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Deranged altruism Jesus Liberalism New Testament

New Testament altruism

The “white race” has no one to blame, but themselves.

Johan Hoeff


Throughout the latest two millennia most whites have believed in the message of the gospel, and its moral grammar, right? Contrast Hoeff’s quote with the popular mantra in some nationalist circles, “There is nothing inherently wrong with Whites.”

Before jumping angrily to this thread, please take a look at the discussion in the previous thread, preferably by becoming familiar with some of my linked articles there, including my interpretation of the deranged altruism in Wuthering Heights.

Alternatively, see Ben Klassen’s views on Christianity in general and the Sermon on the Mount in particular. Like Hoeff, Klassen maintained that, ultimately, whites are to blame for our current predicaments.

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It seems like Christianity used to be more of a metaphysical doctrine, and was a lot stronger as such. If you believe in Jesus Christ and the Church he established you will go to heaven, otherwise you are damned by original sin. Being meek or pacifistic may help a person on their path to individual happiness and fulfillment, but your overriding priority is to obey the commands of God, his Church, and his Kings, thereby honoring Christ’s sacrifice. You can be “meek”, but only insofar as your personal relations go, you can’t shirk from the duty placed on you by God.

That seems to have fallen apart, probably thanks to Copernicus, Luther, Cromwell, Darwin, and so forth. It became primarily an ethical doctrine, a set of “values”, and a bad one for trying to organize an advanced society.

Hoeff is absolutely right. White people are masters at avoiding the ‘racist’ real world that requires them to FIGHT for survival and love living in the soft jewish fantasy land. Consequently they are deviod of higher purpose, they are morally rotten and walking around “dead in the jews’ money”.

As for those White people who want to live, well like Hitler said “Those who want to live, let them fight and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE.”

…they are deviod of higher purpose, they are morally rotten…

Yes, this describes most every white person active in government, education, and the media. These people are power hungry and will never willfully surrender their soft cushy lives. They jumped throw the hoops and submitted to the beast a long time ago.

They WILLFULLY ignorant, in otherwords, evil. Unfortunately, if you are going to a unversity for education, like I am, or if you are looking for a job, these vermin have power over your life.

So what do we do?


I think there is something evil about the entire bourgeois ethos. None of these people rebel or fight against injustice (unless it be abstract moralism; social justice). You don’t hear a peep about the Child Sex Scandal or the decline of Western Civilization from these conforming automatons.

Being granted rights and privileges without responsibility corrupts one’s soul. Dante knew that.

White people are not only willfully ignorant, they have come up with an elaborate ‘anti-racist’ morality to justify their ignorance, which is an even greater evil. I think it was David Lane who summed up reality accurately by saying “survival is moral, extinction is immoral.”

As for what we should do, this is the dilemma no-one has suceeded in solving yet and time is running out. Maybe someone will come up with a solution while under the inexorable pressure of time, as “necessity is the mother of invention”.

We cannot talk or write our way out of this one, we have to fight, to “become hard” to quote Nietzsche, to eradicate everything within us and without that threatens our race’s existence, to in fact become Overmen to secure the existence of our people. We have to be willing to face personal risk and inconvenience (i.e. prison and / or death) at any time truthfully.

As to the non-racially conscious Whites, they will either miscegenate, have no children, or if they do have children, their children will either become racially-conscious and thus join us or not fight and thus perish. As biological organisms they will have become ‘life unworthy of life’ as the NS said, so it may even be that the healthy elements of the white race take them out as part of a purification / eradication process during the critical survival phase because they refused to fight.

@ John Walsh

“We have to be willing to face personal risk and inconvenience (i.e. prison and / or death) at any time truthfully.”

I wish we could die heroically, but more likely we will be forced to watch without recourse to action as the situation slowly unfolds.

It seems to me that the overwhelming majority of young whites are going to be walking, willingly, into the miscegenation trap by their own volition. I live on a college campus and the youth race-mixing is very high relative to older folks.

Truthfully, I’m inwardly horrified and a bit scared. My mind knows where this is going … I feel like we are totally powerless.

What would happen if someone distributed fliers advertising WDH or other WN site only to the Aryan males in your campus?

Just curious…


The disadvantage of youth is propensity for extreme apathy (even if your collective future is being disenfranchised before your eyes). As white men start to approach 30, I think the situation will start to hit them more acutely, but for now, people are too immature and contented.

Funny you mentioned that though, I sent out a text message today to my friend with the name of this site.

Christian ideology is corrosive to an aristocratic (that is to say, healthy) society. We should have no tolerance for this wicked and demented faith.

White men are pagan by nature; a Christian white man is a eunuch. I’m shocked that there are so many inside of WN; this must be the caused by their upbringing (something that they cannot let go of).

That is short-sighted and incorrect. It should be approached as what would be needed to achieve absolute intolerance versus the value of an entrenched Christian paradigm as a mechanism of motivation and control of supporters.

But it does feel good to be resolute.

White suIScide trumps White geNOcide. The latter is cause, not effect. To formulate an entire propaganda meme around cause is a serious mistake. Those Whites (mostly ignorant youth) who support “The Mantra” are displaying liberal victimhood at its finest. The blind obstinacy, refusal, and likely inability of Whites to look at themselves with positive self-criticism is maddening at times.

Please explain how genocide is cause, not effect. I find the mantras, Bob Witaker’s and Harold Covington’s, to be an effective one-two punch. First the White Rabbit slaps them up-side the head to get their attention. Then the Old Man hands them the answer.

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