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Reflections of an Aryan woman, 86

But that’s not all. The visible world around them was infinitely more beautiful than what is spread out today—or was spread out already yesterday and the day before yesterday—, in the vicinity of human agglomerations. It was more beautiful because there were then few men, and many animals, and trees, and immense inviolate spaces.

There is no worse enemy of the beauty of the world than the unlimited proliferation of man. There is no worse enemy of the quality of man himself than this overgrowth: it cannot be repeated too often that a choice must be made between ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’.

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Editor’s note: This is where the light-years of distance between Savitri and me compared to today’s racialists is most noticeable. It isn’t enough to say that there are billions of Neanderthals on the planet who disfigure the world. The Mauritian scale has to be climbed to level 10. In other words, grab hold of the Christian ethics that our parents and secular schooling instilled in us, wipe our asses with it, and do it publicly (as Putin is currently defecating on American hubris).

The Aryan who fails to understand this is not a real Aryan but a eunuch lobotomised with NT values.

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The history of our cycle is, like that of any cycle, the history of an indefinitely prolonged struggle between quality and quantity, until the victory of the latter: a complete victory, but a very short one, since it necessarily coincides with the end of the cycle, and the coming of the Avenger, whom I have called by his Sanskrit name: Kalki.

If I say that the heroic but practically useless attempt at ‘recovery’ represented by Hitlerism is the last—beyond which any effort of whatever magnitude against the current of Time, is doomed to immediate failure—it is because I know of no force in the present world able to stop universal decadence, in particular to pitilessly reduce the number of men while raising the quality of the survivors; none, that is, apart from that sole champion of the Powers of Light and Life, fully victorious: Kalki. Despite all the power and the prestige at his disposal, Adolf Hitler was unable to create—recreate—the conditions that were and remain essential for the blossoming of a Golden Age. He could neither suppress technology nor reduce the number of people in the world to anything like one-thousandth of what it is today, that is, practically to what it was during the centuries before our Dark Age.

It is possible and even probable that, victorious, he would have tried to do so, gradually. But his victory would have had to be complete, and not only on a European but on a world scale; and there would have been no power on earth to rival his and to thwart his work.

But then he would have been Kalki Himself, and we would now be living at the dawn of a new cycle. In fact, he needed technology, and at least a growing German population, to carry out his fight against the tide of time under the present conditions.

If, like many of his great predecessors who left behind them new civilisations, he had been partially successful in material terms, his work would hardly have lasted at all, simply because it was set in an era so close to the end of the cycle. Everything suggests that it would have deteriorated in a few years, given the sordid selfishness and stupidity of the vast majority of our contemporaries, even of the best races. The most skilful cook cannot make an appetising and healthy omelette with rotten eggs.

However atrocious it may seem to us, with its immediate and distant consequences, the military defeat of 1945 was still better than the galloping degeneration of a Hitlerian civilisation that appeared too late, after the definitive closure of the era of possible, albeit ephemeral, rectification!

Even in the collapse of the Third German Reich, even in the horror of the last days of the Führer and his ultimate followers in the Chancellery Bunker, under the blazing inferno that Berlin had become, there is a grandeur worthy of the tragedies of Aeschylus or the Wagnerian Tetralogy. The combat without hope and weakness of the superhuman hero against inflexible Destiny—his destiny, and the world’s—replayed itself there, undoubtedly for the last time.

The next time it won’t be giants or demigods, but miserable dwarfs who will suffer the inevitable destruction: billions of dwarves, banal in their ugliness, without character, who will disappear before the Avenger like an anthill destroyed by a lava flow.

In any case, whether or not we survive the painful childbirth of the new cycle, we won’t be among these dwarfs. The ordeal of 1945 and especially of the post-war years—the victoriously overcome ordeal of seductive prosperity—will have made us, the few, what we are and what we remain. And in the roar of unleashed power that will mark the end of all that we so cordially despise, we shall greet with a shiver of ecstasy the Voice of divine revenge, whose triumph will be ours—even if we must perish.

Better that, a hundred times, than participation in universal degeneration under a glorious security (but increasingly devoid of all meaning!) which would undoubtedly have been our lot, if the victorious Reich had survived the ‘twenty-fifth hour’.

4 Replies on “Reflections of an Aryan woman, 86

  1. Degeneration under the Third Reich post-25th hour would have been twenty times slower than under capitalist Oceania. The best successor to the Fuhrer would have been Himmler, but he was an unlikely candidate. The preservation of the SS as a state organisation alone would have been a huge boon.

    The problem is that Germany is incapable of surviving the 25th hour. In every one of my studied plausible scenarios, the Reich ends with American mushroom clouds in Koln, Hamburg and Berlin. All the Reich can do is kill as many Mongols and white traitors as possible before it gets inevitably demolished.

    1. While I don’t agree with everything Savitri says, I don’t always voice my disagreements (as in a previous post where I said that Savitri relied on pseudo-archaeology in idealizing an Amerindian culture).

      If Hitler had won, I don’t think the Reich would have degenerated, as Savitri speculates based on Indian mythology’s darkest age.

  2. On second thought, perhaps Savitri was wrong to assume ‘a glorious security devoid of meaning’.
    The Führer instituted a regenerative nation-state; not just a eugenic breeding ground, but a massive “spiritual hospital”. German Aryans were starting to heal from centuries of exposure to a toxic Weltanschauung.

    Uncle Adolf did so much for Germany; he turned it around – the clock started turning backwards inside the Reich. They were truly fighting against Time.
    The successor to the Führer would have to be an absolute scumbag to undo his work…

    Given enough Time to turn backwards, the Aryan spirit would return to its natural state, like it was in Homeric Greece. No, Life was increasingly filling up with meaning, Savitri!

    1. Savitri died before Karheinz Deschner published his criminal history of Christianity; before even more popular books like Catherine Nixey’s on the same subject in a single book (as opposed to the German’s 10 volumes). She died before the internet further revolutionised these findings by means of, say, the masthead of this site written by a Spaniard.

      She used the info she had in India, which is very interesting but incomplete. In the 21st century, the priest of the holy words must complement the work of the priestess. Savitri didn’t even know the gruesome details of the Hellstorm Holocaust. In short, Christian ethics explains the dark hour. We do not need Indian mythology of historical cycles of hundreds of thousands of years to explain what we see.

      Occam’s razor applies here.