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Reflections of an Aryan woman, 59

One can compare the action of the Einsatzgruppen against the Jews in Germany and in the countries occupied by the armies of the Third Reich with that of the Einsatzgruppen in the Eastern territories.

In both cases, according to the instructions given by Reinhard Heydrich in May 1941 to the leaders of the latter, the aim was to ‘mercilessly destroy all past, present and future opposition to National Socialism’[1] that is, to eliminate as many actual or potential enemies of the new Germanic faith and Empire as possible. In both cases, the action revealed a scale of values in complete opposition to all anthropocentrism or a scale of values completely devoid of hypocrisy. For war is in itself the negation of any anthropocentric faith or philosophy—especially war between men of different races and civilisations, some of whom regard the habitat of others as necessary, or favourable, to their development. Himmler remarked that the Anglo-Saxon pioneers in North America had ‘exterminated the Indians and only wanted to live on their native land’.[2]

And the fiercest anti-Hitlerites are forced to admit that he was right, and that there is no ‘respect for the human person’ in the attitude of the founders of the US towards the real Americans. It is all too easy, after the fact, when you have installed your democracy over the entire surface of a continent practically emptied of its inhabitants, whose race you have destroyed in the most cowardly way by alcohol, it is easy then, I say, to proclaim that the age of violence is over; to forbid others to carve out a ‘living space’ for themselves as you have carved out one for yourself and, should their effort end in failure, to bring them before a parody ‘International Tribunal’ as ‘criminals against humanity’.

This is easy. But it is an indictment of lies; of bad faith. It also accuses a secret and sordid envy: that of the dwarf towards the giant; that of the plutocrat in search of new markets, towards the warrior capable of frank and detached violence; that, too, of all the proud citizens of shaky colonial powers towards the conquering Third Reich, at the height of its glory.

In both actions—that of the Einsatzgruppen in Poland and Russia, and that against the Jews everywhere—the leaders of the Third Reich had men from conquered countries treated or allowed to be treated as the founders of the US had treated the Redskins, but with less tartuffery. They openly admitted that ‘the tragedy of greatness is to create new life by treading on corpses’:[3] corpses of which it doesn’t matter how many if the ‘new life’ is closer to its divine prototype; if it is more faithful to the supreme values than the life that is disappearing. And they sincerely believed it was, or would be (and indeed it would have been, if Germany had won the war).

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Editor’s Note: Some who come to comment on this site continue to do so without understanding that we are in a fight with the white nationalist POV. Here again is what we have said so many times:

This is a site for apprentices to fourteen-word priests (or a priestess, if a woman wants to become someone very similar to Savitri Devi, which I consider highly unlikely).

The gulf between the priest and the white nationalist is that the former has already transvalued Christian values to pre-Christian values, and regards the genocide of enemies as highly moral and laudable. The latter suffers from what we call ‘ogre of the superego’ inspired by Christianity, thus imagining the Nazis as if they weren’t killers but good Christians (like the Americans).

Those who want to know the real history of the Third Reich would do well to note that, among Reich sympathisers, the most knowledgeable don’t go around denying the genocides committed by the Nazis (e.g., Max Weber and David Irving). Or don’t they still notice these German words?


[1] Quoted by André Brissaud in Hitler and the Black Order, 1969 edition, page 319.

[2] Confidences in Kersten (see Kersten’s book, Les mains du miracle, page 319).

[3] André Brissaud, Hitler and the Black Order, 1969 edition, page 309.

16 replies on “Reflections of an Aryan woman, 59”

“War is in itself the negation of any anthropocentric faith or philosophy”

Sometimes you read a wise definiton that connects loose ends in your mind, and things become much clearer. Savitri was an amazing woman. Had she been a contemporary, you and her would have made great pen pals.

“The tragedy of greatness is to create new life by treading on corpses”

It is only a tragedy if the corpses are White! The death of (sub)human Life that strays from the divine prototype, is a blessing. By bringing Death to all those worthless Slavic mongrels, the Einsatzgruppen were creating new, better Life. White Nationalists need to stop imagining their heroes as good little jew-obeying boy scouts.

If we review Savitri’s reflections in this entry, along with your best phrase of this year, “The right way to love women is to implement justice, like the Day of the Rope; the rest is silence”,
we can see how the mentality of a Fourteen-Words Priest resonates deeply with that of a Viking from the Dark Ages.

In the first chapter of Beowulf, on king Hrothgar’s mead hall:

“In that towering place, gabled and huge,
Hrothgar sat, waiting for Time to pass; for War to begin!
For the meaning of Life is War,
and Love is a Blade entering the enemy’s Corpse.”

