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Anon on Putin’s war

Re: “It is complex and that it is really none of our business and we should stay out of it”:

Sounds just like something Tucker Carlson would say.

But the truth is not complex at all. It is very plain and simple. And it is our business because it is our war that we have been fighting (by proxy) against Russia for many years. Until now Russia has been too weak and destabilized by us—actually almost destroyed by us in the 1990s—to really fight back.

To say that “we should stay out of it” is extremely misleading, because we are in it, and we have been in it.

It was our war from the very beginning. It is we (the “people” or population of the homeland of the Anglo-Zionist global Empire) who nurtured and stoked the anti-Russian hate in Galicia, with our taxpayer-funded propaganda machine at least since the 1980s.

We are the ones who originally (since the 1990s) trained and supplied, and continue to spend billions of our tax dollars to supply and support these gangs of drug-addicted psychopathic anti-Russian terrorists (the so-called “Ukrainian patriot” militias) who are persecuting and killing the Great Russian people who constitute the majority of the population of so-called “Ukraine,” who speak Russian as their first or only language, and write and read Cyrillic and belong to the Russian Orthodox Church.

It is also our business because we (the Anglo-Zionist global Empire) did the Maidan colour revolution and coup d’etat, and we engineered the latest puppet presidency (Zelensky).

Everyone who dies in this hot stage of our long war is blood on our hands. Everything that is destroyed is our fault. We have already spent many billions to create this hell. Now we must pay many billions more in reparations to rebuild Russia.

We owe it because we live safe, secure, and content in the belly of the Beast. We give our consent so we are responsible and we must pay for whatever the Beast does. So we can’t “stay out of it,” because we are in it, and we can’t slip out of it now (get out for free).

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Editor’s note: The above was posted today in the comments section of the American racialist forum Occidental Dissent. My take on Putin’s war can be read in my yesterday’s post, ‘Only Kalki saves’.