mentioned book after being very impressed by March of the Titans. I came away bitterly disappointed. He’s actually one of the few men out there who has an accurate view of history yet he won’t fight.

Yes: in fact at his home in the UK Kemp gave me a USB with a PDF copy of Nova Europa. Paradoxically, it was during one of those meetings with Kemp near his town when he told me that those nationalist Britons who meet regularly in London don’t dare to form a party; and that that was also the mistake that Wm. Pierce committed: not forming a political party.

But you are right: Kemp is no fan of Turner Diaries solutions.

Cesar Tort,

I agree with the ideas presented in your essay inasmuch as you have diagnosed our problem as sin, but disagree with the assertion that the correction to this sin is the formation of a political party. Wouldn’t the appropriate solution for the expiation of sin be the formation of a religious order?

In support of this idea, I refer again to the life of Glenn Miller, who had formed an explicitly white political party as early as 1980, but ultimately went on to tread the path of ontological authentication through
racial martyrdom.

While chronologically reversed, I believe Miller’s life demonstrates the correct hierarchical order. A complete overthrow and reversal of christ-insane morality is the appropriate course of action. Adolf Hitler must replace, not just the political embarrassment of Barack Obama, but the absolute evil of the messianic impostor, jewsus christ.

Although political advancement could follow as a by-product of this moral transvaluation, it should not be undertaken for its political or even existential expedience, but as a heartfelt gesture of ancestral devotion and desire for the spiritual expiation our misguided ancestors who raided their ancestral homeland and exterminated the best of their racial kinsmen.

While it is difficult to find someone who agrees with you 100%, I have to say Cesar you hit the nail on the head almost 100% of the time. My only question is your stance on the “Holocaust”

Yes Jews died, Yes they deserved it, etc. But do you accept that it is somewhat exaggerated?

The Jews died die to bad sanitation and malnutrition, just like every other Europeans at that time. When you read Tabletalks and August Kubizeck “Young Hitler I Knew”, you just know Hitler is an angel with a good heart, he does not have sadism and brutality of Stalin or Jew.

“We don’t stand a chance unless our men become killing machines and our women birthing machines” Who thinks like that anymore? No western man or western woman would even be thinking this in their mind. This does not sound like a Germanic quote. Not to a modern German. I asked a German guy on Facebook a question about this phrase, and he told me that this phrase sound like one a Muslim or an African would say. Only Arabs, Turks and Blacks today would ever think of their women as baby making machines. To a modern European man (Christian or Atheist/Secularist) this mentality is totally foreign and reactionary. Women now have rights and are protected by Enlightenment-based constitutions. Things changed a lot from those times. Only Muslims seem to be stuck in early Middle Ages and think in this way. “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” – Algerian President Houari Boumediene. “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The mentality of modern Western man would never dare uttering such things. Things really changed within thinking of White European man when humanistic and classical liberal philosophies of the European Enlightenment came about in the 18th and 19th centuries. This must be really taken into account. White Atheists/Secularists believe in humanism, egalitarianism and liberalism when even strongly than the Christians. So it is not necessarily a christian problem. Today ideologies of classical liberalism and social democracy completely dominate Western culture. Because they do, it would be nearly impossible to convince western man to be fighter and a western woman to be a baby-making machine, because almost all white people today believe in the Enlightenment ideas such as unalienable rights of individuals, freedom of one’s destiny and parliamentary democracy.

We need fanaticism to survive, but to become ruthless in the fight, we first ought to become fanatics to cast away the contemporary liberal dogma. Who said it would be easy? Paraphrasing Adolf Hitler about Germany, either the White race will be the only one remaining on Earth, or there will be no White race.

The muslims and africans have succeeded in their current invasion of White European Culture BECAUSE their women are baby making machines, THEY believe in THEIR race and culture. That’s why they are overwhelming us with sheer numbers.

Whites don’t believe in themselves anymore. That’s why we’re dwindling away. I am beyond the baby making stage and even if I weren’t, I have yet to find a man who can BE a man, much less the hero I would take unto myself.

