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Anglin & feminism

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery, the English rose who plays the role as
Lady Mary Crawley in ITV drama series Downton Abbey.

Andrew Anglin has penned another article explaining feminism. While I vehemently share his anti-feminism I don’t have time for a long post. I will limit myself to state that, like most white nationalists, he blames Jewish subversion for this weapon of mass Occidental destruction called feminism.

But feminism apparently has older roots in European liberalism than in the more recent Jewish subversion. Incidentally, I much prefer the old term “liberalism” than the popular “cultural Marxism” in racialist circles (see: here). No other intellectual has better described the new religion of whites, liberalism, than Alexis de Tocqueville: “The desire for equality becomes more and more insatiable as equality increases.” From this viewpoint Western feminism is just one stage of this deranged, runaway liberalism which basic axiom is the principle of non-discrimination. (Presently, in its suicidal and terminal stage non-discrimination on race, gender and sexual orientation.)

As I said, I don’t have time. Exactly in a month I’ll reveal why I have been so busy elsewhere and perhaps will be busy for years. But those who have already read Roger Devlin and want to be entertained and educated at the same time—something almost impossible in today’s media—, could watch the current season of Downton Abbey. I still have to see the Christmas episode but the whole seasons depict how English society started to empower women in the beginning of the century when we were born.

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A few of the women in my family are enthralled by Downton Abbey. It truly is soft-liberal programming. As the story progresses the (anti-national) socialist climbs societal ranks, feminists are empowered, and if I recall correctly, judaism is defined religiously and not bioculturally. Michael O’Meara noted that liberalism, not Marxism, was the true enemy -ism. As usual, jews just weaponized a mild infection we already had.

Yes, but in liberalism the way the French revolutionaries implemented egalitarianism, to the point of granting every Negro citizenship of the new Republic, moves me to place the accent in white pathology rather than in a subsequent parasitic infection. And let’s not talk of the Pope’s bull in the 16th century that allowed lusty Iberians to marry the American natives when no Jew weaponized the already existent Catholic universalism. This quintessential white pathology sans Jew produced a caste of Untermenschen throughout the southern continent.

In other words, feminism has been better approached by Devlin than by Anglin; better explained by O’Meara’s POV than by MacDonald’s. Meta-perspective gives you a more comprehensive picture than mere perspective even when all that MacDonald writes is accurate. With an eagle’s view you can see things that a mammal can’t, however optimal the mammal’s vision may be.

Isn’t Catholic universalism just a mutated offshoot of Judaism? How much culpability do you assign to the Church’s near eastern historical roots versus the Europeans keeping it afloat?

That’s the really big question and alas, impossible to answer.

If machines to see the past were invented (as in sci-fi novels) we could ascertain whether the gospels were written by ethnic Jews or by gentiles. Currant scholarship on the New Testament cannot answer that question, except saying that the Early Church Fathers shared universalism. If such fantastic machines were invented and we would see that ethnic Jews wrote the gospels, I would change my position from Bicausal Type B to Type A.

With no machines my educated guess is that Greco-Roman history (miscegenation) is simply repeating today with Jews, a sort of “assisted suicide” so to speak.

“jews just weaponized a mild infection we already had.”

Now that is a great and succinct comment. I have known this for a while now, but not until I read it summarized so concisely did I realize it.

Thank you for such an intelligent thought. I will write it down.

That sentence of yours below, “Patriarchy is coming back. It’s just a question of whether it will be a White Patriarchy or an Islamic one” sounds like a quotable quote to me. ☺

But the subject of whether whites are merely being hypnotized by Jews to commit suicide or that they may have mental issues of their own must be discussed. Even before the New Testament books, which we ignore if they were written by ethnic Jews, whites had ethnosuicidal inclinations. It comes to mind, for example, the creation of Buddhism by a red-haired prince that dismissed the previous caste system of India, thus ending the previous Aryan taboo on miscegenation.

Siddhartha Gautama apparently didn’t need any Semitic help to weaponize his universalist religion. But yes: presently Jews are weaponizing Christian axiology against whites. This is an April, 2015 criticism of Jack Frost of MacDonald at the comments section of the professor’s webzine:

Deceptively phrased. Jews never oppose the “traditional culture” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) of the West directly by presenting an alternative that they claim is morally superior. Rather, they work within the traditional framework of moral values established by Christianity, the ultimate source of Western morality. Moral authority comes from the Bible, churches, and Jesus, not Freud or Karl Marx. Anti-racism and philo-Semitism are things already present within Christianity, and all the Jew does is draw them out. Any positive moral value ascribed to these things is only possible because Christianity already endorses them. The stress laid on universal brotherhood in the Bible is the source of communism’s attraction; and Freud’s message would have fallen on deaf ears in a non-Christian culture.

