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On the recent mass shooting

Andrew Anglin wrote some paragraphs today that I’ll quote in the comments section of this post. I would add a couple of thoughts.

Firstly, these kinds of lone wolf actions that are not done in concert are very different from going Berserk. Despite the obvious savagery, going Berserk was a concerted Viking action to achieve something concrete in the pre-Christian world.

Secondly, Silicon Valley censorship is to blame for this kind of action. If they didn’t censor our sites, there would be a better chance of channelling this sort of Viking rage more healthily.

Brandenburg v. Ohio was a landmark decision by the US Supreme Court interpreting the First Amendment. The Court held that the government cannot punish inflammatory speech (i.e., The West’s Darkest Hour) unless that speech is intended to incite or produce immediate unlawful action. In other words, it is possible to speak about revolution at the academic level, even if that revolution involves overthrowing the US government.

If Silicon Valley revered the spirit of these laws, there would already be popular treatises and FAQs over the Internet about how to make a revolution in the nebulous future. That would channel a lot of today’s Aryan frustration into smarter behaviour than something like what just happened in Buffalo.

It is possible to convince a young white man not to do something rash if there is a concrete revolutionary plan for that future. But today’s racialist sites, in addition to the censorship of Silicon Valley, are also responsible for failing to provide that outlet, insofar as they are all reactionary, not revolutionary.

We have said many times on this site that it isn’t time for direct politics because the darkest hour of the West means that almost all Aryan males, the normies, have gone bananas. It is time to become pupils of Bloodraven (an obvious allusion to Odin, because George R.R. Martin’s fictional figure was, like Odin, one-eyed and surrounded by ravens). There, in Bloodraven’s cave, he would learn to develop paranormal retrocognition: see the historical past, especially the destruction of the Greco-Roman world by a Semitic cult and the holocaust of Germans committed by the Allies after 1945.

If, moreover, as even seen in the TV series, Bloodraven’s pupil learns to open his third eye and see a couple of glimpses of the future, he won’t see exactly the shadow of a dragon flying over King’s Landing, but how the collapse of the dollar of that Westeros capital will set that city on fire.

The pupil with the power to move through time—the real historical past and glimpses of the future—will shed his psychic skin. He will mature. And through that maturity he will realise that it is futile to strengthen the System by the intemperate actions of isolated lone wolves.

I know that’s a lot to ask hormonal teenagers and youths who want to go Berserk immediately. ‘I don’t want to be like you, a mummified old man fused to a tree’, the pupil said to Bloodraven. He replied that he wouldn’t be; that there was going to be a war, and that the pupil will have a future outside the cave.

But before all that, the pupil must learn.

11 Replies on “On the recent mass shooting

  1. A. A. said:

    Feminism, which is at the root of the end of healthy families, has led to an extreme estrangement of white men. Obviously, if this man had had a wife and a baby on the way, he would not have shot up the supermarket. But very few young American men have a wife and kids, or the prospect of ever having a wife and kids. If you also come from a broken home, having been raised by a single mother, it’s hard to have any connection to anything human at all.

    Certainly, you can’t just shoot random people. Without dismissing his actions, however, I think it is possible to view the shooter himself as a victim of society. He didn’t benefit from this. His life is completely destroyed, and he will likely die in prison. He made a bad decision, but this decision was made under the duress of being born into a society that has treated him as worthless garbage. He is systematically blocked from being able to marry and form a family, he is told he is evil for being white, he is prevented from airing these grievances in a peaceful way, and told to just shut up and take it. You back people into a corner like this, and some people are going to lash out in destructive ways.

    When something like this happens, it should be a time for reflection on what exactly is happening in our society that creates this kind of desperation in certain men. We should be having a serious conversation about root causes of political and personal alienation among young white men, but instead the media uses these kinds of events as a battering ram against the American population.

    Meanwhile, there is a black mass shooter on the loose in Texas who is targeting Asians by rushing their businesses and opening fire on random people with a semi-automatic rifle. This has barely been mentioned in the national media.

  2. I wouldn’t assume this is even real. The 6 million page manifesto, and the body, on the floor of the store, before he starts “shooting “.

    There was NO synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh PA a few years ago. It was a wholesale FBI ZOG STUNT. Why do you think this is real?

    1. I have read Gendron’s manifesto, and nothing about it seems obviously fake. I am convinced that he is exactly what he claims to be: a race-conscious white man who thought that he could stop the Great Replacement by killing black women at a supermarket. The people who immediately started claiming that this operation is somehow a “false flag” or that Gendron is a “glowie” need to present evidence.

      Greg Johnson in his article today

      1. In Gendron’s manifesto, he states that he does not believe in Xtianity, yet practices Xtian values. This in tandem with his mediocre actions which he was barely able to do [he admits to zero military training] leads me to think that his worldview is incomplete at best and that only a stark illumination of knowledge concerning the mass miscegenation of New Spain and the Xtian roots of Communism and feminism can lead such a man to know the truth.

  3. We are a stateless 8% of the global population, and things are only getting worse, and those who are causing things to get worse for the White Race do so with impunity. Frankenpope can gloat that he is facilitating a Moslem invasion of Europe… and can do so with impunity. I can understand the instinct to go berserk. There is a huge debt of Karmic justice. Karma, of course, does not exist. As Bill Rhyse points out: only human beings can fulfil Karmic debts such as these. Going berserk is not for me, though. As Dr. Robert Morgan puts it: you cannot save a race that does not want to be saved. The overwhelming majority of whites do not want to be saved… and so I don’t even really try, any more. I think that a better answer is to try to become the Nietzschean ubermensch of Zarathustra. This can be done peacefully. The New Species, Homo Aryanus Sapiens Superior, will then cut the white race adrift, and they will fall from this rope bridge into the chasm of racial extinction below, as Nietzsche beautifully puts it in his novel. He doesn’t put it in explicitly racial terms, though.

  4. I dislike Dr. Robert Morgan’s determinism, luddite-ism, and eliminative materialism, however his comments on unz concerning this Mass shooting are worth checking out.

    1. Morgan just doesn’t want to consider the objections that Adunai and I have made of his horrible philosophy. But his critique of racialists Christians is spot on.

  5. ‘moar learning’ is one atom different from bourgeoisal endless essayism – how?. the man got the basics: jews are behind all the symptoms. he did what he thought best. if there’s no organization to allowed to exist to train and direct people, this is what we’ll get.

  6. Alex, I haven’t condemned Gendron. Indeed I linked to Robert Morgan who condemned those who condemned Gendron. I think that he is a new Saint, a new martyr, a new hero, a new God. I Sieged Heil most heartily, afterwards. I felt good for the whole day, afterwards. Same as when a synagogue is attacked. However, for me, I don’t think that the white race is worth such a personal sacrifice from me. Even if it was I am unable to give it as I am not a warrior, at all. I don’t demand of others what I am unable or unwilling to do myself. I am not the Grand Old Duke of York, who leads people where I am unfit to go.