White Europeans dominated the world in the past not by higher numbers, but by superior technology and science. They had better weapons and transportation networks. Ubermenschen are not going to dominate anything by the numbers in the 21st century. In the second half of the 20th century, it were the populations of Muslim Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Afghans and Pakistanis, race-mixed Latin Americans and Black Africans that expanded the most and they had the highest birthrates. White European birthrates were generally lower than those of third-world peoples between 1950 and 2000 and over time actually dropped. Middle Easterners, African Negoes and Latin Americans now have world records in population growth rate. And also today it is impossible to have high birthrates in highly urbanized societies. And now all of Europe and North American is an overwhelmingly urban society. Having a high birthrate and huge families is considered by modern demographers to be a trait of the third world peoples.

We are thinking in terms of societal collapse, chaos, White awakening and the conquest of the world by Aryans. In this scenario white women will certainly be baby-making machines.

It is impossible to convince men and women raised for generations on an idea of individual rights, free choice of one’s destiny and constitutional liberties to suddenly start making babies on an industrial scale. It won’t happen. They were educated with these ideas and it was drilled into their minds. They might have more children and population might still grow somewhat, but don’t expect same 2-3% growth rates per year present in Arab countries and in Negro lands. I studied demographics and statistics, the trend is that highly modern, industrialized and urban societies generally have less children than third world countries, where society is more peasant-based. Most white men and women alive in the world today were raised and born in cities or suburban areas. Urban people live in smaller apartments and buildings, where space is not as readily available and thus people have less kids. More children means less personal space in a small apartments. And for an urban person a child is more expensive and less economically beneficial. No political leader in history managed to reverse the effects of urbanization on the population growth rates, not even Hitler or Mussolini. And another thing. There is something called David Ricardo’s Iron Law of Wages. British economist David Ricardo proved in a book that extremely high demographic growth rates increase the supply of labor and rapid increases in the supply of labor almost always lead to higher unemployment and lower wages.

Had you read this blog carefully, you’d know by now that we are predicting a convergence of three catastrophes in this century: currency crash worldwide, energy devolution and finally an axiological / political shift. It’s not a matter to “convince” women: they will be raped to death by the muds and, when the surviving Aryans start defending them, it’s only because they’ll be their Little Reds Riding Hoods.

Even though I have been too lazy to comment lately, I regularly visit your blog, César. I always approach a point when I’m fed up with liberal bullshit and turn here, just to remind myself that I’m not the last sane person on Earth.

Up til this point I believed that we are put in such a situation that the survival of the whole White race is our top priority. But now I can agree that if the Second Revolution happens, it must be total. And the preservation of White Nordids must be in the first place.

But what’s about culture? Do you think that race should be of a higher meaning? Because a year ago I was on the side of the people of Donbass, yet now I’m not so sure. Are you aware of this episode of contemporary civil wars among Whites? It’s a petty problem of culture, of language. Donbass didn’t want to assimilate into the Ukrainian ethnicity, and started an uprising which led to a devastating civil war. Can you blame them? After all, the Ukrainian people was artificially constructed by Bolsheviks (I think, they were desperate enough to pose as multiculturalists). No matter how bad Russian culture may be, it’s still better than rootless Ukrainian one. Or should they have assimilated to stay united? And be able to potentially support a National Socialist putsch if such a thing could ever come to pass?

What if a hypothetical pro-White country appeared that were ideal in every way possible except it listened to rock “music”? Would you accept it? Or would you think it will fail in the long run? Or will it distance itself from the degenerate art through the shear racial instincts and recreate innate European culture?

On the other note, I could add that the White race can only survive if it unites America, Europe and Russia into one Empire (“the Reunited Kingdom” under one King). It would be the best scenario, and it would still be far worse than the German victory in World War II. Because such an Empire would have no common culture, different languages and religions, and competing centres of power.

I am by no means a Star Wars fan (haven’t seen the latest Episode), but your remark about starting books on child rearing, however important they are for civilization (as evident in The Return of Quetzalcoatl), reminded me of Yoda’s words “Into exile I must go”. Especially considering that you quite enjoyed Yoda’s training of Luke, all bite without magical connotations.

You’re right, the only reasonable thing we can do is to wait. I would like to suggest to your attention the painting by Ted Nasmith “Queen Tar-Miriel and the Great Wave”. Even tough its meaning can be interpreted in a myriad ways, I’ll choose the most obvious one. The beauty of the White woman is vanishing from the face of Arda.

