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Why have we so miserably failed?

At The Occidental Observer (TOO) Matt Parrott has reviewed favorably Greg Johnson’s first book. Below I picked up one of Trainspotter’s recent comments in an ongoing discussion at TOO:

It’s easy for whites living in our current Dark Age to forget just how much pro-white activism there has been since World War II. We had the Dixiecrats back in 1948 who managed to carry any number of states. We had massive resistance, George Wallace (who also carried multiple states), widespread Citizen’s Councils, etc.

Point is, a lot of people did a lot of work, at least purportedly on behalf of whites, and all of it came to precisely, exactly nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

Phenomenal amounts of energy, and a not inconsequential amount of money, entirely wasted. This at a time when whites still had a few friends in high places.

Now we survey the wreckage, and anti-whites are in control of every single institution of any importance in the entire country. Not one holder of major office in the entire nation will acknowledge so much as our right to exist as a people. Not one.

But the damage is not just apparent in terms of distant, insular “institutions.” All one has to do is walk outside his front door to witness the destruction of our people. It’s pitiful.

The failures of the past must not be repeated. We are now running out of time, and this is leading to a paradox. On the one hand, it is frustrating to many people (and understandably so) that much of what they are seeing is “just” intellectual foundational work. On the other hand, the past speaks to us clearly: without that foundational work, even massive movements go precisely nowhere.

The earlier movements all failed because they were essentially conservative. They didn’t think in terms of a white homeland, in which our people would control all institutions, all levers of power, thereby be able to control our own destiny. Instead, they accepted as a given a land in which Jews increasingly commanded the heights of power, with plenty of non-whites to provide votes and muscle. Yet somehow they imagined that their enemies would just leave them alone. Amazing. Yeah, those that despise us, those that have every interest to work against us—let’s accept them as fellow citizens and hope they’ll suddenly decide to leave us alone. Good luck with that.

In our own day, we see this happening as well, though not with an explicitly pro-white group. Of course I speak of the Tea Party. Lacking a coherent worldview and clear loyalties, the Tea Partiers have been easy marks for misdirection, subversion and neutralizing. The Tea Party types are fine with non-whites, as long as they are “legal.” In other words, they are fine with the country continuing to fill with the very types of people who… wait for it… oppose the Tea Party. Mestizos and blacks (and most other non-white groups, for that matter) support fully funded government programs and government spending, and they aren’t terribly interested in protecting the crusty old “rights” of whites. They don’t give a fig about the debt, as long as they are disproportionately benefiting from government spending.

But sure, let the country continue to fill up with them. Let the ballot box continue to be demographically stuffed. Never acknowledge that we are a particular people with particular interests. Just accept the status quo which is completely stacked against you, but somehow you expect to win, despite all historical evidence to the contrary. It is to laugh.

This thread is itself a testament to our desperate need for a solid foundation. Even on TOO, we see commenters with loyalties and worldviews all over the place. Some seem to have more, or at least as much loyalty to the free market as to our own people (I say this as a former libertarian, in love as I was with an idea).

That’s a terrible mistake. It is likely true that the future white homeland will have a fairly free market, for the simple reason that an honest market based on legitimate productivity and wealth creation is probably best for our particular people—white people. We can handle a good deal of freedom, and as a people we have a lot of creativity that freedom tends to unleash. But we should always remember that our people come first. The market is not loyal to our people, and we owe no loyalty to it. We will have a free market exactly and precisely up to the point where it is conducive for our people’s long term survival. Not more than that out of some misguided affection for something that has zero love for you. Unrequited love is a bitch, and we’ve got to stop indulging in it.

This same basic approach applies to other sources of conflicting loyalties noted here. For example, it is probably true that the future white homeland(s) —hopefully including all of our ancient homelands as well— will in many ways be “conservative,” especially in the sense of promoting values and virtues consistent with stable families and keeping the collective cradle full. But conservatism itself will not win us our lands back, and we owe no loyalty to it per se. We should be “conservative” precisely up to the point where it benefits our people, and not a whit more. Same thing with liberalism, or any other “ism” that is rattling around in the fevered imaginations of those who love an idea more than their own people.

Point is, so-called white nationalists are still all over the place in terms of their loyalties. They fetishize markets, they worship false gods.



On this very issue, in that thread Greg Johnson linked to a couple of his articles that are must reading (here and here).

2 replies on “Why have we so miserably failed?”

I see a profound difference between why the enemy is winning and we, the white race, are failing. Conservatives, Counterdjihadis, Antisemites, White Nationalists, they all are fighting, but they are also retreating. They are not on the offensive. It’s like Germany’s eastern front during and after ’43. It was a brave fight, but still we retreated until there was nothing left of Germany.

The profound difference is, that we defend a society, that was highly civilized, organized and inherently more just than any other before. The Roman republic was our model. What is coming is more chaos, less organization, less justice for anyone (not just for whites). It is a movement towards entropy. So in a nutshell, we are trying to put all fingers of our two hands into 20 leaks. More leaks in our system are appearing and we are losing energy.

Religion can be a strong counter-force to chaos, and as you mentioned, Christianity served for a long time as just this force, which ensured the prosperity of our white civilization. But it has since been totally subverted and liberalism and “the market” as well, as you pointed out.

So white people need a new belief, that isn’t just rooted in reality. As we can see, conservatism is a realistic view on life, but it has no traction, because people are not realistic and sober (at least not all the time, or at all crucial times). The question we need to ask ourselves is: Can even the majority of white people be brought about to change their views on reality? I think not. As in evolution of man, we now face serious environmental pressure as a race, which will inevitably culminate in a bottleneck for white people willing to preserve their own kind. But it is not our genes that are subject to that pressure, but our ideas. If we want to survive, than we need to come up with a new culture, that ensures our prosperity and has all the traction it needs, to reverse the slide towards entropy.

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