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Currency crash Peter Schiff

‘Americans are going to be poor…’

said Peter chatting informally with a Swiss and a Gerrman in Zürich, Switzerland.

2 replies on “‘Americans are going to be poor…’”

(((Schiff))) says USA will become a tourist hotspot due to the cheap dollar. He meant “Chink tourist hotspot”. Europeans are getting poorer too, only slower.
There’s also a chance the Dollar Crash will be so slow as to be imperceptible.

I don’t remember who said this, but I think it’s jokingly prophetic:
“The optimist man learns Russian and buys Russian assets.
The pessimist man learns Mandarin and buys Chinese assets.
The realist man learns how to purify water and buys an AK-47.”

He is talking about hyperinflation, a phenomenon that occurs relatively quickly. For example, the Argentines and other Latin Americans who experienced it got up from their beds one day to find out that the purchasing power of their peso had been devalued by more than half its original value.

I use (((Schiff))) because he explains it better than others.

Non-Jew Mike Maloney for example fell into the madness of believing that Bitcoin will be a substitute for the dollar; and non-Jew Jim Rickards fell into the madness of subscribing to the politically correct definitions of inflation rather than the old definition, ‘expanding currency supply’.

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