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Lord of the Rings

Beware of Wormtongue!

Or Against Takuan Seiyo

Still further to my previous entry in which I mentioned Tanstaafl’s essay “White Nationalism and Counter-Jihad”. Rosalie intervened at the Gates of Vienna (GoV) thread and her portrait of a half-Slav/half-Jew who in the blogosphere very misleadingly uses the penname of Takuan Seiyo (and who reminds me LOTR’s character Wormtongue) merits an entry on its own. At the blogsite Age of Treason,

Rosalie said…

For me, it defies reason why a bully and intellectual terrorist like Takuan Seiyo is considered respectable, accepted and praised in the counter-jihad community—and in any group of decent people. Compared to Seiyo, Larry Auster [about Auster cf. e.g., here] almost looks like the Good Samaritan.

Every time I read one of his comments online, I feel the need to intervene because my head almost explodes with anger seeing so much dishonesty, cunningness and obfuscation. Basically, everything he’s ever written might be summed up as “Whites everywhere feel the need to pay for pogroms, the Cossacks and Auschwitz with their suicide—and don’t even think about surviving until you uproot this evil from your hearts and minds”. Each and every of his essays or comments starts with a few sugarcoated paragraphs about the necessity to save the Western civilization, and then he comes back to the main point: don’t forget the pogroms, the Cossacks, Auschwitz.

It’s not only the transparent cunningness that makes my head explode—but also the unmatched Judaic thirst of revenge. Pretending that you want to save the Western civilization while reminding Europeans incessantly their tradition of “psychotic anti-Semitism” (the most painful issue for whites, the Holocaust guilt) is like pretending to help a drug-addict in recovery while admonishing him all the time “and never forget what a junkie you used to be: and you are a potential junkie for the rest of your life”. I prefer any time of the day a honest enemy to a destructive fake friend like this.

Seiyo makes me understand the mentality of the Jewish Soviet commissars and why Jews are capable to hijack any movement where they are accepted, from the Politburo to the Republican Party, at the expense of naive Gentiles, otherwise at least as capable of leadership as them. The virulence, hypnotic verbosity (talk as much as possible, never address the point), the fervor in silencing the opponents misrepresenting their arguments, character assassination as the main tool to stop the debate, sentimental blackmail and whining (“my parents, who survived the Holocaust”), etc. — all these aspects make me understand the mindset of many, from Trotsky to Alinsky, from Horkheimer to Bernard-Henri Levy.

Last but not least, it makes me understand the troubled Jewish-Gentile relations, in a nutshell. I don’t exclude the possibility that deep inside, at a subconscious level, intelligent, articulate Gentiles like Fjordman or the Baron [GoV’s admin] might simply be afraid of the bully and others like him. Not consciously, but as a suppressed reaction of protection.

@ Fjordman, the Baron, and others with Jekyll/Hyde “friends” like Seiyo.

Jekyll/Hyde is an apt characterization. You can notice his attitude towards me in the GoV thread. In the beginning he’s very friendly, with an almost father-like attitude. Then, when he realizes what I’m saying and that he can’t beat me with arguments, the wrath comes over my head: “I’ve believed that you might be saved, but it seems that I’m mistaken”. Notice how finally he placed me in the category of the unredeemable—the “Nazis”.

I can go on and on about his dishonest tactics and strategies. For example, when you respond to one of his posts and he’s unable to answer back with arguments, he disappears for a short while, then he’s back with a long diatribe against you consisting mainly in the accusation that you see “a Jew under every bed”, plus a panegyric praising the Jewish contributions to the Western civilization, plus a lachrymose eulogy dedicated to the victims of the pogroms and Auschwitz, like you’re personally responsible for them. Thus, the people who participate in the conversation don’t even know how all this started (he ducked out from the original conversation), and the impression that remains is that you’re a paranoid anti-Semite who blames Jews for all the ills of the world…

Jesus, expecting honesty and moral spine from these people is like expecting the Second Coming. Seiyo often claims that the main obstacle to save the West is the fact that paranoid anti-Semites are still around: they are the only reason the battle is lost before starting. The irony is, it’s exactly people like Auster and Seiyo that make any pro-Western movement impossible—and there are thousands like them. As long as we don’t have the strength to tell them, as a group, Get The Fuck Out (it’s as simple as that), we’re dead.

One reply on “Beware of Wormtongue!”

Jews response to being exposed is to keep bullying. Weiner showed that when he bullied the press and lied about Breitbart. They are shameless bullies. Like all bullies, they make fighting them the issue. Like all bullies they have to be banished from your life for any happiness. That has to happen first, not taking their money or whatever they offer.

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