It’s an ontological impossibility that a healthy ethnostate enjoys rock. Before you came to this blog I used to say that tightened moral standards regarding sexuality immediately has a salutary effect on the quality of music.

My nephew—precisely the one who in the past called me “Chechar” when he was not a degenerate—listens death metal. This is but the epiphenomenon of the trash environment he has been exposed, especially with his friends.

If Hegel is right that music is the exoteric plane of the Self, once you correct degeneracy in the Self degenerate art is literally gone.


“Into exile I must go…”

This January 1st article on The Daily Stormer, “Will 2016 be the Year of the Great Shutdown?” is further reason to go into exile, as this site is powered by WP.

Curiously, no one has left a comment on that DS article yet…

Is there any way to download the whole WDH blog’s content? I know about books you published, but they don’t include newer entries. Also, any page can be archived to the Wayback Machine. It works with WordPress.

Have you checked Livejournal? Their ToS, however, says they can delete anything that gets reported, though. But they are more popular in Russia, so maybe it’s safer? At least, I know a lot of pseudoscientists publishing there, and nobody cares (but they’re not offensive).

Can’t you make a wholly new website and publish there? Something like on ucoz.ru.

What would you say about Himmler’s and Ahnenerbe’s alleged interest in the occult? I haven’t read anything worthwhile on the subject, only watched “documentaries” ten years ago.

Why do you call the Golden Dawn “not Aryan”? Do you imply that Greeks as a nation can not become an ethnostate, but are only good to bolster other, true Nordic, peoples (like via eugenics and kidnapping children)?

What states would you deem promising in terms of race in the Balkans then? No one south of Croatia, Slovakia and Ukraine? Would a map like this [Admin note: broken link] be close to reality?

You talk about making a political party like the NSDAP. But is it even legally possible in many White countries? And how would it look like in the two-party systems?

What would its Manifesto look like? Probably along these lines?

1. Expatriate, exterminate or at least deprive of citizenship all the Jews and other non-Whites, immigrant or otherwise.

2. Increase the fertility rate of the nation by any means possible.

3. Nationalise banks… and other things.

4. Increase the military power of the country (bring back conscription in case it’s been abolished), develop industry, propagate sport and healthy lifestyle.

5. Export the ideology in other White countries (White people of the world, unite!).

6. Project a reliable energy strategy (like occupying Iraq, for example).

Hitler was not anti-Christian. At least not in public. Private statements and sentiments don’t matter much when they do not go into official decrees and laws. Also, the German Reichstag (Parliament) still had to officially give accent to any legislation. And German Reichstag in 1939 was made of members most of whom who considered themselves Christians. And besides, Hitler’s power was not as absolute as it is previously thought. German parliament members, even though most of them were indeed national socialists, still had to approve the budget and all the laws. One could legitimately make the argument that Germany was more Christian in terms of statistics and percentage than the current Federal Republic of Germany of today. In the May 1939 German Reich Official Census the results of the religious affiliation of the German population were the following: 54% Protestant Christian, 40% Catholic Christian, 3.5% Agnostic, 1.5% Atheist. There was no pagan category in the Census. 94% of German people considered themselves Christian in the 1939 census. Where is the abandonment of Christianity? In the 1930s by the way the notion of abandoning christianity was synonymous of becoming an atheist or an agnostic. Hitler and his party closed down the offices of the “German Freethinkers League”, an official organization created to promote atheism, materialism and secular humanism. The gave the officers of the Freethinkers League to the Protestant Churches. This could be considered a pro-christian act. Hitler publicly condemned atheism in speeches. If you are against christianity, you should be for atheism in the modern world. That is the common perception today.

Last April I told you this:

There’s a passage in the gospel of Mark, “He did not tell them anything without using a parable… But when he was alone with his own disciples, he explained everything.”

The same with the Führer and his outer / inner circle. Obviously he needed a Joseph Goebbels and PR for the masses, where they had to pretend be friends of religion, but in the privacy of the Führerbunker or the cozy house for his table talks, he explained everything.

