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TOO, OD and CC on Xtianity

Regarding what I was saying a couple of days ago about an exchange of mine in The Occidental Observer, it is curious that when I criticise Christianity, some racialists resort to smearing me rather than answering my arguments.

On another racialist forum, Occidental Dissent, a commenter who some time ago said I was right about Christianity (though he added I was pretty severe) commented yesterday: ‘­­I am not a Believer but I wouldn’t mind living in a strict Christian theocracy if that form of government knew how to deal with the jews, coloreds, communists and queers’. That hypothetical is a pipe dream: history shows us that Christian theocracies have never implemented Aryan preservation in the West. Then the editor of that webzine intervened in that comments section:

Feel free to show me the data where White identity is correlated with secularism or paganism. If there is a sizeable audience for this, I have never seen any evidence of it. There is no such thing as a White pagan ethnostate or a White secular ethnostate because there is no support for it. BTW, White identity has always been associated with Protestantism here. There was never a point when that was not the case. The very idea of racial purity comes from Protestant settlers who didn’t want to mix with the natives.

First of all, there was indeed a pagan state exclusively for Nordid whites. The Nazi government was quasi-pagan (my next line of research will be precisely Hitler’s anti-Christian POV and Himmler’s paganism). Secondly, if the Americans had been as purists as the Nazi leadership, they wouldn’t have allowed that anti-racist, anti-slavery propaganda flourish in the US, something that OD’s editor knows very well. (In 1688 some Quakers signed an antislavery petition in Pennsylvania: a little mustard seed that, over the centuries, grew into the huge tree of today.) Third, even without having developed an explicitly racial ideology, Sparta and Republican Rome were de facto ethnostates for the Nordid types. Finally, white identity has always been associated with Protestantism in the US because Catholics have been mixing since Constantine, but Protestant churches now admit even blacks to the white altar!

The Occidental Dissent article is a response to yesterday’s article in Counter-Currents ‘What Christian Nationalism Looks Like in Current-Year America’ by Robert Hampton. What Hampton says about Christian nationalists is worth a look. In addition to considering the stance of these Christian nationalists as ‘Israelite LARPing’, Hampton said:

In reality, Christian nationalism is an evangelical, multiracial, philo-Semitic circus… Some figures associated with the movement will highlight the dangers of illegal immigration or Critical Race Theory, but it’s not their central focus. They’re in a spiritual struggle to make America Christian again. This is not a euphemism for making America white again. The central identity they want for Americans is the Christian faith, not the racial identity of the men who built this country. What unites us is religion, not race. This identity can include all people, regardless of color. All that matters is that one professes a fundamentalist version of Christianity.

However, there is one phrase I disagree with Hampton:

Christianity is still the faith of the vast majority of white people, and it would be stupid to wage war against it.

This seems to me like telling the loved one of a heavy smoker that it is stupid to wage a war against smoking; that he has to find another way to prevent cancer instead of lecturing him about giving up his bad habits. So bad are Xtian habits that Hampton writes: ‘A lot of what fundamentalist Christians believe doesn’t align with our struggle, for example their worship of the state of Israel and their strange fixation on adopting non-white kids’.

As old visitors know, this thing, raising coloured kids, is the real sin against the holy ghost. What I don’t quite understand is why anti-Christian racialists like Kevin Alfred Strom keep saying things like: ‘The primary enemy we face as a people, beyond any question, is the Jewish power structure’. Is it because they are stuck in William Pierce’s school and haven’t yet crossed the Rubicon?

The inversion of values brought about by Christianity from the 4th century c.e. onwards is the root of our fall. We wouldn’t have these problems (now even influential Jews) in a modern society that had emerged not from the Christian Middle Ages, but from a parallel quantum world in which the descendants of Spartans or Republican Romans had discovered science, modern technology and eventually National Socialism.

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Even his statement:


is false, or at the very least, becoming false. Millennials are majority of no religion. Christianity continues to contract in America. Christianity is all but dead in Europe. The Czech Republic, I think, is the most non-Christian country in Europe. It is Kamil Gregor’s homeland. Even in America, a milestone has been reached: more people refrain from religious services on Sunday than attend one. 30% of Americans are of No Religion, and this number continues to sky-rocket. Christianity is a dying cult amongst our people. We on the White Right should stop pretending that Christianity is relevant to our struggle.

