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Kevin MacDonald

A gentile baron

under the spell of the Jew

Just as mainstream newspapers would immediately fire anyone who dares even to hint that there’s such a thing as a Jewish Question, many bloggers, even those who vehemently “defend” the West, are clueless about the JQ.

On February 28 of the last year Baron Bodissey, the administrator of the counter-jihad blogsite Gates of Vienna, responded to an e-mail communicating me that he would not be publishing the rest of my online book The Return of Quetzalcoatl in his site. Bodissey wrote:

My problem comes from the turn your blog has taken. Not only have you yourself, with your “lightning strike” moment, decided that there is a “Jewish problem”, but you have also welcomed comments from real National Socialists—people who want to continue the work of the Third Reich, especially as regards the Jews and other “inferior” races… I can’t help but take into consideration the trouble it would cause for me to associate myself with people who openly advocate the extermination of the Jews.

I have worked hard in recent months to establish some lines of communication with people in Israel. Despite how worthwhile your chapters are, I won’t risk throwing all that away to publish them.

–Baron B.

I was flabbergasted. None of the commenters who Bodissey referred to in my “lightening strike” thread advocate exterminating the Jews, not even the one who in that thread openly identified himself with National Socialism. Nor have they said that the Jews are “an inferior race.”

Bodissey’s was the proverbial reaction we hear thousands of times from those who have been bewitched by the elites every time any of us dares to name what must never be named: the members of the ethnic group who control the media, large parts of the financial sector and are influential in the academia.

I was disappointed that the rest of The Return of Quetzalcoatl would have to be published in my own blog instead of reaching a wider audience—again, what happens in the large newspapers when one dares to name the Jew. That day after several exchanges with Bodissey I realized that, in spite of the fact that Bodissey claims to be an intellectual, he had no idea whatsoever of what we meant when we talk about the “problem.” Bodissey again:

Based on my own personal experience—personal, mind you; people I actually know—the characterization that there is a “Jewish problem” simply isn’t true. I see more of a “Swedish problem” than I do a “Jewish problem”.

Although this month I added five rather modest entries in this blog on Jew-blind counter-jihad (two of them inspired me to chose the above image), I am no expert on the question of how Jewish influence has been detrimental to Western civilization. However, the interested reader may listen Professor Kevin MacDonald’s conference at the seminar “Revolt Against Civilization” hosted by the Danish Society for Free Historical Research in Denmark last month:

Jewish Intellectual Movements
in the 20th Century:

•  Part 1/6

•  Part 2/6

•  Part 3/6

•  Part 4/6

•  Part 5/6

Part 6/6

The honest listener will see if, following Bodissey’s remarks last year, I suddenly “decided” (his word) that there’s a Jewish problem or if the problem really does exist outside my head.

7 replies on “A gentile baron”

I don’t care anymore about GoV. There are plenty of sources to be informed about the yihad against the West, and that’s an accesory problem that wouldn’t be our business unless for the jewish influence into our societies.

As i’ve always tried to be fair, i’ve always searched for the truth. When Israel has been right, i’ve give it the point. And when it’s been wrong, i’ve aknowledge it. And that has led me to the JQ. The moment after I translated the prologue of the CoC into Spanish, I began to fit the pieces into the puzzle. And that led me to the “lightning moment”. Suddenly the history of the last 50 years began to make sense. And i began to realize that this is a racial war. And we’re losing it.

As my background is a scientific one, the hunger for knowledge became an obsession, and i’m now a fierce, learned, WN. The islamic problem is not anymore a challenge. We must get rid of all the traitors that has led us to this point, and then the rest will be accomplished.

So it’s again the hard choice: the red pill, or the blue one. I’ve chosen the red one. And I have no regret for it.

At GOV, at Tan’s and here, there’s the idea that BB and Fjordman’s standards require some especial explanation: financial corruption, being too proud to accept they’ve been used, etc. Actually I think theirs is the perfectly conventional post-9/11 standard: pro-Jewish, anti-White and anti-Muslim; this replaced the post-WWII standard: pro-Jew, anti-White.

GOV is no different in principle in these respects to organised Jewry’s other agencies, e.g., the U.S and British governments, the MSM, etc.

Fellist: “Actually I think theirs is the perfectly conventional post-9/11 standard: pro-Jewish, anti-White and anti-Muslim; this replaced the post-WWII standard: pro-Jew, anti-White.”

I found out about the Jewish Problem in the last few years, thanks to the internet. After 9/11, I wasn’t sure if invading Iraq was a good or wrong idea, but I couldn’t stand leftist dishonesty and their stupid slogan: it’s all about oil. So, I found myself reading some neoconnish websites for some time. Now I wonder how the Jews were able to dominate the anti-leftist debate on the internet. I suppose they had money and received some publicity from the media. How did they get BB’s cooperation? I think Jewish activists were in a dominant position on both sides of the Iraq war quarrel.

