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Chris Martenson Racial right Vincent van Gogh

Catastrophic loss of self-esteem

(Left, Old Man in Sorrow, a painting by Vincent van Gogh.) In Chris Martenson’s latest video, this über-normie interviews a black man. It never ceases to amaze me how a person who can predict a Malthusian crisis (regarding peak oil) can be so grotesquely normie on other matters.

But Richard Spencer is no slouch. He recently allowed himself to be interviewed at length by a woman on Odysee: a woman who then, within her programme, passed the mic to a black man to ask critical questions of Spencer. (One can imagine a German National Socialist getting defensive with a black interlocutor in the last century!) From that I vowed never to watch or listen to another podcast with Spencer.

What is going on in the minds of contemporary racialists? The mere fact of putting oneself at the mercy of a woman, or a thousand times worse a non-white, cannot but mean that the self-image of the Aryan male has collapsed to its nadir, something never seen in the history of yesteryear.

Likewise, in four separate posts, I quoted Mauricio’s recent comments on my Twitter account. But apparently these thoughts are too much even for the toughest racists on Twitter. No likes, no retweets, no comments: the eternal problem with white nationalists.

But let’s not waste any more time on such people. This day I must resume my reading of the pamphlets published by the Third Reich when the Aryan reached his zenith in self-esteem…

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