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Indo-European heritage Newspeak

Get rid of Christian newspeak

by Manu Rodríguez


It always seems to me that the words are to be used in a certain way. We must think the words. Before using a word we should weigh it, measure it, investigate it from the beginning and set certain (even personal) criteria for their use, and stick to these criteria. We must also notice the semantic versatility of the multiple uses of the terms of the language, their evolution, and possible manipulation.

The processes of acculturation and enculturation we suffered after the Christianization of our peoples also brought some semantic changes, and the reprocessing or re-interpretation of certain concepts (religion, sacred, profane, heathen).

We have, for example, centuries considering as secular the institutions and traditions that are not specifically Christian. The Christian priests applied, and taught us (forced us, rather) to apply the term “sacred” only to the Judeo-messianic tradition. Our traditions, institutions, and customs (Greek, Roman, Germanic, Celtic…) were disallowed, deconsecrated. Is not this a linguistic-cultural tort to be corrected, or straighten? How can we give the blind eye to this deception? It affects us, it’s about us, about our past.

Another change we had with the term “pagan,” which designates the customs and traditions of the peasants, and the peasants themselves. It came to refer to all non-Christian individuals, peoples, or cultures. This was a pejorative use of the term, since the term “pagan” had connotations with terms like uneducated, uncultured or uncivilized. This shift in meaning came to say that what was cultivated or civilized was on the Christian side, and that the pagan was the wild, the uneducated, the rustic, the unlearned…

We exclude, therefore, the word “pagan” from our vocabulary. We are not “pagans” or “neo-pagans” but Aryans and have (or had) our cultures: Greek, Roman, Germanic, Slavic, Celtic… Those are the derogatory terms that Jews, Christians, and Muslims have used or use to refer to the people who still have their own cultures and traditions; peoples not yet alienated or contaminated: those who do not follow the game.


See the rest of Manu’s entry, “Sobre el valor de las raíces culturales de los europeos” at his blog, where Manu mentions Guénon and Evola in negative terms.

16 replies on “Get rid of Christian newspeak”

Pagan is a great word; Nietzsche, Sunic, Bowden, and Benoist have all referred to themselves as pagans.

This calls into question the book On Being a Pagan by Alan De Benoist; Benoist himself is a non-theistic, non-supernatural pagan (Nietzschean-Heideggerian).

Benoist is the most prominent member of the New Right and i think he’s shaky on a number of issues because he’s afraid of landing in jail, but nevertheless, On Being a Pagan is a MUST READ for WNs who want to establish a framework for identity (this book will no offend atheists or materialists, only Xtians). The term pagan has various connotations as Benoist explains, but it is a term that Benoist, as a student of IE culture and anthropolgy, embraces. This book has value because in contextualizes and roots a Nietzschean interpretation of life with our myths, philosophies, and historical experience.

White men should be proud to call themselves pagans, because as Benoist explains, and also Bowden alluded to, being a Hellenic pagan can mean different things to different people (paganism provides a hierachy of understanding, no one is forces to believe):

“That’s why the right appeals to all parties. And to all groups within a culture. Because all have a place.

Now, I believe that in the Greek civilization, a peasant woman could kneel before an idol, and could have a totally literalist — it’s called metaphysically objectivist — view of the religion. She believes in it absolutely. A fundamentalist in contemporary terms. And you can go right through the culture to extremely sophisticated intellectuals, some of whom were agnostics and atheists who supported religion …”

I’m going to have to break down and learn Spanish so I can read Manu’s blog. There are worst ways to spend ones time.

One of the most useful things that a WN can do is listening to Bob Whitaker’s podcasts about practical politics. If there is a quote that has been ingrained in my mind when doing it, it’s this:

“Whoever controls terminology, dominates the ideology”.

In other words, when you’re able to impose your own meaning of words over society, you’ll always be playing on your field to your advantage. That’s our enemy’s game, the constant twisting of meanings and never ending “moving the goalposts” trap.

This is relevant to our mindset. We’ll never rid out of the jewish mindset, the mental AIDS, that make us to trip over the same rock again and again as long as we still have the Judeo-Christian Weltanschauung embedded in our software.

This war has been waged against us Europeans for 2.000 years. Understanding Rome’s falling is understanding our present distress. Rome’s fall was about 50% racial downfall and 50% mental disease. (Judeo)Christianity (yes, the first preachers and apostles were all Jews, lest not forget it!) undermined the mind first from below, in between the mongrel masses, and then corrupted the upper echelons of power, starting with another of our weak points: the European women and his “compassion gene” (well, I’d say it’s another 50/50: half compassion, half “holier than thou” vanity). The study of Islam is another great way of understanding that a newspeak, a replacing mindset is key to achieving the subjugation of entire empires. Taquiyya, Newspeak, it’s all the same. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, it’s only a matter of researching facts, and viewing history in a holistic way.

