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A response to Ives

– This is a reply to a previous comment this morning –


I made a big mistake in letting your first comment pass. The habit of trying to argue with white nationalists things that have already been much discussed on this site, made me forget what I promised in the last paragraph of my post the day before yesterday.

But I will no longer forget what I promised.

Just as a courtesy of passing a couple of your comments before I start implementing what I have promised, I’ll reply to what you say about Hadding Scott.

Hadding, with whom I discussed the issue of the so-called holocaust in a long thread at The Occidental Observer, is, unlike Alex Linder, a magnificent example of how axiological neo-Christianity prevents one from seeing what happened in WW2.

You might be interested to read an article explaining my position on David Irving. As Robert Morgan tried to convey to the racialists at The Occidental Observer six years ago: ‘In our culture, shaped as it has been by Christianity, the premier innocent victim is and always has been Jesus. He laid the groundwork; established the archetype. It’s inconceivable that the Holocaust racket would have been as successful as it has been in a non-Christian culture’.

And please, please, pay more attention to the letters in red in my sticky post. Thank you.

______ 卐 ______

Noon update: This is the crux of my above-linked article:

What is certain is that the Holocaust would not have produced any debilitating psychological effect on non-Christian whites. (By Christianity I mean ‘Christian morality’. Most atheists in the West are still Christian, even if they don’t believe in God or Jesus.) Being emotionally affected by the Holocaust presupposes that you think:

1) Victims and losers have intrinsically more moral value than conquerors and winners
2) Killing is the most horrendous thing a human can do
3) Killing children and women is even more horrendous
4) Every human life has the same value

None of these statements ring true to a man who rejected Christian morality. In fact, even if the Holocaust happened, I would not pity the victims or sympathize with them. If you told the Vikings that they needed to accept Jews on their lands or give them gold coins because six million of them were exterminated in an obscure war, they would have laughed at you!

4 replies on “A response to Ives”

I’d like to apologize for my last comment, full of spelling and grammar mistakes, I was really in a hurry.
As an Aryan I strong dislike imperfections – even though English is not my mother language – in my house my parents used more the Pomeranian dialect.
It seems you’ve cleaned the house, exterminating all those trolls.
That “Arian/Dr Morales” is evidently a non-white trying to discredit you and your blog.


Can you or your friends provide evidence (a photo of João with his family or you guys; an internet link or document about the death of João Augusto Almeriz de Lima)?

Dr Moralez, from Brazil like you, has been an übertroll on this site. But since I wrote that recent post about João, it’s still important to corroborate your story about his death, and that the late João was ‘John Martínez’: the same guy I met at London seven years ago.

I’m using a proxy IP. I’ll try to get some real proof of the death of John Martinez/João Almeriz de Lima with a friend I have.
The exact surname of the woman he had a son with is “Cividini Miksza.” Half Italian/half Polish it seems.

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