As I have said, the real crux is who the hell wrote the gospels. I am particularly interested in the gospel of Mark, the first of the gospels to be composed.

“When men were men and women were pregnant!” YouTube speech by Jez Turner: here.

Update of December 14

Warning: Below this comment there's a flaming exchange that I won't allow in the next thread about feminism.

There is no Andrew Anglin. The article regarding feminism is dumb and lacks any intellectual prowess. At the end it features some lesbian looking woman glancing at a bunch of women wearing tank tops puffing out their boobs.

Really? This is where it is all going with you NS and/or WN oriented people?

What defines a man and woman is up to the individual. Men who have to subjugate women to define themselves lack any real identity.

Your a feminist and you have no place among us.

That has been made clear to you many times over, but being a dumb woman the point is lost on you.

Not to worry, Patriarchy is coming back. It’s just a question of whether it will be a White Patriarchy or an Islamic one.

Either way, you’re heading straight back into the kitchen. Some day a man is going to smash your mouth shut. Leave it to us to figure out whether that will be a White man or a Muslim man.

Define feminism arsehole.

Duh, I am already in the kitchen moron, and bathroom, and living, and outside, and in my car, and on and on.

No one is going to smash my mouth.

You don’t own the blogs. I write where I please, but believe it or not, I am not trying to be “one of you”. I like being a woman. You are the one who seems to be uncomfortable with yourself.

Wow. Here we go ahead, Down low faggot who hates women has to troll me again.

Does my presence eunichsize you faggot? Look, go take your poppers and do the Hershey Highway with your friends, okay?

Exactly, I am not on your level. I am waaaaaaaaaaay above you.

Move along butt boy.

A woman gets rebuked and her best response is “you must be gay”.

You’re so easy to troll, and you’ll be hearing more offensive things from me. I see no man wanted your vagina IRL, I guess they must all be gay.

Maybe you’re a Darwinian dead end.

No thank you, the White Race does not want your IVF freaks to salvage the 14 words.

One day you’ll make a Muslim rapist very happy.

“No thank you, the White Race does not want your IVF freaks to salvage the 14 words.”

And you wonder why you have no family? You refer to someone’s kids as IVF freaks?

No, I’ve actually never wondered that. If you were a man and capable of consistent reasoning you would have noticed fact.

I’m looking forward to the reemergence of Patriarchy. It can’t come soon enough. Team White will make Team Mud-slime look like the gentlemen on the Titanic in comparison.

The Angelin article (after you look past his comedy theatrics) says that women are right to be “feminist” as euro men are such a bunch of wimps that are not leading or deserving of respect!

Its NOT coincidence that feminism arose during the time of the decay of western civilization (early 20thC with the rise of capitalism over the false christian “brotherhood of the west” WW1 era)

I like your reply. Not sure how to read exactly.

I always ask these woman hating men on blogs out there: What were these women supposed to do? Not value themselves, their work, their families, their kids?

The suffragettes arose at a time when men so-labeled as white thought in their blind arrogance that they as white men would always be on top, that they could then engage in fetish fucking about the world with no consequence, and that their wives, those white women in waiting were the equivalent of niggers, not partners who raised and these men’s children while these men pranced about the world and neglected the home, the hearth, THEIR BLOOD.

The suffragette movement arose because Working so-labeled white women were tired of being treated worse than the nogs.

Truthfully, I want “white civilization” to die because it was corrupt to begin with and has nothing to offer my children. It was some bogus concept developed by a bunch of Hebes and Normans who wanted to enslave the world, engage in fetish fucking to commodify women, and to develop and spread about the notion of patriarchal lineage.

And as the world stands today, “White Civilization” is just so fabulous isn’t it? Not at all if your are middle class, working class, and/or a European woman.

Over it.

“The Asian men felt they ran Oxford. That was exciting. People were afraid of them. I felt protected. People respected them.”

