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Jesus the Jew?

I am glad that, at last, the Christian Question (CQ) is beginning to be discussed in earnest in the forums of the racial right. On Monday, for example, The Occidental Observer (TOO) published Thomas Dalton’s article ‘Jesus the Jew’ (screenshot: here), and on the same day it was reposted on The Unz Review.

At the time of writing, the latter webzine has 444 comments on the article and TOO only nine. I confess that I’d rather have a few commenters airing their views (as in The West’s Darkest Hour) than the long threads of sites like Ron Unz’s webzine or Stormfront. It is easier to discuss these issues with relatively few commenters than in a tower of Babel. However, regarding Dalton’s article, a commenter on The Unz Review hit the nail on the head by mentioning a work we’ve been promoting on this site. The commenter said:

I’m glad that you mentioned Dr. Carrier’s work. The longer, more scholarly, peer-reviewed book is On the Historicity of Jesus, a more popular book is Jesus from Outer Space, essentially a condensed version of the earlier, longer work. Dr. Carrier’s estimate of one chance in three that a historical Jesus existed was made by taking all favorable probabilities of the evidence for existence. If one goes the other way and takes all unfavorable probabilities of the evidence of existence, the odds are about 12,000 to one. The (probably forever undiscoverable) truth is somewhere in between. Dr. Carrier now says that he no longer pays much attention to Christian apologists, since faith-based belief is essentially unrefutable…

And Paul and the earliest Christians didn’t have to be liars. They may have sincerely believed in a celestial Jesus, whose death and resurrection occurred in heaven. The gospels may have been literary parables, intended to instruct the ordinary believers until they could be initiated into the oral traditions. Check the fourth chapter of Mark, which may be giving the game away.

What Carrier says about Christian apologists is important, and we can apply it to those on the racial right who are still Christians. They are not so much interested in historical truth as in how to combine their faith with racial preservation. If they were interested in historical truth they would start following the white rabbit, the links I posted yesterday in the comments thread of the TOO article.

But back to Dalton’s article. What I believe, and we have said it on several occasions, is far more sinister than a historical, Jewish Jesus. If we start from Carrier’s work (Dalton doesn’t mention it in his piece), it is clear that the evangelist Mark took up the distant, heavenly Jesus devised by Paul to, through his literary art, throw at us the apocryphal story of a worldly Jesus in Galilee: a story in which the evangelist inverted the values of the god of the Romans to the interests of Jewry.

This is fundamental to understanding not only the true origins of Christianity (Nietzsche was the first to intuit these realities in the 1880s), but the subsequent inversion of values, so well told by Tom Holland in his book Dominion.

In short, it is not that Jesus the Jew said things subversive to the Romans. He simply didn’t exist (Dalton, just for the sake of argument, assumes well into his article that Jesus did exist). This literary character, actually his whole figure, is an invention of Paul and Mark (the latter concocted his literary fiction right after the destruction of the Jerusalem temple by Titus because he was pissed off at the Romans). And as learned people who have read the literary criticism of the New Testament since the 19th century know, Matthew, Luke and John only added verses of their own authorship to Mark’s original text.

I would remind the visitor of what we have said here about a book that, for incomprehensible reasons, became very popular on the racial right: Joseph Atwill’s Caesar’s Messiah, which deals with an alleged Roman conspiracy to invent Jesus. For those who cannot distinguish between solid scholarship and crank scholarship, I recommend Richard Carrier’s ‘Atwill’s Cranked-up Jesus’.

Simply put, the Romans didn’t invent Jesus. It was the Jews.

David Skrbina, mentioned in the TOO discussion thread, says in his book that all the authors of the New Testament were Jews. I recently mentioned another thread in which several Christians recently commented on Counter-Currents. I left out that one of these Christians claimed that Luke was Greek. This is what Skrbina says on one of the pages at the end of his book:

 “It’s not clear that all the Gospel authors, apart from Matthew, were Jews. John certainly was not.” 

