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Racial right

On Neo-normies

‘A WN platform which is anti-Christian is dead before it begins.’ —A Counter-Currents commenter.

I already had half a year of not stopping by Counter-Currents. Now that I visited one of its discussion threads, it confirms my hypothesis that The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) receives very few visits and comments, compared to the other racialist forums, because almost all of them are either Christians or sympathetic to Christianity whereas I believe that Christian ethics is the main cause of our misfortune.

A few years ago, at least some very young visitors of WDH trolled those sites sympathetic to Christianity but now no one, that I know of, links us to them. It seems to me that these people—Christians and secular sympathisers—completely ignore our arguments, recently expounded in our commentary to Dominion.

I would think that Europeans, far removed from the religion of our parents, would be more interested in WDH than Americans, but they aren’t. Not many of them are fans of this site.

At any event, I will continue doing my job even though the flow of traffic is carried away by those guys that I call ‘semi-normies.’

8:13 a.m. update:

Before falling asleep I had titled the post ‘On semi-normies’ but I woke up thinking it was better titled ‘On Neo-normies’ because, as time goes by, the racial right seems to me more and more normie compared to our POV. Anyway, not long ago Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent defined himself as a ‘neo-normie’: a perfect expression!

7 replies on “On Neo-normies”

I have linked TWH on Rolo Slavskiy’s blog once, it probably won’t be too rude to do it again. It could be relevant to how even Strelkov is Christian, and how even such a bloodthirsty anarchist as Sofa Legion Strategist ultimately believes that all good, normal humans want peace (even though his methods would be indistinguishable from ours in their brutality).

I have added disclaimers to the brain-damaged troll’s vignettes on my blog.

Yesterday when I also visited The Unz Review, I was struck by the fact that in Ron Unz’s most recent article, where he mentions the JFK assassination as if it was a conspiracy, all the commenters as far as I could tell also believe 9/11 conspiracy theories. Just compare that lunacy to what Tom Holland says about those Al Qaeda attacks on Dominion and we’ll see that the Unz commenters are indeed Neo-normies. We will get nowhere with these people. We need new human elements familiar with Bugliosi’s work on JFK assassination conspiracy theories to visit this site.

Why is it the case that you never praise ISIS? Legal issues? Because the belief that ISIS was made by American Jews is basically mainstream at this point, overwhelmingly so. Even though morally, they are rather anti-Christian, and the Jews we know behave like Christcucks towards the Palestinians.

Incidentally, the only place where I ever saw praise for ISIS was the incel forum. But they’re funny fellows, as they can also entertain ideas about “rape-maxxing dads”.

The conclusion I have come to is that very few are revolutionary types even among “Pro-whites.” I have been poking around GAB lately and there are some NatSoc types over there which make the right noises, but still so many are, well, to put it mildly, so Christian. Many of these Christian types are caught some where between actual Ethnic Narionalists and Civic Nationalists.

On the plus side, I suppose, is if an actual parallel Pro-White Revolutionary Government were to spring up and challenge the US gov’t they’d support it. The problem is, they’re basically useless to actually create that Parallel Revolutionary Government. What we’re seeing is exactly the same problem that HAC saw with the Northwest Front – poor human capital. He used to complain about it regularly on his podcasts and I used to think he was overstating the problem, but I now think he was spot on.

But HAC itself was, to use his language, a GUBU. Have you read what we’ve written about Corinna, the porn star HAC allowed a slot on his podcasts, or how he slandered his colleagues (Pierce himself was called an ‘FBI informant’ in one of his novels)?

HAC himself was problematic to say the least. Yeah, I actually remember when the whole Corinna (Axis Sally) thing happened. If I recall correctly she had a website once that ripped HAC, the NWF, April Gaede and assorted others.

If you remember there was some hit piece on the WN movement supposedly written by HAC titled something like “A brief history of the White Nationalist Movement” or something like that (I can’t find the bookmark ATM) which made the whole WN movement look really bad (it does that all by itself.) I believe HAC lampooned more “WN” leaders than just Pierce in his novels. There was some mention of a drunkard who fell off his horse or something of that nature and that was a reference to Eugène Terre’Blanche.(South Africa)

I reference HAC when I think of revolutionaries because outside of “The Order” he’s the closest thing we’ve had.

I read “A brief history of the White Nationalist Movement” (HAC himself sent it to me through regular mail!). Among other things, it says that David Duke had a surgical operation on his buttocks for cosmetic purposes. He also says that he found “A brief history” in his letterbox. Hadding Scott had a blog in which he gives a thorough analysis of all these HAC shenanigans.

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