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Understanding Cuckasoids

Why are Europeans so prone to individualism? Why are they less concerned about kinship? Professor MacDonald explained last month the complex issues of population genetics. “This is the toughest intellectual problem there is; psychology, studying Jews is easy by comparison.”

Fortunately, there’s now a huge amount of research to crack the annoying cipher:


Postscript of November 19:

Population genetics is an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle but it doesn’t explain everything. Always keep in mind Frost’s response to MacDonald about the “Christian axiology” piece in the puzzle.

20 replies on “Understanding Cuckasoids”

The truth is even more inconvenient. To use Dungeons&Dragons analogies, it isn’t “Law” comparing to “Chaos”, but “Evil” comparing to “Good”.

(Contemporary) Christianity proves that being “Lawful” is useless as long as you are still “Good”, so the corrollary is that being “Chaotic” is harmless as long as you are “Evil”.


According to mainstream morality/ethics (Golden Rule, Tit-for-tat, Non-Aggression Principle = Neo-Christian Axiology) honkies deserve a good mauling for immivading the world.

Mainstream morality is contradictory. Abortion is killing innocent infante, but without abortion people that have a healthy sex drive will drown in babies. This will tempt them to avail themselves of someone else’s stuff and living space.

Take two couples, a Polish couple and a Dutch couple, all four people being raised as good Roman Catholics. Each couple has an unexpected and inconvenient pregnancy.

Given two choices:

• commit a burglary, to feed and clothe the new human being
• pay a visit to the abortion clinic

What option would be preferred by which couple?!

We all know the answer. All other variables kept constant, traditional morality is incompatible with a bourgeois concept of property.

This explains the rift between the social conservatives and the economic conservatives in the Republican Party, and mirrored by the Democratic Party in the rift between social liberals and economic liberals. As the lumpenproletariat REALLY needs that welfare, and feminists REALLY need that birth control and abortions (not to speak of the threat mainstream religion poses for the LGBT-crowd!!!), while Christians are mostly morally outraged, only slightly inconvienced by Planned Parenthood, and big business not liking high taxes but not crushed by them, it is easy to see that politics is drifting leftward.

Maslow hierarchy and such….

The opposite of being both “Lawful” and “Good” is rather being “Chaotic” OR “Evil.” Hence, a corollary to the nonutility of trying to be both Lawful and Good, is not that being useful will be “harmless” but that it may in fact involve some chaos (law breaking) or harm (“Evil.”) So Emerson’s, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” (Essay on “Self-reliance”)

Christianity contains elements of both master and slave mentalities. As slave, the Christian must judge no others, no matter who they are or what they do, for what slave may presume to exalt himself? But as master, he is the minister of God, who wields not the sword in vain, but in terror to evildoers. (Romans 13) Masters like Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were true saints of the Ages.

I heard “right-wing” fundies say that every country where Catholicism is dominant, there is massive poverty and ignorance. Of course, we know that is not always true. Argentina used to have the highest per capita income in the world. Argentina is still a predominantly white country. Germany, Ireland, and France are mostly Catholic. German Protestantism has pretty much fallen off the radar. There is some truth to the whole Bourgeois thing with Presbyterians whom are pretty prosperous with few kids. No, I think the only white religion that is compatible with Traditional morality and Bourgeois property are those Latter Day Saint (Mormons) weirdos. The recent admission of niggers and such, not withstanding. They are the only segment of the white population that is actually growing.

What about the Mormons? They appear to be mostly bourgeois aspiring, have large families, and are mostly white. I hate their religion though.

Mormonism is a ratbag religion, and race-mixing is apparently not prohibited; about 2 years ago, here in Australia, there was an article in the newspaper about a couple with one of the largest families in the state of New South Wales, they had some 20 or so kids, father was White, mother was some kind of Brown; Indian, Polynesian? And they were Mormons. (I wish I could find the link)

Mormons are sort of like “White Jews” (insofar as they’re white), one can do some research to discover they have some very nasty beliefs pertaining to outsiders.

(I believe the founder Joseph Smith however, considered race-mixing a capital offense).

It is sad. From their inception as a religion, Mormons touted themselves as God’s revelators to the world, but their Jesus didn’t return as expected by 1892. (Yes, he’s now 123 years late and counting!)
Still, we can at least learn from Mormon mistakes. Old Mormonism was a tapestry of lies — superstition and false hopes, that is simply how most mass movements attract adherents. But if Mormons would continue to survive as a people, they desperately need a new paradigm–racial solidarity–what made their community great. Anti-racism is a dead end; it will destroy the only coherent truth Mormons had.

Moronism is defunct and really Islam in disguise, which is Judaism, which is Semitic-Arabic thought processes with regards to women and fecundity.

Moronism is failing. Utah, the home of this ‘religion’, has soaring rates of homosexuality, drug addiction, and has the highest rates of mental illness in the USA. Autism is through the roof in Utah.

