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For Spanish readers


At last I have finished the first book in Spanish of my Extermination series. I did major changes regarding the drafts I translated to English since the last year; translations reproduced in this blog. For example, I eliminated some personal vendettas with Latin Americans (e.g., the section about my misadventures in London).

Kevin MacDonald believes that understanding ethnosuicidal whites “is the toughest intellectual problem there is; psychology, studying Jews is easy by comparison.” I cannot agree more with this statement.

I invite those Spanish-speaking visitors unsatisfied with single-cause explanations of Western malaise to venture in my new book about the monsters from the Id that are capable of destroying not only families, but civilisations alike. La Muerte de Papá, the first volume of Extermination, is now available from Lulu (here).

Note of February 2017: I have removed this book from my Lulu books because it has been merged within a single cover in Exterminio. However, I hope that in the future an editor will sell separate the books again.

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Postscript: Idiotic white nationalists!


“You have to slap children and dogs, or they won’t ever learn” wrote Andrew Anglin today and other commenters in that thread agreed.

This is why my series of books about child abuse are germane for white preservation (for a Spanish-English translation of the book’s back cover see here): These idiots ignore that there are women like the ones mentioned and photographed in that Anglin article that are purposely committing ethnosuicide as transferenced hatred. The unconscious hatred they feel for their abusive parents is being displaced towards the parental culture and civilization—a monster from the Id!

These commenters in Anglin’s site are as ignorant of the elemental laws of developmental psychology (see the first chapter of my Day of Wrath) as liberals are of physical anthropology.

But of course, in spite of the fact that I translated part of my views of why understanding child abuse is germane for our 14 words, I very much doubt that these neonazis will consider seriously the significance of my research.

Chechar, your Spanish version must be translated into English, and please write about Raising Family for the Aryans or something similar.

There is a preliminary translation of the introduction under the category “Extermination (book)” in this site. And if you want to start some reading in English, keep in mind that Extermination is but the continuation of my previous book on childrearing, which sample chapter can already be read in English in the first section of Day of Wrath.

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