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Jesus Tom Sunic

Mini Jesuses

In an article published this month at The Occidental Observer, Tom Sunic wrote: “Those desert Levantine deities and their secular modern offshoots (Marx, Friedman, Dershowitz, Spielberg, Sontag, et al.) were soon to become the new guiding ‘heroes’ of the West.” Christianity critic Jack Frost commented:

The crucified rabbi, of course, is the only hero that has any influence anymore. With him sucking all the oxygen out of the room, all the white folk heroes of bygone times have gradually disappeared from public consciousness. In their place, a proliferation of “innocent” victim-heroes now revolve around the crucifix like minor planets circling a sun.

The Jews you mention are only their publicists. Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes, but perhaps he should have said everyone will get to be Jesus for fifteen minutes.

Faggots, dykes, trannies, liberated and unliberated women, abused children, negroes, Holocausted Jews, injuns—all conceive themselves and are presented to us as victims, innocent and heroic in equal measure, brutally crucified by the innately evil white man.


5 replies on “Mini Jesuses”

Whites have a lack of exclusive heroes for themselves, unless your talking about Mammon or sex.

LionAndLambUnless you are talking of these little guys. “Every christian gets to be
a heroic mini-me jesus in one way or another” said Alex Linder. Both the 16th century painting by Bosch and the contemporary, silly pics like this one speak of the mad minds of whites then and now.

One actress remarked “I’m still big, it’s the movies that have gotten smaller”. Jesus is still big, but the spiritual and intellectual fruit of his followers has gotten smaller. The modern church is bourgeois, selfish, and stupid. The intense and thorough theology of say a John Gill has been replaced with just give me the cliff notes. We either need a new religion , (pick one) or an Aristocratic Christianity that exhorts the home and hearth.

I’ve read some of the literature that is mentioned. It still does not address the fact that many people view Christian biblicalphiles as hateful and intolerant. Belief is power as I’m sure you would agree. By the time I read all the mentioned books, I probably would become the ultimate altruist and kill myself.

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