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Lord of the Rings

Théoden or Denethor?

Or Against Fjordman III

Further to my recent entry about the notable counter-jihadist who blogs under the penname of “Fjordman.”

After my comments of my previous entry, also posted by me in Ned May’s blogsite Gates of Vienna (GoV), Fjordman reacted with unexpected hostility. But he didn’t address any of our points. A commenter who had been a fan of Fjordman’s previous writings replied to Fjordman: “You have not addressed one single point raised by the two commentators you lambast as ‘dishonest debaters’ — instead you embark upon a lengthy ad hom diatribe.”

The other commenter insulted by Fjordman was Tanstaafl. In his own blog, Tanstaafl’s comprehensive reply to Fjordman’s diatribe is so good that here I will limit myself to quote just a few of the comments of Tanstaafl’s essay “White Nationalism and Counter-Jihad”.

In the blogsite Age of Treason—:

Cicatrizatic said…

I think you [Tanstaafl] nailed it. He’s [Fjordman] too intellectually dishonest to reason through the Jewish question—he’s chosen to side with the Jews. Your comments make him uncomfortable, so he just pronounces that you are no longer welcome. A pitiful and cowardly response. Once bloggers side with the Jews, they adopt Jewish tactics, i.e., authoritarian control of “dialogue,” ad hominem attacks, extreme accusations, etc.

Mary said…

You are a good and decent person Tan, and I appreciate greatly the compassion and understanding you have extended to Fjordman given the shocking way he has just attacked you (and Chechar). I pray the day comes when he will thank you for said compassion and patience, and apologize for speaking to and about you in such a truly shameful fashion. It was such a “beta-style” rant, that I find myself having to craft an entirely new image of the man!

I mean come on! To accuse you—you being one of the most intelligent and honest writers in the blogosphere—of having a “low IQ”…

I mean, is the man looking for a career in stand-up comedy or something? I think you are bang on the money; he has come up against a most difficult inner hurdle, and as he could not bear to be challenged in the very public spotlight of the comments section at GoV he instead lashed out at you and made you “disappear.” I bet he will be seeing you under the bed and around corners from here on in, the poor bastard 😉

Brandon said…

You pushed his what I call “guilty button”. His reaction shows it. They who suppress the truth within themselves always do this when someone comes speaking truth. You got too close to the truth and they who are guilty of believing the lie can’t stand that.

Scott said…

I don’t share the confidence that guys like Fjordman will ever see the light. I’m convinced that those who come around are generally the ones who haven’t yet been exposed to the truth, very similar to how most young conservatives make a point of praising Martin Luther King before someone sets them straight about the mythology they are unwittingly promoting. It’s too obvious—such conversions shouldn’t take too long.

Jihadist Muslims in Europe are the invading Orcs. But the real enemy is Sauron (the subversive Jew).


My own comment for this blog…

At the beginning of the last year I still was, like Fjordman and most of the people in the counter-jihad movement, a staunch philo-Semite. But as Scott says, a couple of conversations about the Jewish Question set the philo-Semitic mythology straight in my mind, just as when Gandalf revealed Wormtongue for what he was, the bewitched Théoden, king of Rohan, returned to his senses.

But Fjordman is no Théoden. In Peter Jackson’s filmic interpretation of the Denethor character, the Steward of Gondor, Gandalf warns Denethor that Sauron is now ready to strike and urges him to call Rohan for aid. Denethor declines…

Like Denethor, Fjordman, who has been confronted by the dissident voices of the current narrative, has chosen to dissociate the whole Sauron problem to avoid any cognitive dissonance whatsoever. Like the Denethor of the movie, Fjordman’s sin of dishonesty comes from intellectual cowardice.

Denethors won’t ever see the light. They’re too far gone. Let’s focus on the potential Théodens instead…

3 replies on “Théoden or Denethor?”

Denethor had been weakened by struggling with Sauron using the Palantir. Translation, Sauron bullied Denethor with Mordor Stream Media (MSM). Denethor almost lost his mind from this. Denethor didn’t know who his real friends were.

Denethor didn’t know who his own side were but was above loyalty to these low IQ hillbillies with big hair. Denethor was proud of this as what set him above the prole Whites. Denethor was flattered to get attention from Sauron as above the hillbillies.

Yes, it was his use of the palantir that unmanned Denethor.

But an even better translation of the seeing-stone is Frankfurt-style critical studies. That school of thought often has the same effects: an arrogant pride at seeing things others don’t, and a fatalistic conviction that the West is lost (and not worth saving anyway.)

Indeed. One of America’s greatest counterjihadists is Pamela Geller, although the commenters on her ad-laden site do show much less intellectual firepower than those elsewhere, particularly Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch. Israel is rightly seen as an advanced nation under siege by rabid Islamic terrorists – therefore Jews are our ally. “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”, a stupid idea repeatedly proven false. Islam is seen as wholly evil and allied with Nazism. Therefore every single tenet of National Socialism, along with race realism are seen as the ultimate evil, terminally stifling real, honest debate and discussion.

Once one peels the onion layers back, even if failing to take sides on the veracity of the Nazi-Jewish holocaust and ‘Protocols’, it cannot be denied that Jews have played a leading role in the rise of cultural Marxism, and thus the subversion of Western civilisation.

It has been the West’s kneejerk reaction against National Socialism which has been an essential element in creating our present predicament. The fact is that Jewish scriptures and historical behavior deserve every bit as much analysis and criticism as Islam. Until we perform and act on this analysis, we cannot defeat Islam and forge a healthy civilisation.

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