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Johnson talks to Woes

‘Nothing changes without blood flowing’.

—Tom Metzger

Yesterday I listened to what Greg Johnson and Millennial Woes have to say about the recent events in Congress and was impressed that, unlike the racialists I have been mentioning recently, Johnson openly stated something that strikes me as true: that the Democrats stole the election (cf. what I said last year about how the 1988 Mexican election resembles the 2020 one in the US).

Johnson speaks well but he told Woes that through words (presumably, more essays and podcasts) will change be achieved. Does Johnson believe that it is possible to create an ethnostate without any violence, merely through our racialist webzines? In his dialogue with the Scotsman, instead of a revolution Johnson hopes that a politically powerful, or economically influential dude will, one day, be seduced by our cause. This is the mentality that I have been tagging as ‘feminised Aryan males’ as Aryans of the past simply plotted how to take power by arms. They never imagined that taking power was possible only through words!

I also didn’t like those jargon donations I don’t understand (‘ice cream’, etc.), which constantly interrupted Johnson’s dialogue with Woes (the latter is pictured). But still: to date, what Johnson said is the most reasonable thing I have come across in racialist forums about this month’s events in the US. This shows the levels of feminisation suffered in white nationalism today.