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Judeo-reductionism Mauricio (commenter)

About the fish

‘The white nationalists of today’, said Mauricio this morning, ‘are like Kantian fish, trying to make sense out of the progressively muddying Christian water, when instead they should become Nietzschean amphibians and get out of the drying lake, by reversing all values, and into the Aryan river of life, where might makes right’.

Anon, presumably an American, is a good example. At midnight he said on this site: ‘I can’t prove it, but I believe it quite likely that Eisenhower was a jew’. Why? Because he hated Germans.

I find this typical mono-causality among American white nationalists particularly irritating. It’s like trying to discuss with fundamentalist Americans who reduce everything to accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. White nationalists have eaten so many Jews for breakfast that vital news, like Biden’s confession that he wanted to flood masses of non-whites into the US for the specific purpose that whites become an ethnic minority (see Tucker Carlson’s very recent words: here) are considered a by-product… of the JQ!

Even the fact that many white Americans feel like Biden (their new religion is to exterminate whites), as recently discussed by Kevin MacDonald in his webzine, doesn’t motivate them to become amphibians.

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That was me, I guess I’ll have to use a name in the future. I’m working my way through Nietzsche still and agree with what he has said about christianity. And pretty much everything else. I don’t read the so-called White Nationalists except rarely when you link them, because they are all outright enemies of the 14 words or just too damn weak.

About Eisenhower, I hate to see people who are probably jews get labeled as White. I’ll refrain from such comments in the future (one last one, check GRR Martin on wikipedia, consider it revenge for having to hear so much about GoT.) Ike does point out the extreme gullibility of christians to anyone who claims the same religion, but there are unlimited examples of that already.

“vital news, like Biden’s confession”
Hadn’t even heard. The racial suicide around both immigration and racemixing was what ended my last thought of ever finding common ground with christians.

Off topic, something has been bugging me lately and I think you mentioned it before. How long has National Alliance been saying they’re going to update Who We Are?

I I have read everything on the sidebar that’s in English but haven’t finished Day of Wrath. I don’t have regular internet so I miss some things. I didn’t recall that there was a problem with differentiating between racial and spiritual jews.

Your comments are a treasure. Open your podcast and you will have the world following you, for our days laden with the injustice that we have allowed to happen. Start a podcast, or else I will ask permission to read your eminent writings in ours. Your courage is rare. KUDOS!

The ideology of Christ: Exterminate Aryans (ultimately)

National Socialism: Exterminate Non-Aryans (ultimately)

Whites embraced their own negation, which is the ultimate legacy of the syncretic Christ cult, through its secular outgrowths.

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