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Good Christians

The apoplectic left is choking on their own saliva—including Fox News (they’ve always been phoney traditionalists)—because Putin has defecated on American superbia (‘Nobody invades countries but me…’). Here’s another quotable quote by Nick Fuentes: ‘I for one am glad that Putin is standing up to Washington DC. Fuck the State Department, fuck the Pentagon, and fuck NATO!’ (see again our previous link from Fuentes here).

Someone with far more media audience than Fuentes in Eastern Europe, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, has endorsed Putin’s vision on Ukraine. According to him, ‘the West essentially organises genocide campaigns against countries that refuse to stage gay parades’. Unlike these good Christians, neither normies nor most white nationalists are getting the historical significance of the Ukraine war.

If Putin wins it’ll be the biggest setback for the anti-white project we’ve suffered since the defeat of Nazi Germany. With the Russian-Chinese alliance (one flaunting the atomic missiles if the anti-white West wants to attack, and the other the economic muscle), the interregnum that started in 1945 will be over and the dream of Fukuyama, winning using ‘soft totalitarianism’, will evaporate like morning dew in the sun.

And soon the petrodollar will evaporate as well…

4 replies on “Good Christians”

This war is irrelevant. Either way, Aryans are fucked by the Ghost of Christ. Russia will fall. The USA will fall.

Pushkin’s great-grandfather was a nigger. Fuck Russia.

Yes the war is irrelevant as the downstream effects will happen regardless.

As the Prussian von Clausewitz wrote “war is the continuation of politics with other means”.

The Putin Ukraine war effects include forcing the adoption of a new Russia/China “swift” international transfer system, and a new credit card to replace Visa/Mastercard, as well as letting Ruble/Yuan be used more often instead of US dollar. The war was necessary to FORCE corporations and people onto the new systems.

Also forcing Europe to wake up that its own peoples have humanitarian needs (and starting to recognise they are more important than africans/arab refugees) is good too.

That’s a very good article and I’ll quote it tonight.

I am familiar with those 2013-2014 CC articles about Russia, and even with the debate (e.g, here and here), when I sided Ukraine.

Now I am siding Russia for the very pragmatic reasons expressed by Nick Fuentes.

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