The statement above was made by one of the Rotherham victims. She is mistaking respect for fear, which is typical of an abused person. Additionally, the statement illustrates what is called Stockholm Syndrome where the abused victim starts to identify with and/or look up to the abuser. This statement is not based on reality and does not reflect upon the degree of manliness of the Englishmen there.

I did a post about this phenomenon and used the Patty Hearst kidnapping as an example. Recall that Hearst was raped repeatedly by radical nogs. She the allied with them.

I think the statement above also shows how the Working Class is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome at a transpersonal level.

Devlin made a terrific analysis on why women hypergamous, it is Darwinian strategy of survival of the fittest. Whites will not be extinct, but those who still remain white after decades long of discrimination will be the Overman. Womenfolks follow Nietzsche.

Some clever women choose artificial insemination in their quest for Aryan babies, for example The Viking Bitch and she has made 3 babies so far.

The Chinese is tinkering on how to boost IQ, Christianity is dying, for me the future is extremely bright however there are lot of pent up angers and violence before that could happen, due to miseducation from society, religions and ideologies.

The last frontier is not the space travel but industrial grade manfolks, aesthetically and scientifically prepared for the coming era of the dawn of gods and goddesses.

What needs to be done is to dismantle welfare state and only education should be subsidized, wherein only on things that matter or needed be taught, others are priced according to market price. Everything will sort out itself due to natural pressure.

Thank you for your acknowledgement.

I am not sure if what I did was out of cleverness or just the will to survive. The need to procreate is strong and there are many women who I have encountered along the way who did what I did or knew a woman who did what I did. Interestingly, I have met a few black women who did the same thing and used “white” male donors. Are we “dumb bitches” who could not “find a man” or are we women who at some point in our adult lives, came to the realization that this route was the only way that we were going to be able to have a family as many men (not all) in the West of Euro descent seem to be uninterested or seem to be incapable of putting together a plan for family formation. To put the blame of the fall of the West on Everyday European women’s shoulders is shameful and reeks of weakness and projection on the part of the blamers.

Looking back, my formative and young adult years were during America’s apex of debauchery and I was simply trying to make my way through with little to no mentorship – the so-called “white” elite do a piss poor job in mentorship or cultivating a sense of community anymore and frankly, do everything the can to smack down the Working “White” Middle Class.

I simply did what I had to do because really, I did not have a choice.

This will be the only choice in the future, with all automations and redundancy of low skilled workers. There is love and there is progeny, and these twos sometimes will never meet.

You need to write a book about life, resource, spiritual development and struggle for existence for your children soon, so that they won’t waste time in the quest of searching for meaning of life. Think of it like a ongoing project that your children will continue and improve once you are no longer in this world.

I’d suggest you start with Eugenics and its similar cases in cattle stocks impovement.

I know I am going to write one, soon.

One thing I have to comment on that I forgot to in my other response was the part about Chinese programming offspring using IQ, etc. That is already done here in the states and those couples, singles, nontraditional families that use sperm donation and egg donation can get information re: the IQ etc of the donor.

I have said it before, I am not ‘big’ on IQ. There are people out there with ‘high IQ’s” who are facile and sociopathic enough to mimic intelligence, and really, intelligence, like ‘whiteness’, is an invented concept.

Give me a man with the cards stacked against him who still survives and produces a family and has the empathy or ’emotional intelligence” to know how to relate to others that are not him.

Another blogger, OD, put it well by noting that many so-labeled “white men”, and I use the term white loosely here, possess an almost autistic homosexual bent to them. When I read that statement, it rang true. I am continued to be amazed how so many of these “white men” in the “west” are so out of touch with their feelings and so lacking in their empathy towards others. There is a severe disconnect somewhere here and it is killing the European diaspora. I believe that the covert, psychological war that has been waged on these men, which has involved degenerate porn, football culture, consumerism, and defining oneself by ‘stuff’ has turned many so-labeled “white men” in the West into “hollow people”. And the “hollow people’ are proliferating and unable to connect with their sisters, let alone connect with European women to form families. That being said, what made these men so vulnerable to being programmed – the patriarchal religion of Christ Insanity that was forced upon the Vikings, the pagans, et al.

It is a sad state of affairs, but it is reality. So what I am trying to say is that it is more than IQ, but insight, awareness, and empathy, things that cannot be ‘assessed’ but only experienced and then observed, but then again, many of these broken souls in The West could give two shytes how they relate to women, so really, “White Culture” is on a course of self-destruction.