It seems that you either forgot or didn’t pay due notice.

And we are not atheists by the way.


“No, Cesar. Don’t get me wrong by thinking about students in ordinary Kikestan. This is an infrastructure for Eugenics effort, think of Lebensborn, this is to ensure the intellectuals and people with other qualities deemed positive get more children even when they are young.
There is nothing wrong with promiscuity if it is done by the smart heads, it is the low caste of society that needs family planning and Christian morality of monogamy and don’t get pregnant till you finish your study rule.
It is Nietzchean worldview to throw all dogmas and morality out of the window when you are Ubermensch, Ubermenschen must dominate the population by numbers and power.
What is mankind if not animal? And we decide which animal we want to represent us in the future.”

Right on. The problem today is not that the morality of the more educated Germanics is awry, it is that they are spread about and not able to link up in a more concerted effort to meet and “match” with like minded people so to speak and these opportunities have been purposely dismantled by the Nogs With Yamakahs. Research indicated that back in Old America, people were more likely to marry someone within a 16 block radius of where he or she lived, and back then, people lived in more ethnic enclaves so there was less intermarriage. These enclaves have been dismantled today due to displacement, people moving for work, integration, Section 8, Agenda 21 etc.

People are really having LESS sex today than 20 plus years ago due to isolation via Wank Culture through online porn, etc. We want smarter Germanic people to have kids younger and as many kids as possible..

I know that I should not reply to you, but just one thing. Should a man really care about what mind his woman has?

Should a man procreate with a stupid woman? If a man procreates with a stupid woman, will not his kids be stupid? Does a man want a stupid, uneducated, dumb bimboid talking to the kids in the kitchen and in the home? (link)

Look at the above story of Cyntoia Brown. She is a product of race mixing, a mulatto. So bedding down with a dumb woman is ‘smart’?

We have the problems in the world today because men have been procreating with women who are not smart.

Also, shouldn’t a man want a woman who cares about his mind?

I usually don’t comment a lot but this time I feel like doing it. When you posted the entry “where are the syssitias” you were disapointed with the few replies that want to take action. But I belive there are many people like me: who would do something if knew what to do, but right now I don’t. I’m 19 and I hate this situation, and I’d love to do something about it. Currently everything I do feels like a waste, and I probably would only find realization in fighting for the cause

But I don’t see how I can do something on real world. If there was a party, I’d join it, but I would need to move to another country as it probably wouldn’t be here (if such thing happened it would probably be in USA). I wonder if there are many people like me, waiting to some army or party to join.

The real problem to form an embryonic proto-party (like e.g., a “Syssitia” of three conspirators) is sponsoring. If we got a sponsor we would all move to the same house in a 1st world country. Without it it’s simply impractical. Rockwell could do it in his native America because in those times you still could work and make a decent living. Not anymore.

However, people who already live in the same country ought to be organising themselves in a political party, and the sad reality is that they are not doing it.

I have come to the realisation that what is called “white nationalism” is a chimera. These guys are thinking like civilians, not like militants. They want to combine, in the same body, liberalism / libertarianism with tribal racism. Of course, that creature can only exist in the cyberspace: it’s chimerical.

WN must die in order for a genuine NS revive or, better phrased, the real thing should and will replace the chimerical paradigm.

if only “we” could emulate the high IQ/ moral (respect for natural laws) degenerate eastern euros (better known by their rogue term “jews”), but morally. seems in only several generations they’ve been able to make their presence known, though through strategy and tactics as “white slavers” as george lucas put it so well in his limbic response about how he felt disney morphed his star wars brand. (oh well, what did he expect when he sold his child to the slave lords? he got the money after all.)

so how does one do it morally? perhaps the open-source community’s development of linux provides one model. but the seed, linus trovalds, still plays the god role in “the cathedral and the bazaar.” cesar, are you up to playing the seed role in this ns movement you so well define and write about? we’ll miss you in your announced disengagement. the movement needs to move to the community stage.

National Socialism was too soft. That much should be obvious by now. It’s a good starting point but Europeans are going to need to become completely ruthless barbarians to take back their countries. No summer camps, no adhering to the Geneva Convention, no dealing with enemies with kindness and fairness as the National Socialists did, in spite of jewish and communist lairs claim. All of Europe will need to go full Breivik. The way the allies treated the Germans is a good model for how Europeans will need to treat the jewish, black, and muslim invaders.

