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A concerned reader said today:

In regards to the Christian question (CQ), it is about time that every Aryan soul must seriously ponder and contemplate it. Christianity had always been a ticking time bomb for all Aryans. It finally exploded with devastating force in 1945, when National Socialist Germany, the last bastion of Aryandom in the 20th century, was defeated by Christian ethics. It is a great defeat not just for Germany, but for the entire Aryankind. National Socialist Germany was the last conscious awakening of the greater Aryan collective and the Aryan’s last chance to conquer the stars and be the rightful dominant sentient species in the universe.

These days I have been leafing through the old collection of Life magazines in Spanish that my father left in the family library. The idea was to compare the American zeitgeist of the 1950s and 60s with that of today.

I had been left with an idealised image about those magazines that I leafed through as a child, as in those days almost only white people were shown off in the images. But these days when I go back to leafing through them, through their handsome advertisements I see that those magazines show that Americans were already ruthlessly worshipping Mammon. Actually, they seemed Calvinists quoting Calvin: that whoever can get rich and does not do so, sins. The worst thing was what I came across at midnight in the double issue of January 30, 1956, on Christianity.

Ironically, as the magazines are in Spanish, I cannot quote verbatim the content, as that would mean that I would retranslate some passages back into English: a translation that would differ from the original English text. But I can say that, in the editorial for this issue, we are informed that President Eisenhower was a very devout Presbyterian, and that he spoke on religious matters with great fervour and conviction. In fact, in more than fifty speeches that Eisenhower delivered since he perpetrated the Hellstorm Holocaust, he emphasised the great significance that religion had for all of humanity.

The editorial quotes a text by the president, who confesses that he was born into a very religious family, and that his parents taught him that the principle of wisdom starts with the fear of god (the god of the Jews). Eisenhower spoke of the ‘ética cristiana’—sic, Christian ethics—, and that his ancestors had proven that a people who believed in god (the god of the Jews) had enough strength to liberate other peoples and challenge the tyrants of the 20th century.

All of this, of course, reminds me of what Tom Sunic wrote in his book Homo Americanus: that the United States is a country based on theology, and that the Hellstorm Holocaust was a biblically inspired sin, according to his words.

Interestingly, in the editorial the editor openly says that the United States is the largest Christian nation on earth, and on the next page he again quotes Eisenhower. The president confessed that during World War II he had discovered his unshakable belief in the Bible, and that religion inspired him to make the necessary decisions (I suppose he was referring to the death camps he created for defenceless Germans).

Page 7 of that issue of Life shows a close-up of Eisenhower praying with great devotion on the historic Gettysburg battlefield.

3 Replies on “Eisenhower

  1. Yeah, ‘Holocaust’ is Septuagint Greek for the Hebrew word: ‘olam’ or ‘burnt sacrifice’.

    The Holocaust was a burnt offering to Yahweh by which the Jews obtained Israel.

    Same with Hellstorm. No doubt this hell storm was an odor of sweetness—odor suavitatis—in Yahweh’s nostrils.

    1. The fault lies with self-righteous Americans, who massively projected their sins on the German people.

      For example, the operation of burning hundreds of thousands of Germans alive in the bombings was called “Operation Gomorrah”, when they, the Americans, were the true Gomorrahites (a culture based on empty, Mammon-worshiping hedonism).

      Gomorrah was the United States. Germany then was a kind of Republican Rome and their fighters, like Leonidas. But the Gomorrahites failed to see the genuine spirituality of the 3rd Reich Germans, and projected their own sins onto them.

      We have studied this phenomenon of mass projection in cultures that sacrificed their children in rituals (see my book Day of Wrath).

  2. I can’t prove it, but I believe it quite likely that Eisenhower was a jew. His religious background is confused. Of course jokes happen, but the comment in the West Point yearbook makes it seem likely that he was at least circumcised when it was rare, if nothing else (they would all have seen each other naked regularly). The spelling of his name, as opposed to more common Eisenhauer, is now common in Israel. Even calling him the common jewish nickname ‘Ike’ because his name was too hard to say is ridiculous. As a general, he was seen as a jumped-up clerk. Finally, his obvious hatred towards the Germans which makes no sense if he was born a Mennonite.