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“White people are insane”

Extracted from a thread of yesterday’s article at American Renaissance:

Commenter 1:

Even if, as Jared Taylor says, evidence for race differences in IQ becomes obvious in the future it still probably won’t change anything. It won’t necessarily make whites change their minds about immigration. There is something wrong with white people. You can’t reason with them on certain topics. They believe it is immoral to act in white group interests, and IQ tests won’t change their minds.

How come Japan and Israel can preserve their racial majorities? Because they are not insane. White people are insane. Their moral views on race are fixed and these people cannot be reasoned with on moral or intellectual grounds. That’s why I think whites, at least in America, are destined for continued perpetual decline in terms of demographics. Sorry to sound so defeatist.

Commenter 2:

I blame this suicidal mental sickness on “Christianity”. That religion is equivalent to a gulp of deadly poison, which I believe was deliberately poured into our drinking cup by our most deadly enemy.

Commenter 3:

Frankly this view shouldn’t be tolerated amongst Western traditionalists. Remember: Christianity is what conquered pagan Europe and drove back the Muslim barbaric.

Commenter 4:

This race-denying, universalist, “everybody must be equal” cult can corrupt any church, any religion, any political party, any economic system, any think tank. It’s not just Christianity. It is true that the founder of Judeo-Christianity, St. Paul, the former ethno-centric Pharisee Saul of Tarsus, preached race-denying nonsense “that there weren’t any Greeks or Jews”, just those who have accepted Jesus Christ. I look at St. Paul as the first “Neo Conservative” who supposedly “saw the light” on the Road to Damascus.

My 2 cents:

Commenter 3 misses the whole point: No Saul, no Mohamed. No decline of Rome, a decline caused partially by the fact that Constantine delivered Greco-Roman culture to the bishops, no genocidal Mongol conquests over a very weakened West.

Notice also how Commenter 3 uses “pagan” while referring to our pre-Christian, Indo-European world. He has not read the articles by the Spanish writer I have been advertising here (see e.g., this one).

21 replies on ““White people are insane””

White people are not insane, they are simply modern.

The problem is that we live in a mass society, whereby intellectually and spiritually weak people flourish and therefore have ideological and theological power. In Ancient Rome or Greece, those who ascended to power would have had to go through significant trials, war, and intense philosophical preparation to be granted a public platform or access to the libraries of antiquity.

The mechanism (death/struggle) which separates those who are weak and reality-denying from the strong no longer exists in the modern world. That’s the issue.

But modernity = insanity. If you have visual imaginary, remember Saruman’s destroying the forests around Isengard to build a new world based on steel and fire.

Even before Tolkien the Romantic poets knew that modernity = Mammon.

Chechar, what did you think of Ridley Scott’s Conquest of Paradise?

I think that the movie, in a Spanish context, picks up on a lot of the themes involving the struggle between the Old Aristocracy and the new moneyed elite in a way that words cannot capture. In that movie a Spanish aristocrat kills himself, rather than be subjected to Columbus’ (the Jewish merchant) rulership in the New World.

I think Ridley Scott made a beautiful movie (albeit he’s a Crypto-Jew just like the usurpers who took over Spain) which explains perfectly what the New World is structured upon; Mammonism as you say.

Impossible. “Modernity”, in the suicidal sense of the above painting and link to Kenneth Clark’s final chapter of Civilisation, started during the Industrial Revolution, way before the tribe took over the media.

“Chechar, what did you think of Ridley Scott’s Conquest of Paradise

Not too bad but I stopped the film when the commander from Europe ordered to slay a few Spanish to blame the Indians. In real life Caribbean Indians were so primitive that they ate spiders. Their cannibalism was not depicted in the film; nor their child sacrificial rituals.

A true story of the Amerinds and the conquest of this continent still has to be filmed.

There is no such thing as “Judeo-Christianity: Judaism and Christianity, in terms of ideology, are polar opposites.

Whites have had their social orders usurped, and wholly corrupted by Jewry, and the White Race Traitors like Cromwell, Churchill, and alas many others. Jews have bought their way in, and via, tachnology, subjecyed Whites to an unprecedented psy-opps/brainwahing campaign, 24/7, for decades, using media.

Don’t forget this. EVER. It’s not one thing that’s wrong; it’s loads of things. The Electronic Jew has never existed before. How would ordinary people know what’s happening, when their own Elites literally sold Whites out?