All of this is true,but shouldn’t genocide still be only one of many options?Doesn’t too much exterminationism lead to a Dalek type mentality where the Aryan would become incapable of not destroying other species?A slave to their nature?
This only applies to the Final Solution of course,Generalplan Ost /Lebenstraum is a whole different issue in my view from the Jewish
and later Hellstorm Holocaust.Generalplan Ost is explained pretty well here,but not the FS-and the two Holocausts /people’s horror at them are both built on the same foundations as the destruction of Jerusalem and Rome.

Nope. Extermination is the only solution.
Any threat to the purity of White blood should be completely eliminated.
99% of all species that ever existed are extinct.
Nature not only abides genocide – it demands it.

If that were true,then this planet would be long dead.

My response is that the risk of harm to white purity and existence will never be nonexistent with or without our existence.And such risk is in fact necessary for continued evolution.”Those that want to live, let them fight. Those that will not fight, in this world of eternal struggle, do not deserve to live.”Furthermore,geographic separation will render such risk from nonwhites minimal.And from there,the galaxy awaits,so we can peacefully compete without coming into war.
Again,I will be open about my bias in this matter(see my username LOL) but I must defend my species before the accusations!Though again,given the existence of Tim Wise your attitude is understandable and even warrented as a counterweight.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,make violent revolution inevitable.

@ Mauricio,

Ditto. For white nationalists, the final solution of the kikes is something entirely different from the final solution of non-whites.

In fact, it is exactly the same.

The only difference is that, because of Christianity, the best semen ended up in the asses of poor monastery novices. Without the priests and monks’ vow of chastity, the best semen would have ended up in the pussies of Aryan bitches. The result? Over the centuries, since the war of Judea vs. Rome, the Jews not only matched the Aryan IQ but surpassed it thanks to their eugenics!

While we blame one hundred per cent the Xtian Aryan for such a dysgenic outrage, even secular racialists continue to obey the Jew. Consider, for example, how Nordicism is despised within racial the right with how the Ashkenazi caste treated little Sephardi kikes right after the founding of Israel.

{reply to CT ‘s reply to this post.}
Generalplan Ost was a logical necessity to carve out living space and the Slavs had a chance of survival.The Hellstorm and Final Solution were unnecessary and undertaken out of sheer built up hatred and frustration.Just like what was done to Jerusalem(which led to the cycle of resentment and hatred kept alive by the few who couldn’t let go even after Rome fell,and lash out when they see the spirit of Roman “oppression” alive anywhere).
I am reminded of a story I once heard-a farmer adopted a mongoose as pet to kill any snakes that got into the house(he had just had a baby).One day,the wife went to check on the baby and saw the mongoose there with blood dripping out.Assuming the mongoose had killed the child,she flew into a rage and beat the mongoose to death.Then she realized the child was fine and the mongoose had just killed a snake that was about to kill the child.But one cannot take back what is done in anger.

The vast bulk of humanity is a failed species, they are an impediment to the evolution and development of Aryan Ubermensch, worthy enough to become godlike and create an intergalactic imperium. The remaining strongest, healthy, and most worthy branches of Aryan-kind are to be preserved, the rotten and diseased branches are to be pruned away and be cast into the fire. General-plan Erde (Earth in German) will entails the total and complete removal of all non-Aryan and low intelligence phenotypes including genetic psychological proclivity for cruelty towards animals. You argue that removal of non-Aryans will remove evolutionary pressures on Aryans, it is not. As Aryans expand into the galaxy and beyond, they will encounter threats that will be far more challenging, arduous, and complex. Exterminationist actions conducted on this planet are just the baby steps.

But not all Whites are worthy-which logically means that not all non-Whites are unworthy.I hold that each race of man has it’s own set of Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals.And each set of Cro-Magnons has the capability for realizing the full potential of their respective species.I do not need to elaborate-their own nationalists have done so for me.Even Mexico has it’s own NS/alt-right movement that is doing pretty well.China and India’s achievements speak for themselves(again,biased,but still).Got a ways to go,but so do Whites!
Note again that I’m not gonna prioritize a genocide hypothetically in the future over stopping the Holocaust against Whites happening right now.Just getting my trial notes ready so to speak.To paraphrase Martin Luther:Here we stand,we can do no other.May God help us.Amen.

I only read your comment until:

Even Mexico has it’s own NS/alt-right movement that is doing pretty well…


You not only have to read the book I called your attention above, but the 2014 post ‘Extermination III’!

Please, don’t comment again unless (1) you do your homework and (2) assimilate what I demand from commenters of this site.

According to the Spanish Wikipedia, in its article on the Nationalist Front of Mexico (my translation):

Philosophically, it recognises the importance of the Vasconcelos and Iturbidista nationalism. However, it gives preponderance to the doctrine of Mexicanness and defends ‘positive Indianness’ [miscegenation of Indian and Spanish] as a factor of national unity without undermining ties with the Ibero-American world.

Now, fuck off and never come back to this site.

“Dalek type mentality”.

Anyone who seriously uses phrases straight out of anti-White propaganda like Doctor Who should never be heeded by those striving to preserve the White race.

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