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Kerry Bolton’s essays

‘To call the USA the “leader of the West” or any other such term’, wrote Bolton in 2010, ‘is not only a misnomer, it is a travesty; the USA is the Anti-West par excellence, the Great Satan, as many Muslims refer to it’.

A few paragraphs later he added:

‘If we accept Spengler’s theory of the cyclic course of civilisations, one might reasonably expect a renascence of Russian authority and religiosity that will confront US hegemony and force Russia to face new realities and forge new alliances, especially given the scenarios for conflict that can easily arise vis-à-vis China and all Asia’.

Regarding the previous entry, Bolton’s seven-thousand-word introduction to Yockey’s book, it’s rare that I post long, unabridged essays. But these days I have continued to listen to John Mearsheimer’s lectures on how the United States positioned itself as the hegemonic power of the West (e.g. ‘The False Promise of Liberal Hegemony’). It is increasingly clear to me that the great failure of the racialist community is their unwillingness to see the role the US (or Christianity) has played in the West’s darkest hour.

This morning I mentioned the misguided patriotism of Ben Klassen, and let’s remember what we said in February about another patriot of American racialism, Jared Taylor. The cases could be multiplied even among those racialists who aren’t exactly patriotic but endorse the project of their nation.

To further clarify the role the United States has played in the dark hour, I will have no choice in the next few days but to read Bolton’s other publications in Counter-Currents.

4 Replies on “Kerry Bolton’s essays

  1. The recently deceased Stephen Cohen, on Russia, and John Mearsheimer, on America, may present some useful material, but a Jew should never be relied upon for honest insight into the White condition.

  2. Bolton was always my favourite new right/neo-fascist writer, he’s up there with Michael O’meara and Kevin Alfred Strom. Sadly it seems like he’s sold out, becoming somewhat of a trad catholic, similar to how Spencer became a Biden shill. Thankfully his old essays and books are still available online.