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Latin American loyalties

Recently I was asked these questions:

Are there any prospects that White Hispanics in Mexico and other Latin American countries might be willing to participate in a general revival of White interests? Or are they too cramped by the label Latino to identify as White? Or are racial categories in Latin America so imperceptible—due to the subtle gradations of white, near-white, off-white, almost white, mestizo—that forging a White identity is impossible?

I responded thus:

“Latin” America is in a far worse shape than the North. With 500 years of miscegenating experience these guys [“whites”] have lost almost all pride of their white skin (what remains of it). I have some writings about the subject in Spanish.

However, there’s something important missing in my reply. The real trouble I see in this part of the continent lies in the fact that, once you tolerate a few Amerindian genes in your bloodline, the race barrier is gone. The reason of this is not complicated. Due to Mendel laws, if you have an Amerind ancestor, even if you are predominantly white some of your offspring will come up darker that the rest.
mis primosThis for example is a 1960s photo of my cousins of two different families when they were children. (The blondest one passed away a couple of years ago as a mature adult.) You can see that my cousin at the bottom is darker than the one who had Scandinavian blond hair, his (now deceased) brother. This makes my point. Once you have darker brethren the ethnic barrier collapses within your psyche. You won’t be dismayed when, say, your whitest son starts dating a swarthy girl in Mexico because you already produced a child who, phenotypically, cannot be considered properly white.

This behavior produces a downward spiral of miscegenation due to the fact that most Mexicans are browns. The whitest genes dilute more and more in each generation, insofar as the browns are prolific and phenotypical whites not.

I have lived half a century in Mexico. I know the dynamics of mestization. Several people in white nationalism have criticized my one-drop-rule stance. For example, Andrew Anglin wrote about me: “He gets way into the Nordic stuff in a way that I find basically religious.” That’s only because Anglin et al completely ignore the psychological dynamics of mestization, especially the loyalties with swarthier offspring and cousins and uncles and aunts—and thus with who’s dating your daughter—once your bloodline is not pure.

Earlier this month I said, “Race-wise Americans should consider the sociology down the south of Río Grande.” However, I acknowledge it must be difficult for an American or European to figure out the psychological aspects of blood mixing throughout Latin America, unless he has lived in one of these countries for a long time.

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Argentina, Uruguay and Chile have a majority white population of european origin. These three contries had less racial mixing. There were not that many native indians to begin with. Also, large numbers of Germans, Italians, even British, Irish and Swiss came there in huge numbers. Also there are large Croatian communities there. However, Argentina’s relative wealth also attracted some ashkenazi jews from Germany, Poland, Russia and Romania. And Argentina turned out to be attractive for Lebanese and Syrian immigrants.

But all that is beside my point: the need to understand the psychodynamics of mestization. (And by the by, in the last Football Cup millions saw that most of the teams of Argentina and Uruguay, and the fans of the stadiums from Chile and Brazil, were clearly mestizoids; very few whites.)

Is the only solution, in mongrelized nations, for an authoritarian state to enforce a very strict eugenics program? If a dog breeder or cattle rancher is trying to resurrect the qualities of an old, extinct line, a multigenerational selective breeding program, using the genetic material still available, can be very effective.

Yes: that’s the only solution. I know my cousins well, the ones in the pic: they would never forbid their own children to marry the darker mudbloods without a tough racial dictatorship.

I wrote: “Furthermore, the only people motivated to enforce such selection would themselves be of a high racial quality.”

What I meant to add is that, such an elite, possessing such power, might decide that it would be much easier just to cull the vast majority, and keep all the breeding rights for themselves.

Is the only solution, in mongrelized nations, for an authoritarian state to enforce a very strict eugenics program?

How would that work?

Surely, breeding for Nordic looks would not be enough, since the differences between races go far beyond appearance, and the clustering of traits in any given race are (I suppose) independent (each trait from any other).

If you selectively bred for Nordic looks from an existing population of violent, stupid, cowardly, abstract-thinking-incapable, mongrels, you would end up with Nordic-looking, violent, stupid, cowardly, abstract-thinking-incapable.. mongrels.

So, you’re going to select across a whole range of traits, some of which are obscure.

Furthermore, the only people motivated to enforce such selection would themselves be of a high racial quality. I don’t see how to get there; it seems like a chicken and egg problem, metapolitically.

Having said that, I can think of a combination of social institutions that would effectively filter for quality. Keeping them in place for many generations might be a bit of a challenge:

Rights of passage:

The young boy has to go out alone and accomplish some great deed, such as killing a lion, before being accepted into the adult society.

The Minoan youths, as depicted in their murals, performed amazing gymnastics with a giant, charging bull. Presumably, the ones that slipped up thereby removed themselves from the gene pool. Perhaps the ones that chickened out were forever excluded from marriage.

The death penalty or sterilization for all manner of criminal chimpery that is normal amongst muds and uncommon among whites.

