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edwardsAmerican white nationalists are pathetic. James Edwards for one is boasting his Christianity in today’s featured article at The Occidental Observer completely ignoring the fact that Jack Frost and Tom Sunic have demonstrated in that very webzine that the Christian problem is far, far more serious than the Jewish problem itself. Just compare Edwards’ silly article with my latest post about what Uncle Adolf said of our parents’ religion

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It’s a southern USA thing to profess you believe in Jesus, the flag and follow the “good book”. Very 1950’s mentality 🙁

I like how he reclaims the good things in our past but he blissfully ignores the shortcomings of christianity in a multi-cult country.

Does he claim to be WN? I thought he was a Southern Nationalist. Similar, but not the same. Protestant Christianity is part of being Southern. It is who we are. It is not something we think about. It is.

The point is that I had to renounce my heritage—the Counter-Reformation that founded the country where I was born—in order to become a priest of the 14 words. Neither WNsts nor Southern nationalists have renounced their Reformation heritage. (Both the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation are branches of the Christian trunk.) Therefore, their claim that they follow our most sacred words is doubtful to say the least.

“Protestant Christianity is part of being Southern. It is who we are.”

If that is the cross you choose to bear, it the will end in the death of your people.

Jesus himself once said, “By their fruits, ye shall know them.” The fruits of Christianity are self-evident, as Jack Frost has explained calmly (I admire that man’s patience in the comment sections of TOO articles), and as Nietzsche explained in a slightly more harsh tone. I was reading Genealogy of Morals this week, and at one point Nietzsche digs up two quotes from Thomas Aquinas and Tertullian that are just as hateful as anything in the Elders of Zion. The revenge fantasies that these people have are worse than anything a Saw movie or Hostel movie could concoct!

You cannot fathom the level of criticism of our parents’ religion in my books in Spanish. In my autobiographical books I approach the subject from an unheard of POV: the structure of the inner self. Next month I’ll publish the first book of Extermination, which I just completed.

Every generation, American Whites are plagued by Suthurn Chrishun Cunservatives that make the same weak, unsophisticated appeals culminating in failure. There’s money to be made in peddling this soft and sentimental ideology to cowardly old Whites. Wishing the South won in 1865 is a kooky, but acceptable belief. It requires no break with the previous generation or critical thought. Even worse, Confederate nostalgia correlates with ignorance. What better way to turn off quality whites!

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