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Energy / peak oil Table talks (commercial translation)

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 1


Editor’s note:

In this talk Hitler spoke about Aryans and Russians, and the necessity of the mailed fist in Russia, as well as the deterioration of soil (what presently is called peak oil). However, as the rest of my 192 excerpts of his 1941-1944 table talks, I’ve only quoted what I consider most important; in this case, the possibility of energy devolution:

Saturday, 5th July 1941

I think there’s still petroleum in thousands of places. As for coal, we know we’re reducing the natural reserves, and that in so doing we are creating gaps in the sub-soil. But as for petroleum, it may be that the lakes from which we are drawing are constantly renewed from invisible reservoirs.

Without doubt, man is the most dangerous microbe imaginable. He exploits the ground beneath his feet without ever asking whether he is disposing thus of products that would perhaps be indispensable to the life of other regions. If one examined the problem closely, one would probably find here the origin of the catastrophes that occur periodically in the earth’s surface.

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NS is the real thing. White nationalism is a contradictory and sometimes schizophrenic muddle. In this conference in Stockholm a couple of months ago for example, starting in minute 18:00 Greg Johnson says he got inspiration from a Jewish “gay rights” activist in San Francisco, especially with the kike’s phrase, “Everybody who’s closeted has to come out.” Although he used that example in a different context—asking those who already agree with the Swedish Democrats to come out—, Johnson didn’t hint any criticism of the Jew’s tactics to normalize homosexualism in the city where he lives.

degenerate WNI doubt that the feminized Swedes disapproved Johnson’s inspirational example. But again, all nationalist movements are so thoroughly feminized that any Nazi would be shocked to see one of these guys in the 1920s-1940s.

Real Nazis from Hitlers’ legions would stand dumb founded when looking at so-called “patriots” today. Most are fat, out of shape, and always harping on having guns but love Jews and the Bible. They would never be able to use such guns in a real battle against their own government, which is what they think will happen. Current police forces would snatch the donuts out of their mouths before they realized what hit them. There needs to be a political umbrella to get organized before we can begin to really save ourselves. Europe is already ahead of the U.S. with LePen in France, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, etc. as they are not reluctant to see reality as it is barreling down on them. I imagine many French are rereading Camp of the Saints and wondering how this all happened. As usual a little bit of Hitler goes a long way.


FN lost all credibility when it purged Jean-Marie le Pen. They’re the equivalent of the American GOP. Orban is nothing but a talker. Poland seems to be the best when it comes to racial awareness. Nothing’s happening in Germany, Scandinavia, or the UK. Trump is a slightly more advanced cuckservative but he’s still more to the right than anyone in those countries. Unfortunately there’s no one anywhere in the West leading an anti-semitic movement, and that’s the problem. We cannot deal with third world invaders or rampant degeneracy without first smashing the jewish power structure that upholds them. Hitler knew that, and modern nationalists need to know it as well.

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