For some time, I read Glenn Reynolds’ website Instapundit. I knew that he did not oppose immigration for racial reasons, but it was still a good thing that people like him were critical of third-world-loving loony leftists. Eventually, I grew tired of their lack of opposition to immigration, of their sneering about European “dhimmis”, about Russia’s troubles, and so on. They even blamed Europeans for the “antisemitism” of Muslim immigrants. At the same time, European activists were blaming American imperialism, and Jewish activists certainly played a prominent role in that.

I also noticed that there were an awful lot of Jews among the supposedly anti-leftist bloggers, and that they gave too much attention to “antisemitism”. But I didn’t know that the idea to invade Iraq came from the Jewish lobby. I would still know nothing of the JQ if I had not read a few explicit websites. But I think that the neocons and the “antijihadis” probably helped many people get fed up with the Jews. They overdid it.

I have also read Gates of Vienna in the past. BB struck me as a smart man who wrote well and was pleasant to read. It is very unlikely that he is antiwhite. But the antijihad thing is a joke.

My personal political inclinations are anti-French, anti-leftist, and anti-race-replacement. What makes me anti-French is the French policy of destroying the Breton identity (Armor = Armorica = Brittany). But now, after learning on the internet that Jewish activism is a driving force of loony leftist ideologies, and a decisive cause of mass immigration, I have realized that it is also involved in efforts to hasten the destruction of the Breton language, and in denying Breton people access to the mainstream media. I used to write on internet forums that France was governed by a small self-reproducing clique of crooks and philosophical charlatans, with a deleterious ideology. Now, I think it is partly a Jewish problem.


it’s all about oil…

Yea, I remember when Midge Dechter told us it was all about oil. As you say, they overdo it.

It is very unlikely that he is antiwhite.

The Jewish state is more than OK with him though it discriminates against Whites; Whites who would discriminate against Jews in like fashion are not OK with him.


Presumably the Breton identity and language attaches more to ethnicity than the French identity and language.

In 19th and 20th C. Britain Jews tended to side with cultural minorities against the centralising state, but now, when they seem to rule pretty well unchallenged – with all ‘acceptable’ English, Scots and Welsh politicians conforming to the GoV double-standard for example – their efforts tend toward undermining local ethnic and traditional differences and promoting a ‘Britishness’ of universal de-ethnicised values.

Jews like Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Melanie Phillips were early deconstructors of multiculturalism in Britain when it became clear that other minorities posed more of a challenge to Jewish power than did the doped-up majority. And for that matter Phillips, David Aaronovitch and David Cohen were the pioneers of anti-Muslim and pro-W.O.T. propaganda in our mainstream press, even drawing specific attention to Black Muslim miscreants – unthinkable stuff until the Muslims became as much a target as we are.

@ fellist,

“Presumably the Breton identity and language attaches more to ethnicity than the French identity and language.”

It is difficult to tell what can be attributed to the natural mentality of French people, and what can be attributed to the government’s ideology, the brainwashing and the destruction of natural society. What’s happening now in Brittany is that we are about to become a minority of the white population. At the same time, there are more and more non-whites, and very little reaction from the Breton population.

“In 19th and 20th C. Britain Jews tended to side with cultural minorities against the centralising state”

A few days ago, I wrote this on another blog : at some time during the 20th century, there was an attempt by some Jewish activists to present themselves as just another European minority, like the South Tyrolians in Italy. Since then, that approach has been completely superseded by the Holocaust approach. Today, European minorities who complain about cultural genocide may theoretically be fined in court for “trivializing” “the” “holocaust”.

“Jews like Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Melanie Phillips were early deconstructors of multiculturalism in Britain”

France’s Jews also defend “assimilation” of the non-Jews. But I don’t think there is a well-known anti-muslim equivalent to Melanie Phillips in France. Counterjihad is practically unheard of in France. But the preponderantly Jewish media have launched a series of phony debates about the “islamic” veil and the burqa. French people are not supposed to worry about the islamic jihad, and even less about race replacement and street violence. They are told to worry about the burqa.

In France, the Jewish media are Frencher than the French. They keep referring to the jacobin ideals of the 1789 revolution. Their interpretation of 1789 goes like this :

1. In the name of égalité, White people should not be allowed to refuse the race-replacement policy.

2. In the name of laïcité, Muslims and Christians should not be allowed to be overly religious in a public place.

We are supposed to think of the murderer Robespierre as an inspiring figure, all in favor of race replacement, and who believed that religion should be kept private. Today, if you google the French revolution’s fetish words: citizen, republican, laic, equality, human rights, you will end up on Jewish and Jewish-ish websites who will explain to you what it means to be French.

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