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Michael O'Meara Philosophy of history

United States

“In many ways, America is simply a bad European idea.”

—Michael O’Meara

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America is simply Europe’s foibles and sins writ large. It’s Christianity, Liberalism, Capitalism and Cultural Marxism taken to their logical conclusions all rolled into one country.

America is just what degenerate Anglo-Saxons typically do when they’re not firebombing children in places like Dresden, or hooking millions of Chinese on opium for their Jew masters.

Anglos… the best goyim money can buy.

Why do you feel sorry for the Chinese? No one made them smoke that opium. This is the same group of people that wish to disarm the West. Many of the men today in the West are hooked on porn created by the Jooz, but they sure as hell did not have a gun held to their head to engage in that degenerate behavior that hardens their souls and turns them into faggots….they CHOSE to do so.

The Goyim have been stabbing each other in the back for centuries. Goyim Anglo and Germanic men stuck it to their own women. The Jews watched and observed us and learned our weaknesses and made money off of it. The Jews knew that the Anglo Germanic man possessed a free agent dick that wanted to tap that Asian poon so they helped open the doors of China.

The Goyim need to own their shyte

I don’t feel sorry for Chinks, rather the point is that Anglo faggots will stoop to any low in order to please their Jewish masters.

There is even a version of the union jack with a star of david on it! How kikeolded can you get?

Whereas the Anglos have twice built huge empires (British and American) solely in order to further Jewish worldwide usury, the Germans built the most inspiring nation in recent memory and fought a bitter and genocidal battle to the end against the Jewish world order. While the valiant Germanic was fighting the Asiatic in the east the Anglo traitors stabbed him in the back in the West. Twice!

Brother M-

Glad you do not feel sorry for the Chinese because they will not feel sorry for us.

Lest I place too much blame on men, do know that I believe many women in the Anglo West are engaging in degenerate behavior as a way of revenge. Race mixing on the part of Anglo Saxon women is retribution for the perceived racial cuckoldry on the part of their men. While the Anglo, French, and other European men in the West were carving out new civilizations and squaw fucking in the process, the little Anglo and other European girls were at home pining away for their men. You don’t think that this had an indelible affect on the collective psyche of the Anglo-saxon Germanic women and this has been passed on over the years?

I guess where I am getting at here is that there has to be a redemption process, a route to forgiveness. Many men and women in the Anglified West took our culture and each other for granted. We all figured we could fuck around forever and screw each other over in business practices etc and that this would never catch up with us. But today it is evident that it has and the degeneration process and its results are speeding up.

Reconciliation and redemption involves trust and trust has been destroyed, but in order to save our civilizations, trust has to be rebuilt. I hope this can happen 🙂

To whom are you speaking, Brother M? Hyperborean or VB?

Who is going to bear children in the new ethnostate? Um, women. So if women are bearing children, their role is very important and they should and DO have a say. YOUR attitude is what is contributing to the genocide of Europe.

That’s interesting, because the women who keep their mouths shut seem to have the most children.

Go figure and STFU.

btw, if White men decided to treat you whores like the ones in Rotherham you’d have to choice, because women are physically and intellectually inferior to men.

Brother M-

How many kids do you have?

By the way, fruit flies and cockroaches reproduce in mass. Is that we Germanic women should aspire to be for you, little cockroaches for you to step on?

Your attitude = genocide of Germanic women

lol is that the sound of you trying to reason?

I already stated I’m not interesting is talking to women here.

The world does not run on a female’s self-righteous indignation.

Cry harder.

I already stated I’m not interesting is talking to women here.

(after a long back and forth with a woman commenter.)

Stop whining! It’s unmanly.

Now, on the issue of trust that VB raises:

I think is a function of a robust polarity between the sexes.

I notice that the cultures where men are more/less assertive, women tend to be more/less feminine and submissive. So, Russian women are more feminine because Russian men are, generally, a tough and machismo lot. Russian women tend to want marriage, babies, and to have a happy home. Conversely, modern German women are horribly unfeminine because modern German men are PC and effeminate. Anglos are somewhere in between.

It is the men who drive this polarity: if men grow a pair then women fall into line behind them. If men wimp out then women start acting up, unhappy without understanding why.

Communism, & marxism, is christianity

Communism, & marxism, are based on the christian bible, created by nimrod cultists in rome

Nimrod created monotheism & the worlds first global usury system, the tower of babel

Jews were a pre-babylon religion, created to fight the global religion of white druids, the dominant global religion in the pre-flood era

The original colonies in North America were called “New England” (still are) and, as such, not such a bad idea. In the famous painting of the Declaration of Independence, they have the English flag (Cross of Saint George) on the wall, indicating that they were a group with an English self-identity.

After all, the Angles were a tribe that almost completely transplanted themselves in the fifth century from the Baltic coast to the island of Great Britain, so there is a historical precedent. Since North America is a vastly bigger space, the English could have just abandoned Great Britain to the Welsh and Scots and declared North America to be England.

However, the Anglo ruling elite, on both sides of the Atlantic, evidently wanted to dismantle the English identity: So the English are subsumed into the new identity of “British” and their brethren in New England become “American.”

Aside: “English” is, of course, itself a new identity that emerged by the time of Alfred the Great, from the fusion of the Germanic invaders and the native Celts, in Great Britain.

Aside: “British” is a politically-inspired category, that should be abolished along with “American.”

Anyway, in a few generations the people in New England were increasingly a fusion of English, Scottish, and even French, Irish and German, so continuing to call themselves English would have been too inaccurate.

What do we call such people? “American” is too loaded with universalist, liberal, enlightenment crap, but identity formation does seem to be a serious impediment to progress for us white racists.

I have a recurring intuition that language might be a key.

Thomas Jefferson had an idea to create a new language for his new country, in order to distinguish the new nation from the old. He made a study of the practices of Amerind tribes, and apparently, they would often do just that when splitting off from an existing tribe, especially if they had been dissatisfied or angry with the old tribe.

The Jews revived the use of Hebrew as a living language, even before establishing their shitty little state; much effort went into coining modern words from the old root words.

The modern Greeks did the same thing in the nineteenth century, at the time that there was a push (by the British, as you’d expect) to break Greece away from the Ottoman Empire. Prior to that they had spoken mainly Albanian, I seem to recall.

So, brainstorming a bit along those lines:

What might come of a project to take Proto-Indo European (PIE) and start building it out as a modern language?

In the beginning there was the word…

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