Why? Because when taking a patriarchal view with regards to lineage and when putting ALL the power in the hands of patriarchal lineage, one opens the doors to ‘bad genes’ so to speak. Many diseases etc. are passed through the male and less likely to show via the female. Women are less likely to exhibit intellectual disabilities, whereas men will be more extreme – brilliant or retarded.

Moronism = Islam = Man meatmashing. Why? Because only monied, connected, and “high order’ males will be able to afford to reproduce with many women. ‘Lower order’ males will then be left to fend for themselves and will ultimately turn to homosexuality because all the women will be taken. Additionally, FEMALE FECUNDITY is reduced.

Also, since the female genes of the species tend to be more protected with regards to being ‘touched’ by such diseases as schizophrenia, autism, mental retardation, etc., it is better to have a BALANCED view in society regarding maternal and paternal lineage.

I didn’t let pass the rest of your essay (more than 300 words + some bare links) because I must focus on this one.

That unlike me racists are still plugged in the Matrix is demonstrated simply by noting how they candidly accept pseudo-sciences like psychiatry and the way economy is taught today.

There’s no proof whatsoever that so-called schizophrenic conditions, or other major mental disorders, are genetic or biological in any way. I have another blog on this subject (in Spanish: here) of which I’ve only translated to English a fraction of it (here).

The same with economy and other subjects that WNsts swallow from the System as if they were genuine science, but that’s another matter.

Oh well, it was just a thought. I guess they dig breeding and don’t care always with whom they breed. I’ve even seen a mixed nigger amongst the Mennonites. We need a rude awakening, but I don’t think the corporate, industrial, consumer Jew-machine will let that happen unless there is a total economic collapse. They want the fair race to die a slow torturous death apparently.

No I did not. When I have a minute I will. My experience and research tells me it is. ****That being said, environment does play a huge part in how mental illness is perceived and manifested. Additionally, environment via family and society can foster behavioral problems and can exacerbate heritable psychological challenges. There is much research right now in Great Britain re: psychopathy and antisocial behavior and viewing it as something inherited in light of the Ned culture in Scotland; however, as those people have been stripped of their land and birthright, is it any wonder that many of these Germanics exhibit behaviors that are antisocial as they have been on the receiving end of antisocial behavior and socioeconomic abuse from sociopaths?

“My experience and research tells me it is.”

Your experience cannot tell you that a mental condition has a somatogenic cause for the simple reason that it’s not possible to dismiss dogmatically the psychogenic hypothesis.

White nationalists commit the horrendous blunder of considering pseudoscientific only the areas of knowledge that are obviously contaminated with anti-white propaganda (race studies, women studies, history of WW2, Boasian anthropology, etc).

The fact is that there are other areas that the System lies as much as it does in obvious subjects. One of these areas is psychiatry in general and the mental health professions in particular.

@ Cesar:

No doubt the system lies through psychology and mental and behavioral health sciences, which is why I do not put as much emphasis or credence on IQ or ‘intelligence’ testing. Also, please do note the comment I made regarding the ‘research’ in Great Britain re: antisocial behavior in the Ned culture, which is an offshoot of the Chav or working class culture in England.

I guess what I am trying to say that is that I DO agree with you, but that I am coming at it from a different point of view or perspective. I see NO division between environment and heritability- one contributes to the other and vice versa. As so many Germanics have been displaced in the last so many centuries off of their lands (ex: the renting market is huge in England right now as the general population has become impoverished and displaced), I see where some Germanics, such as those in Scotland, who may display what could be seen or labeled as “mental illness’, which is in fact residue from centuries of trauma being played in their day to day interactions.

I have written about this before on my blog and on others’ blogs.

IQ studies are not pseudoscientific; biological psychiatric claims (schizophrenia, bi-polar “illness” and ADHD being considered a medical entity) are pseudoscientific.

I am not using the expression “mental disorders” in the vernacular way, only in the sense that psychiatrist do. Also, I am not saying that psychology is pseudo; only that clinical psychology has many traits of pseudoscience (e.g., “psychoanalysis” and other “therapies”).

You really need to read the above-linked article to see what I’m talking about.

ADHD is over diagnosed, specifically in males. If one looks at the characteristics of ADHD and PTSD, there is much crossover. It has been hypothesized that much of what is seen as ADHD is often ‘masked’ PTSD. I see this as a result of our culture becoming very anti-male, specifically anti Nordic male and anti Germanic, hence I see many ‘white boys’ manifesting trauma due to the psycho-social-emotional abuse they receive at the hands of the “establishment’.

I do not disagree that clinical psychology does possess traits of pseudoscience.

IQ = Jew Spew. I could go into more depth here, but I will read your piece first.

ADHD is not overdiagnosed. It’s a 100 per cent medical fraud. There have been as many “genuine” ADHD cases as cases of witches in premodern times. In other words, women were never “overdiagnosed” as witches by fanatical priests. Pacts with the devil never existed because Satan does not exist. Exactly the same with ADHD considered as a biomedical entity that only shrinks can “diagnose” and “treat”.

You still have to read my article.

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