And American Hunter Wallace, alluded above, in another article today said that ‘Christian Nationalism is still inchoate, but has a lot of potential’.

I wonder how long it will take for these Christians to be disabused by reality.

Christian Nationalists don’t have the numbers. Hitchens dismisses the threat of Christian Nationalists in Dawkins’s new book Books Do Furnish A Life. If Christians did not have the numbers ten years ago, when Hitchens said this, it has only gotten worse for them since then. Indeed, even if Christian Nationalists were able to turn America into a theocracy, their theocratic laws would be unenforceable. Are you going to throw a third of Americans into prison for blaspheming their dead rabbi?

I dumped the OD over 2 years ago, when Brad sperged out over the Scamdemic. I REFUSE to give that site a click. But is this was Brad is pushing now? “Kristard Nationalism”? Hahahaha! The thing that perplexes me is that White men in particular have the MOST to lose from the corpse worshipping death cult created to keep slaves AS slaves. Alleged WN males should be the demo most against this kike foisted suicide cult. But SO MANY alleged WN males are pushing this death cult the hardest. I cannot fathom why, unless they’ve been bought off. I don’t think anything is more self destructive. Not ever drugs or booze. Those things hurt your body – but kristardinsanity destroys your identity, mind and soul.

The other bewildering element is that kirstardinsanity is dying out in the Normie White population. Normies, I think, instinctively feel that this death cult has nothing to offer. Paganism is growing. There are many factions of Paganism – and their are loads of weirdoes – but isn’t that the case with kristardism? Phony “White Advocates” hate Paganism MORE than they hate JEWS. We Pagans have a long way to go to restore our Authentic Faiths – but we are growing. We are returning to our racial roots. Perhaps it’s a good “marker” re: promoting the kike death cult for the Goyim to know who to trust – and who NOT to.

Well, I’ve suspected two “possibilities” but I could be wrong.

1. Some kind of nostalgia. Like thinking the ‘50s were some golden period and if we could just teleport back there all our problems would be over. It wasn’t and it won’t. The 50s just look good compared to the cesspool we have to endure today. Christianity may look good from a distance but the reality is another thing. It’s time people put down those rose colored glasses and took a long hard look around for once.

2. Strategic idiocy. Christianity used to have a lot of political clout, and they think they can somehow harness that clout. It reminds me of the Lord of the rings where it is suggested they could wield the ring against the enemy. “No one here can wield the ring it only answers to its master.” Ethno-Nationalists can’t wield Christianity because it is Universalist. If you try it will only corrupt and consume you. I wish they could get that through their heads.

The WN’s obsession with Christianity has to do with the WQ and the simple and recent solution to it. Paganism becomes more complicated because you have Nordic, Celtic, Slavic and Mediterranean Paganism with varied outlooks on the WQ and many of those outlooks no longer codified, for Nordics and Celts that is.


Well, it’s already been two thousand years and christians haven’t yet been disabused by reality. Maybe another two thousand years will do it.

As for the post, I agree with most of it but at the same time I think the problem is deeper. After all, before christianity whites couldn’t just exterminate the jews or, indeed, those first jews-turned-christians who were causing trouble and instead turned over their empire to them. From what I know, whites have a curious lack of capacity to exterminate their enemies.

I slightly disagree. The Romans did want to exterminate the Carthaginians, and applied the same medicine to the Jews under Titus. But they overreached. They thought they could make big business by enslaving them after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. And look what happened with subversive Jews after the Diaspora (Mark wrote the gospel right after 70 c.e., exactly when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem).

If Hadrian knew what would happen, instead of enslaving Jews he would have exterminated them and no gospel written, let alone infect the mind of the Romans…

Christianity is about getting butts into the pews, so they can tithe and give the church political power. Christianity is not pro-white. Never has been;it’s strictly universalist. After many years on this planet, I have learned that Whites are particularly susceptible to anything Universalist (no matter what it is.) Some kind of craziness overcomes Whites when exposed to it.

But remember that neither the Spartans nor the Republic Romans nor the Vikings were universalists. Neither were the Aryans of India. They all eventually failed because, as Pierce said in his Story, the light never reached them that the only kind of lasting conquest involves the extermination of conquered non-Aryan peoples. Even Spartan purists had mudblood Meds as serfs. After the Peloponnesian War, ethnic barriers broke down (I blame the Athenians more than the Spartans for that stupid war, as the Athenians were the ones who started the war).

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