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Feminized western males War!

Little fags

The images of the Taliban capturing Kabul cannot help but make me think of the more than pathetic state of the Aryan man throughout the entire West. Instead of doing the same in the capitals of their respective nations—reclaiming them from governments that want to genocide Aryans—they behave like ultra-feminine, battered and submissive women, including white nationalists.

We can already imagine warriors like the Aryans of yesteryear, but now with rockets on their backs like the Taliban freedom fighters, triumphantly entering the great capitals of Europe, Australia and North America to reclaim their nations… and their Sabine women! But no: the little fags of today have already chosen the extinction of their race…

An Indian kid, like the one Savitri Devi said a few words about in my previous post (read the passage around ‘The Führer would be very surprised if he knew how to interpret his doctrine in the Halls of Calcutta!’) grasped historical reality. Aren’t Aryan males of today ashamed before this brown kid?

By the way, recently I learned that Savitri’s book was written in French (Souvenirs et Reflexions d’une Aryenne). In the PDF that I recently linked to, there is no mention that it had been translated from French into English by an amateur. I suspected something weird in that there were obvious syntax errors in the English translation. This means that it will take me longer to publish entries quoting excerpts of Savitri’s book.

9 replies on “Little fags”

I’m not really sure I understand the purpose of this post. Throughout your blog, you are correct in that true Westmen reject Abrahamic systems: this includes Islam. It is obviously exogenous to Europe, and we neither respect, nor need it. Therefore, the denizens of Islam are not our purview—whether Saudi or Afghan.

However, having said that, traditional WNs have a problem: Afghans are “Aryan” (same root as “Iranian”). The outdated, mealy-mouthed racialism that WNs spout is self-contradictory. As you indicate, if you’re not a Nordicist, you’re not defining things properly!

I guarantee you that Merkel, et al. are going to go down the route that Afghans are just as “Indo-European” as the Dutch, the Germans, the French, etc., and so therefore deserve to be in Europe, too.

The Third Reich is not consistent in this matter—it is not an endpoint in philosophy—and we can now do better in the 21st century.

I’m not talking about Islam. I’m talking about the little Aryan men who don’t even want to come up with a revolutionary ideology (and I don’t sympathize with Islam by the way).

C.T., you’re correct in the respect that a strong, cohesive civilization would fall back from Afghanistan, and deploy a defensive perimeter around Europe. Instead, this latest defeat seems to serve the opposite effect: increase the flooding of Europe by exogenous peoples, and accelerate the replacement of indigenes. Quite frankly, I believe that was the goal of the whole current situation.

The difference is that the System would have no trouble mustering genocidal Christian hatred against hypothetical White terrorists. Whereas for non-Whites, it only has the most impotent love. Even when it jeopardizes American capital’s very geostrategic interests.

If someone would bring Abu Ghraib or Hiroshima, I would retort that it is childplay-tier compared to what the might of America would have looked like with the SS in charge.

That’s why I said: ‘I’m talking about the little Aryan men who don’t even want to come up with a revolutionary ideology’ (emphasis added), in the sense of rejecting reactionary WN attitudes in favor of revolutionary pamphlets (e.g., Pierce’s first novel, Covington’s The Brigade, etc.).

I have a few ideas in mind for a revolutionary ideology:

America is not a country. It is controlled by Neo-Xtian and Jewish capitalists. In America, unfortunately, capital acquisition is the main path to power. Not the military [where any pro-White force organizing itself would be punished within or eliminated if found outside the armed forces as terrorists] nor political parties [such cannot do anything without massive financial backing; see the Silver Shirts or American Freedom Party]. Only by using capitalism against itself can we really win.


[Young man]

Be a Snake in the Grass: hide among society and join institution that leads to power [University/Police/Army]. Use whatever skills taught at institution for selected purposes. Make sure not to tell anyone your real intentions. If necessary, get discharged from military by whatever means. Use skills/knowledge to survive. Then network with others outside selected institution. If military was picked, train willing youths to fight. If university was picked, use degrees to attain position of power in society while undermining it [convince naive pinko-commies to become lawmakers so that a “Racist Tax” should be levied on white trash that takes 1/5 of their annual salary].

[Old man]

Use whatever knowledge one has to teach others why and how to deal with the enemy. If one has spent years getting high into administration then build business that a pro-White force can use as a shield to hide activities. [Example] If one owns a gas station chain, build it where pro-White force can operate. If in the future guerilla warfare comes into use, use gas station as hiding spot with built-in bunker. Give petrol and food to guerillas for their own use while lying to any blue niggers that you “haven’t seen any terrorists”.

These are only generalizations. I have much more detailed plans than these, yet due to the lack of privacy that the internet provides, I can only tell so much.

You forget the difference between Afghanistan and America is that the former is a mostly failed state with weak military and quality of life and the latter is a strong military state and strong quality of life, therefore no revolutionary spirit will manifest.

We saw what happened on Jan 6 with a loose protest of White people aimlessly shuffling around, and how hard the fist of jewry came down on them. Do you really believe we have the conditions for armed White insurrection in this country? You’d be daft to think so.

What we need to be doing now is what the Taliban did in their early days: reject the system entirely and form local enclaves from which we can raise the next generation of White fighters, both mentally and physically, who will march on the capitals and achieve total White victory.

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