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Was Klassen a patriotard?

Bernhard Klassen (1918-1993), better known as Ben Klassen, was the high priest of the Church of the Creator, also known as Creativity. According to Metapedia in Spanish, Klassen was of Germanic descent, born into a Mennonite family in Ukraine before moving to the United States as a child. He maintained one of the central theses of this site regarding Christianity, urging Europeans to abandon it because its rise, according to Klassen, was due to a Jewish plot to demoralise the Roman Empire internally.

He also advocated an essentially atheistic materialist philosophy, shaped by racial socialism and eugenics. His ideals were the high cultures of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece but why, unlike George Lincoln Rockwell, was Klassen unable to appreciate the greatness of German National Socialism? The aforementioned Metapedia article says that Klassen saw Nazism as a form of division for Europeans, as he thought it only looked after the interests of its own people at the expense of others, even if they were white peoples, and even led to fratricidal wars citing the Second World War as an example, and that Klassen therefore advocated instead a concept of ‘Aryan union’ or ‘Aryan empire’.

Did Klassen read the main texts of National Socialism? Was he aware that in the Master Plan East all the Nordic peoples of Europe could have enjoyed the privileges of the Third Reich (had Hitler won the war)?

I confess that I have barely read Klassen, though I have defended his memory against the slanders of the now-deceased novelist Harold Covington. But yesterday I stumbled across a couple of tweets from a friend quoting Klassen:

Whereas the Nazi movement took a harsh and hostile stance toward many of its White neighbors – the French, the Poles, the Czechs, etc., CREATIVITY, on the other hand, seeks to embrace and unite all the White peoples of the world…

Our mythos is the American scene of our White pioneering forefathers, Manifest Destiny and the Winning of the West, which we consider as the finest chapter in the history of the entire White Race.

The finest chapter, really? I find these quotes from Klassen deplorable and I think it’s time to read the book by a smarter American that I just downloaded from the net. I refer to Francis Parker Yockey’s The Enemy of Europe: the antithesis of the patriotard. But first I must read Kerry Bolton’s more recent essays on Yockey….

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