Again, I want it to die. White is bogus. White is about subjugation via integration. It is NOT a race nor a tribe and it is certainly not family or woman oriented. On the contrary, its whole beginnings are rooted in subjugation of matriarchal lineage and in homoeroticism leading to a deep hatred of women.

It’s ironic that you aren’t “big on” the White race or IQ, when it is your inherited genetic traits as – presumably, and I could be wrong – a White woman that grants you the capacity of thought you’re exercising in such a perverted way.

When you say you want “White” to die, are you aware that your interests dovetail with those of Jews like Noel Ignatiev, who are motivated by racial hatred for the White race, and who are prime examples of the “facile and sociopathic” mimickers of intelligence that you describe?

In fact all of your ideas seem to dovetail so perfectly with Jewish thought that, if you are really a woman, I’m mildly surprised at how vindicated are the opinions of Otto Weininger, which I read recently at the Daily Stormer, on the feminine essence of the Jews.

You believe in a so-called patriarchy, the falsity of which I won’t deign to explain here since it has been done many times by more qualified men. Suffice it to say, “the patriarchy” is a conspiracy theory.

And again, it’s ironic, because while you conflate all of the negative, degenerate aspects of modern culture with the White race (and suggest we’re better off without it, a baby out with the bathwater scenario if I’ve ever heard one – it is really not that difficult to be able to distinguish White civilization from insidious Jewish influence), not only would you not be who you are except for the White race that you deny, but you would not be able to live and support children on your own without civilization, poisoned or not, built by men, allowing you to do so.

If we tore down White Culture as you characterize it, you would not definitely not be living the matriarchal Amazon fantasy you desire. Your whole deal just smacks of over-compensation, like radical MGTOW types with the genders reversed. You’re basically a hardcore feminist. Why are you even here?

For better or for worse, as Yockey said “the Monarchs are coming”. It matters not that they are called republicans, socialists, democrats, or social democrats. All we can do is watch it all burn as “society” cries for “order”. As the West implodes, some kind of dictatorship will emerge for a while, whether Left or Right. Our time will come when our grandchildren win the chaos and separate into their own communities after the temporary dictatorship collapses. I think that’s the inevitable and consistent course of real history. I don’t believe there is anything original about history. It just repeats itself. What does that have to do with the topic? They men of today are the material we have to work with and that’s it. The men of tomorrow will have to fight or die and I believe they will fight. There is no question about it. There no mystery about getting a woman in the sack. You just have to make eye contact and act confident about the next moment. Having a sense of humor doesn’t hurt. Making a lasting marriage harkens back to the stuff men are made of. I’ve been with the same woman for 17 years. It’s an old school marriage and we come from totally old school families.

Everyone comes from varied old schools. My mom worked as a teacher because our family needed the money so my dad could start his own business. According to closeted faggot NS’s, she would be a ‘terrible’ mother.

A friend of mine works as a dental hygienist. Her husband was laid off for over two years. She worked outside the home while he looked for a job while staying home with the kids.

Cooperation not subjugation works.

I live in an area where I’ve never met the “castrating feminists” I see in the media and film. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed firsthand subjugation and poor parenting. It runs the gamut of political, social, and racial attitudes and even class. I know of a democrat Obama supporter who won’t allow his wife to drive for fear of her independence in that small way. How about those “responsible” right-wingers? I know a right-wing “Christian” mother who doesn’t work outside the home and is too lazy to potty train her kids and won’t get them to school. So, she pretends to home school them despite getting in trouble with the law. Somehow she still has the kids and is still married to a guy with a decent middle-class job. He is just afraid to stand up to her. These things go against all the narratives we are fed today, but are nonetheless true. It has just made me entirely cynical, yet I still push on with some kind of hope. But, we have a lot of work to do.

You must be a man in your dealings with women, and part of this is understanding that speech is used for an entirely different purpose in a woman’s realm.

It is used to convey emotion, rather than information. Very often in this feminist asylum this emotion she sends out is intended to manipulate you to her benefit. Jewish feminism is psychological warfare that has weaponized White women against White men in order to further White dispossession.