Not so soft according to Himmler’s ways. In fact, I believe that if our young started using T-shirts of Himmler manufactured in an industrial scale, that would mean that the fair race will be saved.

Heck I’d do that, but in most western countries you can’t even do it because that’s a crime jusified as “apology for nazism”.

This is what a commenter said today at The Occidental Observer:

Chatter without action is an evolutionary dead end.

Get organised. Join nationalists and patriots in your area and country i.e. Britain First, PEGIDA, Soldiers of Odin etc and defend your womenfolk. Make maximum use of social media.

White National Socialists must keep on influencing and infiltrating the already existing civic nationalist parties in the West, in order to take power at the right moment and subvert false nationalism into ethno-nationalism. There’s no chance to “form a NS party” and declare war on the anti-White system, no chance at all. Infiltrate, conspire, influence, let the false nationalist movements implode from inside, that’s the only way left to move forward in western countries.

I know that very well, since I’m translating the whole book in italian (first in history). I think Rockwell has been second only to Adolf Hitler! But what can I expect from spreading the Commander’s school of politics in any White country? That someone would be enlightened by his words and form a NS party? Let’s be serious, the only thing I can expect from divulgating NS is just to influence the current political scene, with various results country by country. We need to racialize politics, and this is happening, fortunately.

The absolute need to form a NS party as Rockwell did is shown in my above-linked piece, where you can see that kids like Roof would have been canalised properly within a Rockwell-like party. WN fails to do that because it’s a cyberspace chimera.

Are you aware that metal and rock music is more popular the more nordic a country is? I think there is definitely a racial presupposition to it and it can’t only be explained via some adolescent rage issue..
Here’s a map showing that metal bands are more concentrated in northern Europe: link

Certainly you have not read the many entries in this blog under the category “degenerate art”. The regular commenter IFA nailed it in the previous comment of this site, though in another thread. He said to the effect that whites, including the Nordics you mention, “have nothing outside of their blood; that’s how low they’ve fallen”.

P.S. Another quotable quote: “In many ways, America is simply a bad European idea” —Michael O’Meara.

Nordic countries are the most cucked though, after Britain anyway.

Music is like a drug, it can easily consume a person, particularly heavy music.

Metal shouldn’t be promoted among the right, only classical and folk/neofolk should, but I don’t think it’s inherently bad as long as it doesn’t consume your life.

If Evola could put forth a defense of some types of drug use as he did in Ride the Tiger, he could do the same for some types of metal.

It is bizarre that so many people who have cast aside conventional post-war wisdom about race are unwilling to question the legitimacy of the culture they have been fed through mainstream media (or, perhaps more often, which has been funelled to them through “subcultures”, as a form of manufactured rebellion). The avant-garde decomposer Cornelius Cardew decided, in 1973, to renounce all of his music and to write a lengthy tome attacking Karlheinz Stockhausen and the Darmstadt School, with whom he was previously associated. He did that because he dared to re-examine his own first principles after becoming a Marxist-Leninist.

I know this cannot be used as an exact parallel, for obvious ideological reasons. I also want to add that the “proletarian music” he went on to compose for the rest of his life was no better than the avant-pap he made his name writing. Nonetheless, he is worth mentioning because his example demonstrates a level of intellectual seriousness which cannot be found in most WN groups. If he could reconsider his entire aesthetic philosophy, how come these far-right metal fans are not even willing to contemplate the idea that Hitler was as right about degenerate music as he was about Jews? The flippant dismissal of the NS philosophy of art by people who call themselves National Socialists (e.g. NSBM fans) is no different than the liberal’s reaction to the NS attitude towards race.

You know, it is a funny time to discuss this particular issue. Paul Joseph Watson recently made a video condemning modern art, which has been quite a hit with some online conservative groups. He focuses on concept art, modernist paintings, performance art, and similar things of that nature. These are easy targets, but if conservatives will so gleefully take aim at Marina Abramovic and Fluxus, what makes rock music immune from the same criticism? If their work can be unfavourably contrasted with Botticelli, why is it sacrosanct to make similar unfavourable comparisons between J.S. Bach and Burzum?

