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Replying to Spencer

Richard Spencer has been harshly criticised on racialist forums (see for example the thread on Occidental Dissent, here). A couple of days ago I quoted a tweet in which Strom was replying to Spencer, but the latter has just tweeted:

Russia could drop a nuclear bomb in Western Europe, and the Traitors Coalition (Dissident Right and Dirtbag Left) will continue to yammer about NATO expansion, the Donbas region, and wokeness in America and the EU. I genuinely don’t think there is a limit to their insanity.

What people like Spencer don’t quite understand is that mushrooms over the Western capitals would represent the destruction of Mordor, after throwing the ring into the lava. If Mordor is burned down—the System’s capitals—, the white race will have a chance of salvation. (In Tolkien’s LOTR the story doesn’t end with the destruction of the ring. After that the Shire still must be saved and Saruman killed.)

Mixing metaphors, Spencer hasn’t read the book we are translating from French into English by Savitri Devi. Had he read it, he would have noticed that only Kalki saves, and this means genocide on an unprecedented scale—even, if necessary of our loved ones (see, e.g., our Savitri post today).