When the priests brag happily about how Rome was “converted”, they always conceal that it was a bloody mess, about three or four centuries of undermining the roman society, of revolts, of killings, of burning of libraries… and then there’s the forced conversion in Central and Northern Europe. They take extreme care to conceal that again. The less we (the masses) know about it, the better. Again, in time, another mindset came to replace and undermine Europe: it was the French Revolution liberalism, and the ball started to roll again (yes, when the Jews left the ghetto).

I’ve to go now. But yes: Get rid of Christian Newspeak!

Interesting and thought provoking read but the author falls into the same reactionary trap I see many other ‘anti-Christians’ fall into in that he equates Christianity/Christians with the actions and mission of the ‘holy’ Catholic church. I would argue vehemently (and so would Christ himself) that the Catholic Church throughout its entire history has been ANYTHING but ‘Christian.’ The true identity of the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and kindred people’s has been so completely subverted for at least the past 2000 years as has the true nature and identity of those usurpers of identities who call themselves Jews that the only explanation for the continued success of this subversion has GOT to be some form of supernatural activity. If one goes back into the scriptures and reads every reference to Israel or Israelites as a reference to the 12 forbears of the European nations, if one reads every reference to ‘Jews’ with great suspicion and instead substitutes ‘Judeans’ meaning merely inhabitants of the region of Judea and carries about as much of a racial/kinship connotation as the term ‘American’ or ‘new Yorker’ OR as the genetic descendants of satan himself, the puzzle pieces begin to come together. When Christ specifically called out ‘the Jews’ he very clearly identified them as ‘a RACE’ (of vipers,) ‘children’ of their ‘father’ the devil, and the synagogue of satan.
When one looks at the cultures, civilizations and political constructs that spring up around White people’s throughout history, it’s very difficult to ignore the fact that we possess a ‘divine,’ uplifting, inspirational spark as a part of our very DNA. How is it so difficult then to look at the results time and time again of the ‘judaization’ of cultures and not see the mark of a destruction that is aptly described as the natural expression of a supernatural destroying force that animates it?
No. The ‘Christianity’ you seek to blame and reject fell under the poisonous influence of judaization almost immediately at its inception. The TRUE message of the Old Testament and of Christs advent is that is it WE, the White European people’s who are and always were the creator Gods (Yahweh’s) chosen people; an identity the Jews have stolen and taken as their own. Nothing could be further from the truth! You will NOT find any truly Christian church on a street corner or in a phone directory. The real Christian church IS and HAS BEEN since day one, an underground FAMILY of White people who are directly related in our very DNA to Yahweh. The Jews who are in control of everything from government to education to media medicine industry and ‘entertainment’ know this truth VERY WELL, better than >90% of we Whites and everything they do is aimed at keeping US the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and other White kinsfolk completely in the dark about who and what we really are. Once the truth breaks out of their meticulously constructed prison of censorship, it’s all over for them and this world system they preside over and they know it. By accepting their red herring version of Christianity and then railing against it as if it is the real thing we fall into their trap and this still fail to fully realize who we truly are. How can you explain the Viking tradition of the blot on the one hand and reject the Old Testament blood sacrificed on the other? Where do you think the blot came from if not from some distant genetic spiritual memory?

It all comes down to force, eventually, and those who recognize that reality sooner will prevail. Rights are bullshit.

The use of force for political instruction is called terror.

Vlad Tepes had the correct idea.

For example, Saint Patrick was a nasty piece of work, who had pagan hold-outs tortured and killed. If the people had simply reacted to his initial arrival in Ireland by impaling him, and any others, on a stake by the seashore as a warning to any other would-be missionaries, then they would still be celebrating their pagan festivals today.

Come to think of it, that’s similar to how the Phillipine natives reacted to Magellan, which is why there are still Phillipine natives. Compare that to the friendliness of the Caribbean natives to Columbus, and their extinction soon after.

The lesson I draw from such observations is that the Aryan peoples who still exist a thousand years from now will be the ones who learn to be vicious savages towards anyone threatening them.

Having said that, I conclude that most white nations of today probably won’t survive. The Swedes probably won’t survive. Why? Because that American kike who went there and lectured them on how they need to open wide their borders, is still alive and well.

The Germans probably won’t survive. Why? Because that other kike who is a minister in their government who said that she would take away the children of anyone saying anything against immigrants, is still alive and well.

That’s how you tell.

And other slime see that nothing happened and are thereby emboldened.

That is what happens to cowards.

I know, someone is going to say, well, they could wake up, any day now. Wishful thinking. Not to say that it’s impossible, since we do have recent, historical examples to understand what is possible; just saying, one should prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

What is your problem with Christianity?

I get the sense that you’re totally against it.

Can someone show me some articles as to why this is the case?

Can you also show me articles that explain why “Aryan” is the appropriate religious term to describe you people.


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