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Kai Murros


The recent video-post in Murderbymedia was re-blogged on Mindweapons in Ragnarok, who commented:

Kai Murros [pic above] saying exactly the same thing this blog harps about—liberalism and its project of remaking White Human Nature into a race of submissive doormats is going to fail hard as the economy contracts and people are in a struggle for survival. Struggle will bring out White Human Nature at it’s finest; red in tooth and claw.

I can agree no more. See also: here.

3 replies on “Kai Murros”

I don’t see a collapse dividing people along racial lines at all; if this really does happen the bottom 70% of whites are going to be left penniless and out of power (while the whites with the most integration into the power structure will survive).

Plus, black people and other immigrants are not the reason for collapse anyway. They might loot and go insane, but they will not be looked at as the agents which caused the decline of the white race.

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