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CUCKASOIDS: new neologism!

paris attack 2015

“I’m going to march arm and arm down the street with sandniggers and talk about how open minded I am about this great religion of peace, Islam.” —direct quote from faggot Frenchy right before his head was lopped off by a kebab.

I stole this hilarious satire from The Daily Stormer, but some of the 1500+ comments in that site and elsewhere may be confusing.

The facts are simple: the jihad attack was ultimately caused by “altruist” policies of open borders throughout the West after the fair race lost the Second World War. Christian / Neochristian axiology is the poisoned arrow behind the masses of immigrants into the West, including Muslim invasion in France by the millions.

Cuckasians / cuckasoids!

Another thread on The Daily Stormer is the best I’ve seen as to date regarding the cuckasian Frenchmen and Frenchwomen who have allowed this.

34 replies on “CUCKASOIDS: new neologism!”

Seems Germanics are the only real White people left in Europe. Perhaps we could add Scandinavians to it, but they are really going to need to wake up from their naive Christian / liberal coma.

Angols, French, Westerners. Well the root cause is much more malicious with these people than simple naivety. These people are fully complicit and conscious of their service to the Jews. They are stubbornly impervious to the truth of this matter, and they certainly have never shied away from being the best goyim money can buy, even when it means firebombing White women and children.

These traitors will get what they deserve, but it is my deepest and more treasured hope that the German people survive. I believe they will, in whatever numbers. These are the valiant people who gave us Hitler and lined up in the SS against the Asiatic hordes.

They certainly have bounds more honor than the Anglo cuckolds and vile traitors North of them.

Just consider that next time the Germans rise up there may not be any Anglos around to stab them in the back, as Anglos typically do.

“Seems Germanics are the only real White people left in Europe”

What is White? What does that mean?

Since coming to this bogus movement that is blog based and certainly not grounded in reality. I have abandoned the term ‘white”. It is a made up demographic that includes Middle Easterners and Jews and Albanians and Old School Mexicans etc.

I don’t do ‘white’. I do Germanic. If I am going by ‘white’, I am not as I am half Slav, which I am comfortable in saying – don’t give a damn, I am what I am.

Look, there are Germanics scattered about the world. Europe will just erupt for awhile, but I truly think that in the next few decades, there will an exodus of Germanics and other Europeans going baxk to Europe as places like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc get intolerable. The hordes are coming our way- they are not content with just staying in France.

Just do your research online and you will find whole towns, villages, etc in Europe. We can purchase those or just take them back once the human cockroaches move through.

The people in Europe at present are traitors. Those of us in the US, Canada, Aus, NZ were the ones that had to leave to make a better life. I feel bad for Europe but in some ways not as the hidden class system there persecuted THEIR OWN and then opened the doors for people like the Turks to clean their streets in place of White Niggers.

It was the people who left Europe for the new world who were the real and truest traitors. These Jew-envious Protestants abandoned their ties to blood and soil in order to purse the Jewish wet dream of materialism and those liberal concepts like “equality” and anti-fascism.

And how those stupid goyim in the Western diaspora were eager to prove it during the two world war genocides. They were only too eager to back-stab the true Germanics of Europe in order to fight for Judaism and usury.

I don’t consider the Germans at present to be traitors, you see they are still traumatized from the attempted genocides against them last century.

Even the Slavs are morally superior to the Anglos. The Jew did after all, need to genocide many millions of them in order to make them complicit, and even then the USSR turned quasi-fascist in the post-WWII ear.

The Anglo faggots of the West, on the other hand, have always been too willing to do the Jew’s dirty work, with very little coercion. Certainly nothing on the scale of the horrors that was required to make Germans and Slavs submit.

Anglos are natural traitors, and individualistic scum. They can’t even protect their little girls from Paki rapists.

@ Brother M:

It was the people who left Europe for the new world who were the real and truest traitors. These Jew-envious Protestants abandoned their ties to blood and soil in order to purse the Jewish wet dream of materialism and those liberal concepts like “equality” and anti-fascism.

All of this is point of view. I wanted to comment on another piece Chechar had where the painting of Cain and Abel was featured.

There is a psychology behind all of this. Who in Europe always inherited the land? That would be the eldest son. So then what happened to the 2nd and 3rd and 4th born sons? What about the daughters?

