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The return of the Blond Beast


Against Pierce and Laje

In our latest translation of the preface to a reliable edition of Hitler’s after-dinner talks, we came across this passage:

The defeat of 1918, he thought, and the harsh terms of the peace treaty so wounded the national pride and self-confidence of the German people that they exerted all their strength to get out of the distress.

The German who wrote that passage was referring to Hitler’s mind, but now I could say that the defeat of 1945 and the harsh Diktat imposed by the Allies so wounded the national pride and self-confidence of the German people that they, finally, gave up.

And this reminds me of what I said a couple of days ago in criticising Jordan Peterson: that the Woke Monster was spawned by the anti-German propaganda that the entire West has suffered after 1945. As to the medicine, I would like to take this opportunity to say something vitally important.

The most popular Spanish-speaking intellectual on conservative media is Agustín Laje, whom I have discussed both here and in the Spanish section of this site. Laje’s case reminds me of an argument between Greg Johnson and Hunter Wallace a dozen years ago about why, according to the former, conservatives will never win. Laje, branded an ‘ultra-right-winger’ by the Latin American and Spanish press (in fact, he’s a typical conservative), has said several times in interviews that a man who rapes a woman should be given life imprisonment and chemical castration.

Compare Laje’s stance with what I quoted yesterday from Andrew Anglin!

The Spanish Vox party, branded as fascist by the Spanish press, has made identical pronouncements on life imprisonment for rapists (i.e., males). How can’t we be living in the darkest hour if these so-called ultra-right-wingers and so-called fascists do nothing but demoralise males even further? Certainly, conservatives will never win! Note that they aren’t saying that women who give false testimony against men should be given life imprisonment as liars. No: the phoney right-wing extremists and fascists in today’s media are part of the machinery of absolute demoralisation to which the Aryan male has been subjected since Hitler lost the war.

The Aryans are so demoralised that they no longer want to fight. As we also saw at noon, in table talk #114 Hitler said ‘If the German people are not prepared to stand up for their self-preservation, fine: then let them disappear!’ In this light, even the toughest thing ever written in America to save the race, William Pierce’s novel, has a passage that resembles what Laje is saying in the media about rapists. Two years ago I wrote:

An individual who truly transvalues all values detects reminiscences of the Christian ethos even in the harshest novel a white advocate has written. The Turner Diaries contains a passage in which it is said that the Order would take a freedom fighter to the firing squad if he rapes a woman who also belongs to that liberation movement.

The first thing to consider here is that Pierce wrote his novel before the movement of frustrated men emerged on the internet analysing women’s psychology to the point of understanding it. In a nutshell, women only become bad if they don’t have many children, just as men become bad if we fail to kill the enemy.

During war the life of a man is worth infinitely more than the life of a woman, and this is where Pierce erred. One of the toughest episodes during Caesar’s war in Gaul happened when those on Vercingetorix’s side had to expel Gallic women and children from a besieged fortress, as the food was scarce, and it was understood that without the precious life of the male warriors the war would be lost.

Unlike the above anecdote, which shows how precious male life is worth in time of war, in the reader’s mind that passage from Pierce’s novel, which is very brief, only demoralises the would-be soldier. In total war what counts is to kill, genocide, exterminate, and not leave a stone unturned of the enemy culture as the Romans did in Carthage. Occasionally, this Blond Beast is allowed to rape even the women in his tribe. Although the Vikings TV series is as flawed as Game of Thrones to describe the spirit of yesteryear, I remember in one of the episodes of the first season that the Viking Rollo raped a woman from his village simply because he fancied her.

For the white advocate who wants to do something for his race, and even for the Pierce who wrote that passage, it would be inconceivable if you carried that barbarism into the world today. True, once there is a social contract in a pure white society (think of the Jane Austen or Downton Abbey worlds), rape shouldn’t be allowed. But in those societies the institution of marriage—every Jack had his Jill—was rock solid.

The point is that we are not living in times of early or late Victorianism. We live in a time when Christianity has been axiologically transformed into a neochristianity whose goal is that whites must immolate themselves. In these times, the only thing that matters is to disabuse the Aryan male from the lie of millennia, as Nietzsche would say.

