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On women’s lib

by F. Roger Devlin

SexualUtopiaCoverWhen I began writing and talking about sex in racialist circles a few years ago, even some very intelligent people did not understand the relevance of what I was saying to their concerns. The relevance is, of course, that聽races reproduce sexually. Feminism in all its aspects is as much an attack on our race as Boasian egalitarian dogma, and the same struggle must be waged against both.

Like the Soviet Union of old, the contemporary West is a regime built upon lies, and cannot survive once those lies are brought into open and general contempt.

4 Replies on “On women’s lib

  1. A bit short. Perhaps a review of Devlin’s Sexual Utopia would be more appropriate. Nevertheless, this is the best blog site out there. Keep up the good work Chechar 馃檪

    1. “Chechar” is the nickname that a nephew of mine gave my eight years ago, when he was 6 yrs. old. Now that he’s listening degenerate music I’ve rejected the nic 馃檪