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Real men William Pierce

The philosopher on the hill


William Pierce was immensely deep and worthy, and I think we all loved him. But he was very much the lone philosopher on the hill, who bonds with his adepts one by one as they enter his mountain fastness, but whose urgent work and solitary contemplations leave little time for the laughter, feasting, and ceremony that might prevent rifts.

One Winter when my wife and I came to visit him, a couple of years before I made the move to The Land, Dr. Pierce was utterly alone with the ravens in his snowy hills. There was no one else there. There was no community. All who had come had left. And his membership list, he said, was at an all-time low. He was gaunt, and I don’t think he was eating much.

He spoke of the 1960s, when he had just begun his political work, sending a copy of his intellectual journal to every member of Congress and to hundreds of officials and opinion leaders in Washington—with exactly zero response. And, after an initial shock and readjustment to reality, exactly zero discouragement too. It had been then that he had thrown down his coat, put on his gloves, and begun those 18-hour days that continued until Infinity reclaimed him.

William Pierce had a never-give-up spirit that was almost beyond understanding. It served him well. Its source, I think, was his deep belief that he was one of a very few men who fully understood the cosmic stakes of the fight for White survival, and that he had an absolute responsibility to strive without ending, no matter what the odds, to do his considerable part—a task that no one else could do for him—to win that fight.

Those stakes went far beyond the concerns to which he often appealed in his writings and broadcasts. Far more important than safe neighborhoods and lower venereal disease rates and decent schools was the evolving consciousness of the Universe, of which a small but inseparable subset of our race was the vanguard, and which might be snuffed out in an instant of cosmic time if organized Jewry had its way.

Kevin Alfred Strom in 2012,
ten years after Pierce died

5 replies on “The philosopher on the hill”

I noticed a vicious attack on William Pierce recently regarding Craig Cobb by a Ward Kendall along with the usual smears against Kevin Strom. This is completely unfair. Jewish mind control in the United States is so heavy that you need a genius IQ/ traumatic dissonance/personality disorder or something to break it independently. When I broke mine it was William Pierces university quality of writing/ the fantastic National Alliance book list that re-educated me away from all the garbage. Along with Ben Klassens books and much work by Gerhard Lauck.

The individual true-believer, affects other true-believers; this man’s job/passion, was to ‘teach’, and this is precisely why it takes the Folk-community to spread the Word – it is the so-called mass of WN’sts who have failed the intimate and not-so-intimate Leaders/prophets, by not Believing in this mission – themselves.

The ‘white race’ has NO ONE to blame, but themselves.

Dr. Pierce did his Job; now to those who claim they want the same.

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