Women are thus enemies of our race at worst, and breeding chattel at best. One day we must possess them, subjugate them with utmost brutality, and seize our rightful posterity from their wombs. This ends justifies any means…

I am a woman and I use my speech to convey information. Interesting how the times when I become impassioned, as passion is a blend of cognition and emotion, I get called ’emotional’ from female hating lesbians and men,which reeks of misogyny. Thoughts and feelings are not completely separate as people who have been traumatized (who have PTSD) exemplify because their memories draw up emotions.

Your response and how you apply it to the treatment of women shows a severe disconnect between your thoughts and feelings – in short, you lack empathy, which is counter Germanic and runs against Aryanism, which is one with nature. You speak of women as chattel, which is Arabic and Semitic in viewpoint as they were/are the foremost slave traders and commodifiers.

Why do you come to this board as you are obviously not European nor Germanic nor Aryan?

Again, you use “white”. There is no “white” race. There are only tribes.

“I am a woman…”


bla bla bla I’m a butthurt woman, nothing I say particularly matters because I get carried away with excessive emotion because I don’t have the discipline to reason consistently. I should be in the kitchen, not arguing nonsense before men lest I embarrass myself, as I do frequently.

I wish someone would slap some sense into me and get me pregnant–the proper way–fast!

If I don’t keep my mouth shut then one day I will end up inside some Muslim’s harem, and then I’ll really have something to bitch about.

Was that just me trying to use reason? LOL, sorry let me make you a sandwich instead and STFU.

lol this is your idea of serious?

Hahahaha, of course to the infantile female mind any drama is serious, even the childish kind.

No, don’t flatter yourself, this is me just having fun dancing around my favorite intellectual punching bag. You’re so easy to troll… woman.

I am a woman. Thanks for the compliment. It sure as hell beats being a closeted homosexual who has to troll in the Internet and find women to bash. Oh that is right, you do not like women, but prepubescent girls who resemble little boys so you can cover or cloak your own homoerotic hate of women.

Please do keep writing because all you do is illustrate the hate that European women have to endure because of ‘men’ like you. You are doing my work for me.

Touche my faggot ‘friend’. You in fact are my favorite little butt biscuit to kick around.

It’s not much of a compliment considering you have men to look up to.

Someone has a chip on their shoulder… no wonder you’re a bitter feminist, I see no man wanted your worthless vagina.

It’s ok, one day we will sell it to a Muslim rapist in exchange for much more useful weapons. You do have a destiny after all.

I do look up to men. You are right again. I look up to my dad and I have a few other male friends who I admire.

Do you even know what the term feminist means? I don’t so I am asking you to enlighten me.

Wow. You had to go there and insult my vagina. Nice Bro M!

Anyway, I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee in my kitchen. I do not see any Muzzies hiding in the bushes outside so I think I will be alright. No matter though because I do not live in fear. Do you?

Have a wonderful day 🙂

I wonder how many other men you’ve looked up to… from your knees.

This just in on DS: White women caught helping Pakistani rapists traffic 12 year old girls.

Patriarchy… a survival necessity as you will one day learn.

Right because DS is such a reliable news source and “white” is pretty much a bullshit descriptor that has included Middle Easterners.

I do not plan on being on my knees for anyone “brutha’.

@ Brotha Moron re: DS article on white woman pimping out kids to Muzzie dirtballs:

Just read the piece. No doubt this lady is a dirtbag and should fry twice. That being said, incidents such as the Rotherham rapes that have conspirators within the ranks of females would not happen if it were not for dumb bitches like the one of which you spoke had these women not internalized the Values of The Tyranny of the Dick and in place value their CHILDREN first.

In all your posts Brother M, you illustrate what is wrong with today’s world, that being an overemphasis on materialism versus family. Who were the merchants Brother M? It was not the women, it was their men. Who went out and fetish fucked the world and ignored the hearth Brother M? It was the “white man” not his women, they were left at home “tied up in the kitchen”. The truth is incidents such as Rotherham have been happening since the beginning of time, but when a WOMAN is involved versus the oodles of men that do this sort of thing, well the all hell breaks loose.

These corrupted women are just modeling the corruption that the White Man exemplified for them. Not an excuse, just an explanation as to why this stuff happens and it happens because of Tyranny of The Dick. You are just pissed off because now the Silent Tyranny of The Dick is being revealed in all it ugliness. Furthermore, I believe that the Muslims are just tools used by the Homoerotic Haters in Western governments to keep the bitches in line so to speak.

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