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The situation in the Ukraine is an historical event of immense magnitude

by Andrew Anglin

Recently, some readers have complained to me that we are covering the Ukraine situation too closely, saying they are bored with the topic.

Mitch McConnell was right when he said the most important thing happening in the world is the Ukraine conflict. He was right for the wrong reasons, but he was right.

Someone is going to win this conflict, and someone is going to lose. The stakes could not be any higher. The future of the entire world now hinges on the outcome of this conflict. This is the single most consequential military conflict in all of human history.

If Russia loses, the Putin government will collapse, and the US will be able to steamroll the country, break it apart into several pieces. From there, the US will have China isolated, and then eventually break them. This will result in the final establishment of a singular world order run by the Jewish power centers in the United States, Europe, and Israel.

If the US loses the war, we are looking at a freefall collapse of the Western economic and military order, a rising China, and a reshuffling of the entire order of power on the planet earth.

The reason I support Russia is that I want the US empire to collapse.

If the dollar goes down and the US can no longer export debt to the world through the dollar reserve system, the US government will no longer have the ability to micromanage the lives of American citizens. They will not have the resources (you have to have a lot of excess money to inflict your will on the entire population, which is one reason why people are so much freer in third world countries). We will be free, and we will then be able to return to the natural order in our society, without Jews controlling everything, without trannies, without deadly fake vaccines, without mass immigration, without feminism.

Those are the stakes.

I would support Russia fighting against the NATO machine even if I did not like Russia’s politics. In the end, I don’t really care about Russia or China—I care about myself, my own friends and family, my own country. I view the world in terms of what is best for me, as is the natural way for anyone to view world events.

It is a self-evident fact that a collapse of the US as the dominant military power in the world will lead to a severe decline in the ability of the US government to inflict its will on the domestic population.


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10 replies on “The situation in the Ukraine is an historical event of immense magnitude”

This reminds me, I don’t know why, what I said in ‘On Charlottesville’, the penultimate article of Daybreak.

With how atrociously ineptly Russia has been waging its sham of a war, I expect not a single nuclear warhead to fall on Jew York City, sadly. But I do expect the vaguely-Aryan regions between the Oder and the Volga to turn into a nuclear wasteland. (The future annexation of Novorossiya might become the casus belli. And if Russia loses, I highly doubt the Jews will allow white Poland to grow at its expense.)

Still, even if the unholy empire drinks its filthy vial (Russia) to rejuvenate itself, it might prompt China to strike Japan/Korea/Guam/Singapore, Turkey, Iran and India will conflagrate, and with the genie of nuclear war out of the bottle, the West will never be the same. History is returning!

Isn’t Andy still selling the Jeezus juice?
“A Historical event of immense magnitude.” The magnitude of this Ukraine war has the same extent as every post-WW2 war. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria. They’re all proxy wars.
I was super excited when this conflict started; like a football fan, I imagined Russian tanks would be rolling through Poland and Romania by early summer. But it’s been stalled and reduced to piecemeal battles in East Ukraine.
It goes to show the level of dedication given to it. It’s not a Stalinesque War of Extermination.
Just like Covid, it’s not of “immense magnitude”, it’s just a big disappointment.

And how exactly do you “support Russia”, Andy? By writing articles on your blog.
“If Russia loses” then Russia continues being a slav mongrel shithole, only poorer.
“If the dollar goes down…We will be free” No, we won’t. You will own nothing, and you will be happy, as the slogan says. The overall tendency towards mass poverty and mass niggerization continues unabated.

“I view the world in terms of what is best for me”. And that’s where you have the wrong attitude, Andy.
We shouldn’t try to save ourselves, we must try to save the ones that are coming after us.

“…a severe decline in the ability of the US government to inflict its will on the domestic population.” I highly doubt that. The heyday of my generation – the Millenials – is ending. We did jack shit. The dispossessed Zoomer generation can’t change anything either. There’s no testosterone, no fortitude, no will to power.
The best thing we can do is stay SANE, accumulate material wealth, and true historical knowledge (like this great site) so we can pass it to the next generation – who are being born right now in the 2020’s.
Imagine how fucked they will be in the 2040’s…

I get your point about the millennials. But there’s a factor to consider, as we have said in On Beth’s Cute Tits:

To understand the West’s darkest hour, we must bear in mind that a feminist society requires two things: an abundance of resources and an absence of external threats. I believe that, after the American interregnum (1945 to the 2020s), both will be reversed in the aftermath of a hyper-inflated dollar and the consequent misbehaviour of blacks in America’s big cities. The lie of the anti-white establishment is that the welfare state has produced an environment of false abundance. After the end of the world wars and the Cold War, ‘with all threats neutralised, the West could safely purge itself from masculinity’, the vlogger said, just as in the film The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance or in bonobo society. The flaw in trying to ‘bonoboise’ humans is that this leads the West towards weakness: gynocentrism undermines a society’s defences, something that guarantees its collapse. Unlike the bonobo paradise in the Congo, the Western economy is based on a bubble that will soon burst.

Soon the latest edition of that book will be linked in the featured post.

I couldn’t recommend this book more to any man here who is still in doubt about women’s nature and how it affects our situation today.

Not a proxy war. This is an unprecedented intervention on Russian soil by unhinged, brain-dead transvestites. And no matter how frail Russia may look, it is still a major nuclear power. The self-image of the West and the Whites remaining therein must irreparably change when the news of a hundred thousand charred to crisp Jewkrainians reaches their years. The greenhouse will start to crumble (America never nuked Belgrade). And if the Washington régime becomes more oppressive – so the merrier, fewer illusions, more hatred.

Andy it seems is unaware that when the dollar goes down they will just replace it with social credit and universal basic income with expiration dates. So not only will we not be able to get the natural order, Andy, but also you won’t be able to do your little dissidency if and when that happens. Does he think when the NATO falls, Klaus Schwab and his shapeshifter staff will leave us alone? Realizing these all, is it still the smart move shilling for Russia? But maybe he is unconcerned because he took his 6th booster shot, who knows.

I am sorry, but it seems you have no idea how economy works. See Chris Martenson’s crash course for example on YouTube. When the dollar tanks, Uncle Sam tanks as well.

“If the dollar goes down and the US can no longer export debt to the world through the dollar reserve system, the US government will no longer have the ability to micromanage the lives of American citizens. They will not have the resources”

Not only American citizens, but also those in the rest of white countries around the world. We all win from the US collapse and the sooner, the better.

Like Mauricio, I’m somehow skeptical about the conflict in Ukraine. Maybe it will be another disappointment, but that does not change much. We have to prepare and make sure they don’t break our wills to power first.

Anglin’s point has to be considered along with what Nick Fuentes said in February: ‘It’s time for America to be humiliated’.

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