Whenever someone questions rock music on a WN website, he can expect a flurry of hostile responses – so hostile that he could be forgiven for thinking that these nationalist rock fans would rather live in a mixed society than a homogeneous nation in which rock music is proscribed (e.g. the Third Reich). It’s embarrassing that people who consider themselves defenders of our people and civilisation have no idea who Frans Brüggen and Dietrich Buxtehude were, but could easily name dozens of “white power” or “national socialist” rock/metal bands.

The popularity of this music is irrelevant, too. Anti-racism is popular in Western countries. Should we take up that mantle, too? Metal bands who claim to espouse pro-white values are not even popular. I was forwarded a YouTube video not long ago in which the leader of the heavy metal band “Machine Head” denounces racism in metal. The comments are predominantly “right on!” endorsements of his video, saying things like “there’s no place for racism in metal”. The video also has more upvotes than downvotes. What does it matter if the non-nationalist majority of metal bands are popular with social outcasts in Nordic countries? Even if you think nationalist bands offer a legitimate expression of ethnocentrism, they are marginal within their own subculture.

A question for metalheads: are you not ashamed that you know less—indeed, care less—about Western high culture than Jews like Hans Keller and Daniel Barenboim? Can you not see how degrading it is to participate in your own cultural suicide?

All WNsts are committing racial suicide in one way or another. That’s why I, a genuine priest of the 14 words, have now come into almost total seclusion. Still working hard though, but only as a hermit (my next book will have the title of my dear sister, who died last month). And welcome to this forum, Hans Pfitzner.

Using art to promote an ideology is not being “intellectually-serious,” in fact it’s the opposite: it’s being dogmatic.

I don’t know where you get the idea that WN’s or rightists defend rock as a genre, or even prefer it to classical. I don’t think I’ve ever met a WN who thought rock was superior to classical music.

In the interests of full disclosure I am a non European Muslim.

Most music is a form of “verbal/auditory” pornography…and pornography is not good for the mind nor soul…

What do you consider “most” music? Does classical fit in your definition? What about modern classical? Nordic? New Age instrumental? What about ancient classical Greek & Roman art? Too pornographic for you?

Thanks for reblogging. Take note of Greg Johnson’s latest babbling about his anti-nordicist POV, already mentioned in my above post (and which I rebutted today: here). As a friend told me, “his babbling about race playing no role in history is just another indication of his mental instability.”

I’ve been reading about the ferocious battle in the heart of Europe, the battle for Berlin and the Reichstag. I’ve formulated two simple theses.

1. German Heroes deserve more. Their blood should be avenged.
2. Germany is still in ruins.

I hope that in 2045 Germany reborn will celebrate the unbreakable spirit of the Aryan man. Adolf Hitler to me is more like an unreachable legend than a living person – yet he definitely existed, and he mobilized our race for a titanic struggle for its future. It is more epic than any fairy tale, than any myth. I simply cannot imagine sterile and civilized Europe ravaged by flames of love, hate and revenge once again. Yet the past demands us to strive for it, to be worthy of the memory of those great deeds.

If things continue as they are, there’s not going to be a Germany by 2025 let alone 2045. The Germans are paying the price for their humanism, a disease from which even the National Socialists weren’t immune. They had millions of jewish parasites in their grip and instead of doing the rational and necessary thing and wiping them out, they fed and sheltered them til the very last day. jews were then released from these camps and raped and exterminated Germans while claiming they survived a genocide. The stunningly foolish conduct of Hitler’s Germany during the war is a warning to all future WN governments. When you have the jews under control, you can’t let them live.

Germany is dead. The only question is whether it will be reborn.

Of course, the future Reich should be more brutal than anything before. Simply because our ancestors endured the horrors of the war with the Soviets. There is no place left for humanitarianism after that.

And no, I don’t understand why Hellstorm is important. My point of view recalls the heroic last stand of the White race in the final years of war, which was done without any hope for the future. Nothing to do with that “Oh no, Allies bombed Dresden to crisps, how barbaric!” or “Soviet Horde raped women, that’s so nasty”.