Not so opposite. I recommend your reading of one of the pivotal posts to grasp WDH‘s POV, Tom Sunic’s views on how puritanical Yankees enabled a suicidal, Judeo-Christian worldview in this continent and even in Europe.

If you want to delve deeper into it, in addition to Manu’s articles mentioned above see my collected articles “The Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem”.

“There is no such thing as “Judeo-Christianity: Judaism and Christianity, in terms of ideology, are polar opposites.”

– Not so. As just one example, The “reverend” Hagee’s disciples here in the US are the consummate example of Judeo-Christianity. Judeo-Christianity is simply a religion tailored for Whites, whose origin lies in the Old Testament (Judaism) into which has been poured ingredients that appeal to the nature (weaknesses) of White people and the most poisonous of these is egalitarianism. This religion portrays the Jews as God’s special children, and in Hagee’s case (through the use of the Schofield Bible), the source of “our salvation”, i.e.: you won’t be raptured up into heaven if you don’t “support Israel”- as a matter of fact, Hagee’s people worship the Jew and not the God of the Bible, although they would never admit this themselves.
While it is true that Hagee is an extreme example,even so, most of the mainstream Protestant churches in the US make Israel and support of the Jews a cornerstone of their so-called worship. Even the Catholic church cowtows to the Jews.

-Jews have bought their way in, and via, tachnology, subjecyed Whites to an unprecedented psy-opps/brainwahing campaign, 24/7, for decades, using media.-

This is an great point. THe power of mass media, of television in particular, is far greater than the influence of religion. The masses trust the television, they know of no other reality, they simply know nothing else than what the television presents to them.

But Tom Sunic’s main point is how on earth did whites (and not, say, Muslims) handed over their media to the subversive tribe? See the Sunic article linked above for a straightforward, quite intelligent answer. Monocausalists must take a step further into bicausalism to see what’s happening to us.

There are weaknesses of the White race. It is these weaknesses that the jews exploit. The fundamental causal variable for our plight (existence as a sub-species) is the parasitoid that has infiltrated our culture- the jews. WE are riddled with disease because we have been gullible and naive. We have been tricked, but we never asked or wanted to be duped. The single root cause of our suicidal pathology is the jew cancer which is existential. We didn’t cause or create the jew.

Actually we did, at least in some ways. Did you read Sunic’s essay? Together with Manu’s articles, this “bicausal” POV goes beyond MacDonald’s perspective into a wider meta-perspective. It doesn’t contradict MacDonald. But from this eagle’s view you can see, among other things, that some sort of Old Testament Christianity was probably behind the two big events that ruined the US: the War of Secession and World War 2.

Moreover, white Iberians ruined their gene pool after conquering the American subcontinent even though, at the same time, they persecuted Jews and crypto-Jews relentlessly.

The study of how Iberian whites, even with their anti-Semitic Inquisition, ended up mongrels is a case-book study on how there’s another big factor in addition to the tribe. You will find quite a few articles on this tragedy in this blog. To my mind, what happened in Latin America is proof that there’s something seriously wrong with the white people.

Another point that hasn’t been discussed by any prominent historian/author that I know of is the dysgenic fallout of WW1 and WW2.

When we ask ‘why were the Jews so successful in taking over the West?’ May be the answer is that we no longer have the genetic material necessary to resist. This is the only plausible conclusion I can come to, because mere decline (in the Spenglerian sense) and the corruptive influence of material affluence does not satifisy me as an explanation.

Consider the 1960 film The Virgin Spring directed by Ingmar Bergman. Set during the middle ages, it depicts the tragedy of a Christian family (although the daughter’s maidservant secretly worships Odin). During the course of her Christian duties the father’s daughter is raped and murdered by evil men. However, by accident the father discovers those responsible, and extracts brutal revenge.

There, the film should have ended. But then, overcome with Christian guilt over his justified revenge killing, the father vows to build a church upon the ground where his daughter was raped and killed–a martyr for Christ in her own way. Would that he had built a shrine to Odin, instead.

Today we know the film’s punchline. Sweden, like the entire West, suffers the consequences of Christian guilt, whereas Odin left town at the Ragnarök or, as we know it more familiarly, Götterdämmerung.

“Judaism and Christianity, in terms of ideology, are polar opposites.”

I agree with Denise.
One says “Be the predator”, the other says “Be the prey.”
One says “Take”, the other says “Give.”
One says “Be the master”, the other says “Be the slave.”
One says “You were born special”, the other says “You must prove you’re special.”
etc., etc.

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