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On Beth’s cute tits (book)

Our lycanthropic lust

Just as in previous editions of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour I used to link the Spanish essay on Judea against Rome as the masthead of that book, in On Beth’s Cute Tits the central essay is ‘Our lycanthropic lust’.

In the forthcoming PDF edition of that book, I have already corrected the style of that essay with DeepL Translator. Together with the rest of the book it is a real demolition of feminism: one of the weapons of mass destruction the Establishment is using to exterminate the white race.

I think this essay, ‘Our lycanthropic lust’, is also fundamental for the reasons I was telling Mauricio earlier in the day. In short, given that we are living in an environment of false abundance, when the dollar collapses and chaos reigns, by psychohistorical laws a window of opportunity will open. I mean that in times of war, when the horsemen of the apocalypse do their thing, men become men again, leaving their feminisation behind for those who have chosen not to survive.

It’s essential to understand the scientific reasons for both feminisation and regaining our manhood, and what ‘Our lycanthropic lust’ (PDF here) tells about our closest relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos, says it all.

I hope you like that essay! The PDF of the entire book On Beth’s Cute Tits will be ready next week.

6 replies on “Our lycanthropic lust”

I remember that essay, it’s very good.
I found out Turd-Flinging Monkey around the time I discovered the ‘Manosphere’.
Left him behind after he made anti-Nazi remarks in some podcast years ago.

I agree that the loss of 80-90% of white women would practically be the death knell of the white race.
What many need to realize, however, is that NOT losing 80-90% of white men, is equally catastrophic.
Because 80-90% of men are working against their own kind.
For example, if more Slav zeks (prisoners) had been starved to death by the Bolsheviks in the 30’s, the Reich might have defeated the Red Horde and won WW2; then Russia today would be a White country.

The Overman is always under the crushing weight of trash humanity, struggling to not get buried alive.

Just the other day, I saw a young hipster couple in the street, and the male was the same height as the female. He was a small-framed manlet, with a bun on his hair, wearing bracelets and tight jeans.
I felt a strong urge to walk up to him and say “Hey faggot. I’m going to beat you right here and right now. I’m going to humiliate you in front of everyone, then I’m gonna take your girlfriend out on a date, and she’s gonna love it. So get your hands up, get ready to bleed.”
But I didn’t do it. I kept my lycanthropic lust in check. I restrained my instincts. I denied my will to power, my will to LIFE.

I long for the day when chaos reigns and we can become real men again, and get rid of all these exterminable, degenerate traitor scum.

Some years ago, there was a reality show called The Island with Bear Grylls, where 12 men and 12 women were sent to a tropical island with the purpose of surviving for 6 weeks.

To summarize, the female side were very incompetent and had to receive constant help from the production team in order to survive. On the other side, men were constantly pushed to their limits as to make the show interesting ( not only about female drama). They still managed to outperform women by far.

This was a great social experiment that, indirectly, proved how women could not survive without men in the real world. A world without welfare system and all other commodities that only a civilization, created and run by men, could provide.

I have just reread “On Beth’s Cute Tits”, and I have a question. On page 109, an argument is made that it is the beta males (“simps” in modern parlance) that should bear the blame for empowering women, and the example of desperate guys in Wyoming is given. But my question is – how do betas even benefit from obliging females? Isn’t the betas’ reproductive success most assured under “soft/humane patriarchy” where every male is provided with stable marriage? Or are these betas wholly irrational and not guided by self-interest?

They didn’t benefit. They started a problem that will further escalate 100 years later.

When you are sexually frustrated, you are not rational at all. Is like when you are starving.

Your brain activates primitive instincts focused in survival when it is most needed. When you are dying out of hunger, everything is food. When your need for sex is too high, you will do everything to get that female on your hands (or copulate with whatever seems sexually appealing).

The beta males of Wyoming (mostly bureaucrats for sure) had enough political power to change policies in a lame attempt to attract female attention. If they really wanted more women, they should’ve developed the state more by building houses and communities. But that of course required manual labour that those beta males were not willing to endure.

Agreed, and by the way, Jamie, I’ve just uploaded the updated PDF of On Beth’s Cute Tits, where I used the online engine to correct the style of all my articles except the last one. And it’s already linked in the featured post. Thanks again for the anecdote you told, which I included in that anthology. Sometimes a vivid anecdote is worth more than a dry, academic article! Cheers.

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