If anything, César, expecting good behaviour from the victors is a disgrace to the memory of German soldiers.

The purpose of Hellstorm and books like it is NOT to show how “nasty” the victors can be but to warn us of our own future if we don’t take action now to save ourselves.

I agree with Hadrian: the jews must be fully exterminated before we can have a decent world again. That’s what they plan for us, anyway. Merely driving them out only brings them back again as history has shown.

It is a great shame I found this blog so late. It has expressed many of the scruples I have over white nationalists.

Lately I’ve been thinking WNs are just trying to hijack the victim narrative from the anti-white left. Both, of course, are based on Christian axiology.

WN leaders are the Messiahs and the WNs are their apostles who spread the gospel that whites dindu nothing, whites are saints and angels, whites are the true eternal victims of history, led astray only by the wicked Jewish witchcraft, whites are all equal to each other, etc.

It is quite obnoxious.

I’d like to thank you for writing this blog. Many of your posts have expanded my own thinking, and I wish you the best in your endeavours.

“The NS men clearly defined their race as Germanic […].”

Do you mean that they defined their appearance as Germanic?

OK. There were probably two to ten highly Germanic NS leaders (Feder, Keitel …), but not more.

You completely misunderstand. No Nazi leader that I know would regard “Aryan” those clearly non-white Portuguese or Greeks that the current WNst is all to happy to accept as “white”.

Politics is a dead end. Democracy is a weapon the lowly jew rats use to neuter their betters. War is the Only Way Now. A Holy Crusade to Free Europa from the vermin and his invading orc armies shall be my first concern after the War. Civil War II has already started. The Feds are weak and getting weaker. Monkey boy is arming bureaucrats like EPA. That means he’s low on troops. I hear he’s made a deal to bring in UN blue helmets too. EXCELLENT. Anyone on the fence, and White men in the military, police and national guard should flip to my side when they see those blue helmeted dickheads shooting and Arresting Americans. That dummy is just the kind of imbecile I want on my enemy’s side. Power is not something that’s given, its something that’s taken. A thousand year Reich for America, and a New Holy Roman Empire for Europe. Islam has given me the excuse to burn their cities from the air.

I am moving this April 9 "P.S. to my previous post", updated in July and August, into this long thread:



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Original April 9 post:

I have finished the second book of Extermination. In a postscript I cannot summarize my ideas of a series that will comprise several volumes. But this latest book, Corina, goes down the road of my working hypothesis: If we avoid mistreating children in the nuclear family, we’ll avoid mental disorders in adults. Hence the child’s need to escape the four walls of the nuclear family: escape into the Hitler Youth, in addition of educating parents on how to treat their kids in an ethnostate.

I’m not asking you to buy this latest book, as I do not write in English for the reasons I told Kurt. But those who glimpse the importance of this new literary genre can contribute to the creation of this maximum opus of three sets of five books each: a total of fifteen volumes, of which to date I’m about halfway.

The next time I finish another book it won’t be necessary to add another postscript to “Ethnosuicidal nationalists”. I will be adding book-cover updates over this entry.

Mr. Tort, please, oh please, watch this interview. It is such a perfect picture of the current West! Just look, it’s a male with painted fingernails and with weird-looking hair. Later he confesses that he has boyfriends. But what is his political position? He’s a Trump supporter! He’s an anti-Islamist! He’s no racist, but he opposes multiculturalism! He’s the typical moderate White person that doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of the radical suiciders.

If someone is not a follower of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, he’s a faggot. Here’s the proof. Show this video to all the Confederate flag-waving morons. Too bad nobody will see it with a National Socialist’s eyes (and I don’t have them myself).

If there is a disorder among the current Westerners, it doesn’t suddenly turn a portion of them into the Europeans of old.

He’s the archetypical Trump supporter, the child of our age. A perfect target for hate. The thing is that his position shares a lot of points with yours! He just doesn’t go far enough! Just like your typical liberal, communist, titoist or white nationalist! His voice is music to my ears, #nohomo

Look at how many likes the comments under this video have! Rings a bell with the schizophrenic culture of the current West. And with the schizophrenic culture of Russia, most likely, too.


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