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Against traitorous Counter-jihad

As the last entry of tonight’s trilogy, I would like to repost what another commenter said at Age of Treason:

Armor said…

Tanstaafl: “The soi-disant counter-jihad has several characteristics of a jewish movement, and can be seen as largely an outgrowth of and having much overlap with both zionism and neoconservatism.”

What is very Jewish in counter-jihad is that everything is turned upside down. It is full of accusatory inversion. The Jewish counter-jihadists blame the Muslims for misdeeds that are more characteristic of Jews than of Muslims.

• Counter-jihadists blame the Muslims for hating the West. In fact, Jewish activists are the ones who are busy destroying the West through mass immigration.

• They say that the Koran is uncivilized, but the Talmud is probably worse.

• They say there is no moderate islam. I wonder where are the moderate Jewish activists!

• [Ned May’s] Gates of Vienna is currently advertising for a book called Allah is Dead: Why Islam is not a religion by Rebecca Bynum. In fact, Christianity has much more in common with Islam than with Judaism. If Judaism is for ethnic Jews only, is there a different God for non-Jews? Do non-Jews have souls? Is there life after death? Don’t look for the answers in Wikipedia. The entry about Judaism is full of obfuscation.

• They say that the Muslims are threatening free speech. The affair of the Danish cartoons is an example of that. But free speech in the West is mostly attacked by Jewish groups, not by Muslims.

• They say that teachers in France are afraid to teach Muslim students about “the Holocaust”. But Jews forbid Europeans to discuss the subject.

• They say the Muslims are obscurantists stuck in the Middle Ages. But at least, Muslims don’t have any cultural influence in White people’s lives. By contrast, Jews have subverted Western public intellectual life and largely destroyed it.

• They complain about taqiyya. What about kol nidre?

• They taunt the Europeans who are said to have become dhimmis to the Muslims. The truth is that we have become dhimmis to the Jews.

• They warn against weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, but Israel is the only one with a nuclear arsenal.

• They worry about the lack of democracy in the Arab world, but don’t care about the plight of Arabs in Israel.

And so on…

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Another example:

I heard Stan Hess make this comparison in his show on Voice of Reason (February 24) between Sharia law on the one hand, and on the other hand : Noahide law, Political Correctness, and the Judeo-Bolshevik dictatorship.

“We constantly hear from Barbara Coe’s organization [National Coalition for Immigration Reform] about Sharia law… Yes, I don’t want to live under Sharia law, but I don’t want to live under Noahide law either. And I don’t want to live under political correctness, which is nothing but a system of ideas that was created in the old Soviet Union, where for example, if you were a baptist minister and you said prayers in public, you were shot.”

Islam in many ways was an intentional and self-conscious attempt to copy Judaism using some insights from Christianity to improve it for conquest.

On the same subject, I recently read again this speech by Dr. William Pierce:
Great Masters of the Lie (2001-12-08)


A few excerpts from Pierce’s speech :

They evolved the knack for seeming to be sincere while lying outrageously. I’ll give you a concrete example. (…) My example today is a recent paper written for the Center for Immigration Studies by Dr. Stephen Steinlight (…) His paper (…) is titled “The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demography.” It is a paper written by a Jewish leader primarily for his fellow Jews. (…)”

For those listeners without Internet access, his core message to his fellow Jews is this: “We Jews are richer and more powerful than any other group in America. Our power is concentrated in the media. We always have pushed for more non-White immigration into America because we wanted to dilute the power of the White majority. We used the tactic of divide and rule. But now, with America becoming non-White so rapidly our open-borders policy is likely to begin working against our own Jewish interests. We are not able to control large ethnic minorities who maintain their separate identities as easily as we can control those who have given up their identities and become fully assimilated into the mass. In the future we probably can continue to use our media, such as MTV, to undermine the culture of new immigrants and integrate them into the American mass, but in order to be sure of doing this we need to slow the rate of immigration a bit, skew the immigration quotas more toward those who are not hostile to Jews, and speed up programs aimed at assimilation. And we should be especially sure that we indoctrinate new immigrants with lots of “Holocaust” propaganda, so that they will feel guilty if they don’t let us have our way and keep our special privileges.”
There’s one area of Steinlight’s paper that gives additional insight into the Jewish mode of deception, and that’s his commentary on Muslims, whom he regards as an especially problematic group of immigrants. I’ll quote for you exactly what he says first about Muslim fundamentalists and then about Muslims generally, beginning on page 21 of his paper. Muslim fundamentalism is, he says:

[A] totalitarian political ideology with strong theocratic and fascistic elements…. Islamism is profoundly hostile to pluralism, religious tolerance, democracy, secular civil society, Jews, Zionism, [and] Israel….

He complains about Muslim fundamentalism’s:

intolerant religiosity, irrational atavistic values, [and] misogyny.

Gee! What other Semitic religion does that description remind me of? Except for the bit about hostility toward Jews, Zionism, and Israel, what he says about Islam describes Orthodox Judaism perfectly. And there’s much more. Steinlight complains about the multiplicity of Islamic social and religious organizations in the United States and how they all stick up for each other. And — get this — he actually complains that Muslims, when criticized or questioned, raise the “red herring of Islamophobia.” How noble and honest it is of the Jews that they never raise the red herring of anti-Semitism to deflect criticism from themselves!

But that is only the beginning of Steinlight’s arrogance and deception. The traditional Islamic faith, he says:

…is itself not unproblematic in its attitudes toward Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslims. The religious education of traditional, non-Islamist Muslims — literalism in Koranic exegesis, theological straightjackets imposed on scriptural interpretation, the study of text without context, and the virtual absence of intellectual self-critique — is filled with anti-Jewish teaching as well as a theology of contempt for the followers of other faiths…. Powerful strains of religious triumphalism and religious supercessionism are central tenets of Islam. Such dangerous spiritual arrogance has been abandoned by many Christian denominations, largely as a product of Vatican II and years of interfaith dialogue and soul-searching encounter. Christian believers, from Roman Catholics to members of such liberal Protestant denominations as the Congregationalists and the United Church of Christ, have, for example, adopted the view that God’s covenantal relationship with the Jewish people remains unbroken and that the advent of Christianity neither erased nor canceled it…. No parallel spiritual generosity exists in Islam.

Well, sadly, all of that is perfectly true, and it is a wonderful example of how a clever liar can use the truth to tell a monstrous lie. It also is an example of the breathtaking height of arrogance to which Jews customarily rise in their lying.

Long comment, but I agree with what you say below: “the obvious interest of the USA is to stop supporting Israel”. Just compare it to how gentile counter-jihadists advocate for the interests of that alien nation.

The counter-jihad nonsense began after 9/11. Pierce was quick to respond to that kind of propaganda. Here’s the beginning of the speech referenced above, which he gave in december 2001 :

Let’s begin with a few simple statements of fact.

First fact: The September 11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was a direct response to the U.S. government’s long-term support for Israel’s aggression against her neighbors in the Middle East. The attack was not irrational or cowardly or unprovoked. And we were not attacked because fundamentalist Muslims hate America’s freedom and democracy or because they want to oppress American women. America was attacked simply because the U.S. government has helped Israel attack and plunder her neighbors.

My comment: The obvious interest of the USA is to stop supporting Israel !

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