It was not greed that drove people to leave Europe for the USA, but the possibility of a better life, of opportunity. My dad came to the States for a better opportunity. The truth is that tradition is great as it ties people to their ancestry, yet it can also be limiting to those who happen to be born in the wrong birth order in the family tree or heaven forbid you were born a woman, then you were really screwed as you could not own a thing.

What were the 2nd borns to do? Stay in Europe and always be second on the totem pole and not be afforded the opportunities to acquire wealth and family simply because they were born at the wrong time? So they forged a new path. Can you blame them?

Example: The Puritans concocted the Witch Trials to target women who had no brothers who would inherit the land in the family as the Puritans were patriarchal and there was no way in hell they were going to have any woman own land in her name. So again, another mini-genocide all in the name of money and resources.

The book “Born To Rebel” looks at the psychology behind birth order and gender and how it affects the personality.

Europe created the very monster called American due to its class system and wealth transfer system. The Americans today cannot be blamed for this and neither can Europeans.

We have to stop beating each other up and look at our commonalities or else we create the same problems and patterns over and over again.

Bla bla bla, you’re a woman.

What are you doing trying to act as if you have principles?

A little laughter, a little flirting and your so called principles are left far behind in the woods.

Women are weak,

You have no place here.

lol a woman in politics. It’s a running joke, I won’t be able to hear you over the laughter. Best get busy in the kitchen.

There are a lot of men out there, and they all like sandwiches.

Brother M-

This is a blog. This is not politics or even the “real world”. Honestly, I have better things to do with my time than joust with a mental midget who automatically disqualifies what I write because I have a vagina.

I could care less about doing insult battles on a blog, it is simply childish and immature.

Moving on now,,,,

You do not speak for the blogger.

What are you going to do closeted faggot, hump rocks?

Closeted faggots are THE cancer of the West. You are the ones who are most concerned with European subjugation and the subjugation of European women because without European woman’s subjugation, you would never procreate. Please do move on and get a handle on your woman hate that really cloaks your closeted gayness.

You seem to be under the delusion that when push comes to shove we White men are required to bargain with you.

LOL, not so.

We may enslave you if we see fit. In fact the Pakistani rapists of Rotherham have demonstrated just how feasible that is.

And when the chips are down we White men will beat the feminism and rebelliousness off your defiant faces, and you will be beholden to us.

As I said, women are intellectually and physically inferior to men. You have nothing to offer us apart from your vaginas, and the least you could do is keep them clean, but Western sluts have failed at even that.

Since you can’t be trusted to make intelligent decisions the time is near where we will make your decisions for you. Whether you like it or not couldn’t matter less.

So STFU, one day you will be enslaved.

On face value, a compelling argument. However, how do you explain that supposedly wimpish Christianity imposed itself with VIOLENCE on the general population of the Roman Empire, and then on the rest of Europe?

A far more powerful reason is that people are forced to be cucks if everybody knows their languages, but they themselves cannot scrutinize others because they don’t know the relevant languages.

Of what use is it to have a religion that condones war, as long as e.g. Islam can contrast itself to you as a religion of peace, next to nobody knowing Arabic?!

Even Varg Vikernes has to portray Othalism as nice and fluffy, due to social pressure.

Both the Yang and the yin are poles within Christianity from Constantine to Pope Francis. Presently the whole West has swung to the “empire of the yin”, including our parents’ religion.

I get the impression that Christianity is yin towards Judaism and Islam but yang to everything else. Why isn’t Franciscus telling ISIS to go Sermon on the Mount, and to turn that other cheek when they get their @ss handed by Hezbollah or the Revolutionary Guard?!

In the interests of full disclosure I am a non European Muslim.

A question. Are not Anglos Germanics, at least in part?

It’s hard to say. The idea that Germans migrated to Britain to become Anglo-Saxons is just a theory.

So in biological terms its hard to say.

I look at it from a moral perspective. And after what the English did to the Germans in Dresden there is no way I would ever consider these animals to be fellow Germanics, even if they were before. This act of fratricide disowns them from the Germanic people and I hope those traitors burn in hell for their crimes.

The worst treachery the British people ever committed against humanity was universalizing Jewish usury through their Empire. They Jews would have never gotten that far in the world without their Anglo goyim paving the way for them. The Anglos will pay for being such willing goyim.

Thank you. Truly what was done to the Germans in WWII was terrible. So was the suffering that the Russians, Ukrainians etc faced at the hands of the Bolsheviks who were financed by The City and Wall Street.

“The worst treachery the British people ever committed against humanity was universalizing Jewish usury through their Empire.”

