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Forbidden ring

by Adit

Christianity used to have a lot of political clout, and they think they [the American white nationalists] can somehow harness that clout. It reminds me of the Lord of the Rings where it is suggested they could wield the ring against the enemy. ‘No one here can wield the ring: it only answers to its master’. Ethno-nationalists can’t wield Christianity because it is Universalist. If you try it will only corrupt and consume you. I wish they could get that through their heads.

4 Replies on “Forbidden ring

  1. And the Austrian Frodo was the only man capable of destroying the Xtian Ring. But this Frodo couldn’t even reach Mordor (Murka).
    The Rohirrim and Gondorians betrayed him to Isengard (Soviet Russia), burned the Shire, killed all his friends, and forced him to commit suicide.

    Oscar Yeager, from Pierce’s Hunter, thought he could wield the Xtian Ring. He believed that holding a million universalist morons in his thrall (or rather, an allied televangelist’s thrall) was a better strategy than having one insider asset in the Central Intel Agency.

    This level of cucking to the enemy in Pierce’s writing is similar to Rockwell’s cucking to the Murkan Church.

    I do hope that, in the end of this century, when every small White ethnostates’ main concern will be producing enough food in irradiated farming fields without diesel machines, that the Pagan states wage war constantly against the Xtian remnant settlements, and wipe out this ideology forever – by stabbing their knives in Xtian males’ throats and their dicks in Xtian females’ pussies.

    1. I think I made a mistake: in Hunter, the insider was in the FBI? Please correct me if I’m wrong…

    2. This is one of the reasons why I think Pierce cucked after writing The Turner Diaries. He wanted to ‘compromise’ with the ethos of his country, and just look at what he wrote in his second novel.

      Besides Oscar, there are two other interesting characters in Hunter: the one who worked for the government and the Christian preacher.

      As always, even the toughest Americans are willing to put on the One Ring to fight Sauron rather than understand, as Frodo finally made Faramir understand, that it was impossible to use it for Gondor’s purposes. Faramir even risked his life by disobeying his father’s laws, and he freed Frodo so he continued his journey: something that American white nationalists will never do.

      The American white nationalist is like Boromir.

  2. There are any quotes like this from a non-Xtian author? I think someone who was not a Rabbiolater, as Tolkien was, would make a better source for advice.