Postscript: The Aryan must be disabused even of what visionaries like Pierce occasionally said. This is the only way for the male to regain his self-esteem and self-image, so crushed after WW2. Do whites want to rise from the ashes like the phoenix? Think like Vercingetorix and other Germanic warriors—including the Berserkers—, not like the white nationalists. Ultimately, the referenced page from The Turner Diaries smells of ink: not of fresh enemy blood from the ax of the Blond Beast.

8 replies on “The return of the Blond Beast”

Most right-wing white males are spineless effeminates. The triumph of Christianity in the West seems to be absolute. What are your thoughts about Roe v Wade? The Christian conservatards are all around celebrating that, despite the fact that this would lead to a new brown baby boom.

Could you tell me why do you approve “a viking raped a woman from his village simply because he fancied her” and rage at “burning Rus children alive with their mothers” and “they killed a father and son who were travelling on a ship” [well, yes, for cruel berserker fun]?

In the first case a man committed an offence against a woman of his own tribe. I suppose her father, brother or love mate have to give him a good hammering or killing for the lady’s honour.

In the second case, after all, the Vikings have selected the best Rus humans for slave labour.

“The SS follows an absolute principle: we must be honest, correct, loyal, and good comrades toward men of our own blood—and toward no one else. I could not care less how a Czech or a Russian is doing… I am only interested in whether other people are doing well or dying of hunger to the extent that we need them as slaves of our culture—otherwise, I could not care less. To me, the question of whether or not ten thousand Russian women die of exhaustion while building an anti-tank trench is interesting only in terms of whether the trench is ready for Germany or not.”
(Heinrich Himmler, a Posen speech on October 4, 1943)

What’s wrong with that?

Could you tell me why do you approve “a viking raped a woman from his village simply because he fancied her” and rage at “burning Rus children alive with their mothers”

Only an idiot would ask a question like that.

I don’t take offense at your insult, given that I may myself have expressed some of the nuances incorrectly. And I will try to get through to you in the hope of a more polite response inherent in your usual answers.

I really don’t understand why you were so offended by the scenes of the killing of innocent fishermen and the burning of the barn. Of course, Hollywood showed it in its superficial way. But can’t we assume that these were actually sacrifices to the gods? Suppose an oracle pointed to the fishermen, and they were, as first comers, killed for good luck before the battle. And the defeated Slavs were burned as a sign of sacred triumph. Would such a version change your mind?

It would be strange to hear of pity from someone who dreams of the Turner Diaries-inspired exterminationist nuclear cataclysm in which, alas, a huge portion of the pure racial pool would perish.

Let’s face it, the consciousness of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Germans alike was not racial, but rather tribal. Racial instinct they certainly had.

Europeans – white clans, tribes, nations – ecstatically burned, slaughtered, tortured, and murdered each other for thousands of years in brutal, bloody, fratricidal, even treacherous (often in alliance with racial foreigners) wars:

“When Alexander has the feet of Batis, the brave defender of Gaza, bored through, and binds the living body to his chariot in order to drag him about exposed to the scorn of his soldiers, that is a sickening caricature of Achilles, who at night ill-uses Hector’s corpse by a similar trailing; but even this trait has for us something offensive, something which inspires horror. It gives us a peep into the abysses of hatred. (F.Nietzsche, ‘Homer’s Competition’)

And Germany itself gives us a good example here in a more sedate form: up to the end of the 19th century the Germans were plunged into the squabbles of several dozen small German states, divided by different religious confessions, language dialects, economic patterns, historical conflicts, and so on.

So the realities of the 9th century may well test our aesthetic, moral, and ideological convictions.

I am just using Tor as a main and only web browser. And honestly, I do not remember commenting here under another name, at least last half-year. Don’t be a paranoiac. I am not a troll, perfectly. I can only be slightly drunk and provocative sometimes. Moreover I am not so wise and old as you, therefore a weltanschauung jigsaw puzzle is not still assembled, and many existential mysteries are not yet solved in my head and in my heart. What I do remember clearly is the first quote from Savitri’s Memories and Reflections here was mine.
P.S. Can I ask you have you read the book about Himmler by Irving? Is it worth ordering? I’m sure you have it, but it seems to me there is no review on the WDH.

Don’t be a paranoiac

Perhaps you missed some posts on this site after serious trolling took place. I am asking all commenters to use legit IPs, and even to email me from the email commenters use here when posting for the first time.

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