I agree with you. From my perspective (based upon Islamic eschatology) the Anti-Christ needed usury to be universalized in order for him to exert control over the world. And “Pax” Britannica did just that. Whilst the N.S Germans fought against this evil.

Many Germans were corrupted during the Weimar years, but later found their true selves under the Führer. I believe men everywhere of Nordic descent can redeem themselves, if given the firm and inspired rule of the right men.

Harry Black,

I too share your optimism regarding the Nordic Man, except in the case of the British Anglo-Saxons. They have had plenty of chances to redeem themselves and not once have they taken the opportunity.

Instead Britain is the nation know for backstabbing Europe any moment she tried to unify herself against imminent threats.

The Anglos are a sister race of people in league with the Jews whom they love so much that a great deal of Anglo-Saxons have Jewish blood in the their lineage.

Not a day seems to go by where I don’t meet some britfag who has a kike mother, or a kike grandfather, or is distantly related to some other eminent kike of some sort.

I’ve never met a people so docile and aggressively committed to their servitude.

It will not end well for them.

“You seem to be under the delusion that when push comes to shove we White men are required to bargain with you.” – Brother Moron

You are not Germanic or a Nordic, which is why you hide under the term “white”. I could never picture the Germanic men I knew speaking as you do. You are some dirtball who skulks around on the Internet pretending to be something your are not.

Look azzzz, don’t think that American women will cave to your BS. I dare you to bring your crap overseas here- you will get your butt shot.

We don’t need you.

muh feminism, dis iz ‘murica where wiminz be strong and independent n sheet.

American women are raped by niggers and pimped out by Jewish pornographers by the truck load.

You bitches be weak and laughable.

At least Afghan women aren’t sluts. We White Men will learn from the Taliban.

Cry harder woman.

No crying here azzzzz.

Afghan women just get killed when they try to attend school and have acid thrown in their faces. Oh, and anal sex is huge in Afghanistan because all the men there would rather do their wives poop chutes that have real sex with a real woman because they are all DL faggots like yourself.

But you know this because you are probably a sex tourist.

Not ALL American women are porn stars azzzzz. Where do you live? Oh, one of the zones that has been protected via OUR US military from the mud hordes paid by us American bitches’ taxes? Whose the nog? Might it be you oh Anglican sounding arse who probably lives in Benefits Britain or Australia, the island that the US kept from being bombed out from the Japanese.

You are a divisive idiot.

@ Borther M

Do not compare women with nogs, oh but that is right, you NSers do think women = niggers, which is why Hitler purposely set up millions of Germanic women in Berlin to be raped and slaughtered by the Red Army.

You are right re: Nasa and nogs. Had the dumb azzzz men in Iowa went with Hilary instead of Obumma, our country would be in a better place, but leave it to “white” men to adhere to Tyranny of The Dick at all costs.

Now your pushing Hillary Cunton.

This is why no one takes women seriously.

Looks like you can’t cook either.

Oh well, one day we will sell whores like you to idiotic Mud-slimes in exchange for weapons. Always gotta look on the bright side.

Overreacting there dumbazzzz. I am not “pushing” for Hillary. I am pointing out how idiot men like you are so fearful of women that you will support and pull for Obummah over a competent woman. No doubt Amerikwa would have been better off with Hillary in office versus Obummah, but the Bro’s in powah would not have it. Aside: Most Yanks in the Northeast were more for Hillary and these areas tend to be MORE racially segregated than the South. There is more RACIAL solidarity in those parts of the USA.

You are dumb and illogical and don’t know shite about the USA or American women nor do you possess ANY semblance of racial identity. You use the term “white”, which is inclusive of Middle Easterners and Joooz. So by default, you are a Jew.

Good luck trying to destroy the USA. Understand this, we do what the hell we want to do. Guess what? ….That is the understated Germanic ideal of FREEDOM shining through and it ain’t dead yet buddy. You are JOOO or a Doon Coon or a Muzzie, but you sure as hell are not a Germanic.

When push comes to shove, we will bury you. Know why? Because we American sluts are tougher than you. We may be downtrodden from funding wars, which by the way YOU tards benefitted from, but understand at the end of the day, it will be a LOOOOOOOOOOONG fight. Everyone in the USA is tired of your shite.

Oh I see. I just saw your blog.

I am not a ‘modern’ woman, I am my own woman thank you.

Hey, if fuck off was meant for me, well then doubly fuck off to you. If it wasn’t well then my apologies and have a wonderful day.

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