The above recommendations would mostly be for males. Females would best be selected for beauty, grace, and modesty.

The thing is, it’s hard to keep corruption out of such social institutions, of rich parents bribing for their offspring to be passed for some difficult test or challenge.

This why I’m sickened when so-called white nationalists claim that a 90% White nation is good enough. As a people we’re pathologically altruistic and even one non-White in-law softens the whole family. Quite recently, a coworker of a family member was revealed to be a mudshark. Within days another employee was reprimanded for “racial insensitivity.” I guess these fake WNs haven’t psychologically broken free yet.

This is a 2013 Stubbs comment in this blog:

The problem is White Nationalists still have an equality-based mindset. They think once you pass through the walls of the 4th Reich and get a stamp that says “White” on it you’re just like everyone else inside the walls. Basically they want America without niggers, like you said; universal suffrage, freedom of religion, gubmint stayin outta my business, no biological program once everybody in the country is “White enough” to gain entrance, utilitarian goals for making people “happy” and “free” at the expense of anything higher, etcetera.

Pointing out an obvious fact like some “Whites” being purer than others (did you really expect the people who were occupied by the Moors or Turks for 300 years to be comparable to the Swedes?) throws them into fits. Not only does it retrigger all the anti-racist conditioning they thought they’d gotten rid of, but it makes them ask “where does it end?” “At what point can we finally stop paying attention to each others genetic (and non-genetic) flaws?”

The answer is that it doesn’t end: that all life is struggle and hierarchy and that the Aryan race will never be perfected nor entirely freed from threats. But that’s not what they want to hear. Pierce made eugenics the core of his religious outlook, with nationalism as a means of protecting the eugenically-selecting society, but I see little concern for the subject among modern White Nationalists. Can you imagine a racial state with a comprehensive eugenic policy which didn’t consider the reversal of mongrelization to be a major objective? That it wouldn’t make its population look more like Swedes and less like Sicilians, as time goes on? It’s hard to do so, which is why I believe “anti-Nordicism” in White Nationalism has, among other things, shut down much of the discussion on the subject.

Latin America is so similar. Colombia is considered to have the fourth largest Negro-descent population in the western hemisphere, following Haiti, Brazil and the USA. Colombians are more violent than Mexicans and its surrounding countries.

Here in Mexico you can see that those mestizos who amalgamated with blacks are more violent than the others. The three Mexican states with the largest Negro-descent population among the mestizos are Guerrero, Oaxaca and Veracruz. No wonder why the Guerrero people are so violent; the 2014 Iguala mass kidnapping, only the most recent genocide in the country.

Dear Ce’sar,

I’ve followed and enjoyed your blog for quite some time now, though I’ve never felt the need to respond until now. Overall, I must agree with your comments. I lived and taught in Puerto Vallarta for over a year and while it was one of the ‘whitest’ cities I’ve ever seen in Mexico, it still had it’s share of mixed bloods.

However, I remember going to the Hooters there [it wasn’t my idea but a friend of mine’s and I was rather curious as to the waitresses] and low and behold, they were the whitest Mexicans I think ever lived in Puerto Vallarta. There were blonde girls who could pass for Nordics and some very strikingly attractive girls with mainly Castillan ancestry. I asked one of the waitresses why this was and she told me that the management hires only lighter-skinned girls because the patrons of Hooters in Puerto Vallarta, whether tourists or locals, seem to like the lighter-skinned girls more and so, Hooters responds by hiring what the customer wants.

I thought that comment shed more light on the issue of miscegenation than anything written.

Just an observation from my personal experience.

Keep up the great work, and all the best from Poland,


Coco You’re absolutely right. This thing is common in Mexico. Have you read my May 15 entry “Surreal Mexico”?

There are lots of “coconuts” in Mexico: people brown outside and white inside. In the above post, however, I tried to show the dynamics of mestization among white Mexicans, not browns. If you stayed longer in Puerto Vallarta you’d’ve seen that those white waitresses could’ve been allowed by their parents and culture to date the swarthier Mexicans, which is the whole point.

99pct of humans must die in order the delicate Nordic race to survive. Because sooner or later, the Nordics and non-Nordics will live side by side at a border, and therefore, another mongrel race. How do we do that?

To the Homo Superior.

ISIS plans to purchase nuclear bomb, if that always available at a price, this must be the end of humanity, the samson option, the necessary evil to make all things again equal.

Except if we could make this delicate Nordic race to hate, but to hate they need to feel disfigured, malfunctioned, and worthless, the 99pct.

Perhaps, the Jews are a catalytic agent of Evolution. More complex problems, the more perfect human beings are evolving. The irony is, the cockroaches are ones of many oldest animals that survive to present day, and not the powerful admirable T-rex.

Which way is the White man?

But even without ISIS’s bomb we will certainly have a convergence of three catastrophes that will dismiss the the current anti-white Diktat: currency crash, energy devolution and finally a political crisis throughout the West.

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