As I’ve replied earlier, the Gospel of Mark was written for a Gentile audience and thus takes on the superficial appearance of a Gentile work. There is a strong consensus that Mark himself was Jewish. The extensive OT references in all four Gospels argue strongly for Jewish authorship. There is no real evidence that Luke was a Gentile save his name, but as we know from Paul, it was not unheard of for Jews to change to Gentile names. The scattered anti-Jewish statements in all the Gospels—especially John—more reflect an internal Jewish battle over ideology than an external, Gentile attack. Paul is clearly and obviously Jewish.

And come to think of it, maybe it’s not so incomprehensible that the American racial right is a fan of Atwill’s discredited book. They see Jews everywhere but where they are: right under their noses, in the origins of their Christian religion! Thank goodness these issues are starting to be discussed a bit more in TOO (previously only Tom Sunic had tried to discuss them in that webzine).

Let’s be clear: if The West’s Darkest Hour focuses on CQ, it’s only because I want to save the Nordic race from extinction. And I find it impossible to do so unless the diagnosis of white decline is accurate. I am not doing this to unnecessarily provoke American racialists. Once they have an accurate diagnosis, they will begin to revolt against the reversal of Roman values that the Jew Mark initiated.

The rest follows from there.

6 replies on “Jesus the Jew?”

To his credit, by the end of his article Dalton says: “Finally, in the case that there was no Jesus character at all, then Paul and the Gospel Jews are flat-out liars and need to be viewed with total contempt.”

Alas, the neo-normies strike back! The Unz Review has published an article that supposedly refutes what Dalton said.

The comments section corroborates my fears: the racial right is crawling with Christians. Never in hell are these guys going to cross the psychological Rubicon (on the other side of the river lies NS, the salvation for the white race).

All these commenters who denigrate Dalton’s article are part of the problem, not the solution. They are worse than the Jews in that their POV (continuing to worship the kike god) implies treason.

In America there are two problems.
1. It has more sects of Christianity than you can shake a stick at. As more people wake up to what is going on around them, you’re going to get more Christian’s in the racial right simply because of numbers. How Christian these people will be is the question. I think many are just nominal Christians.

2. Americans have been propagandized against “Nazis” however the younger people seem to not be affected as much. They’re more open to NS since they’ve been noticing the JQ is at the root of many of their day to day problems. Many seem to also be noticing that the CQ is enabling the JQ so not all is lost.

NS was always going to a hard sell in the US since that would mean they were on the wrong side of History in WW2. Older Americans will have a hard time swallowing that they were the bad guys, but the younger generations have had to live with diversity and many are none too pleased with how that is working out. A homogenous White homeland is what many of them dream of. I am hopeful, but the hour is late…very late.

Yeah, I read some of the comments but it’s like a free-for-all in the comment sections at Unz so I probably missed some.

This one from Seraphim is particularly creepy:
“Putting the ‘blood purity’ above faith in the commandments of Christ is pure Judaism.”

This among some other reasons is why I find Christianity so.. unsettling. I have to put up with some of this nonsense because of family but luckily they’re mostly Christians in name only. I remember I dug my heals in and refused Confirmation when I was a kid which caused quite the upset at the time.

Adit is right.

If there is hope, it will be with the younger generations. Boomers and most of their direct children are hopeless and are just adding death weight to the balance.

And this is where jews made their critical move and something that William Pierce realized way too late in his life: they got into comics and videogames.

Entertainment for teenagers and children is how they got a grip on the youth. Marvel, Disney and such are jewish owned companies that have a monopoly on shaping the opinion of younger generations. That’s how they learn neo christian values even if they never go to church.

But even that control is gradually fading.

We need young healthy blood to purge the bad old one.

“Entertainment for teenagers and children is how they got a grip on the youth. Marvel, Disney and such are jewish owned companies that have a monopoly on shaping the opinion of younger generations.”

On the plus side the comic book industry has imploded due to wokeness. Disney has lost half their stock price, Disney+ is a flop, stockholders are suing them for malfeasance, old time diehard fans now despise Disney for their wokeness in everything they do and will no long buy their garbage and kids don’t seem too interested in their wares anymore. Remember all the re-editing of books by publishers so they’d be “safe?” That made even the neo-normies and the asleep mad. Oh, and don’t forget Gamergate. I know it’s not much but some times the little victories bring a smile to my face.

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