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After posting ‘Christmas Eve’ and trying to capture some vitamin D by sunning myself on the roof of the house, I came up with an idea that reflects the point of view of this site.

Yesterday I read David Irving’s article on The Unz Review where he talks about the sabotage that Jewry has inflicted on him over the years due to his biographies of the most prominent personalities of the Third Reich. I think what Irving says is true, and I have no objection to what he wrote. But what most struck me is that every time Jewish associations complained in various countries on both sides of the Atlantic, it was the Gentile authorities who took the repressive measures against Irving.

As Thomas Kuhn well saw, the same information can be processed in a completely different way between two subjects. So different that, depending on how we process the info, the paradigm shifts. In science, the classic paradigm shift would be from the geocentric to the heliocentric system. Although 17th century astronomers had exactly the same information, it depended on how they interpreted the data.

I have already posted the following caricature on this site but it is necessary to repost it, as it reflects the paradigm shift from the JQ, which currently reigns in white nationalism, to the CQ—Christian question—that I propose. The caricature is interpreted by some white nationalists as archetypal Jewish subversion, as if to imply that the kikes hypnotised us through religion.

Regardless of whether or not that was the intention of the caricaturist, I see the same information differently. The kike didn’t hypnotise us. There is white agency. Just look at the faces of these white idiots. They simply love what the kike tells them. It’s obvious to me that for two millennia white Christians have been willingly indulging in evil by following the gospel. And the same can be said for secular white nationalists who continue to subscribe the same ethical code that we see in the caricature.

The caricature shows a malicious Jew selling us Christian ethics. The orthodox interpretation of our decline, which we see every day on The Occidental Observer, blames the Jew. But with the same info that MacDonald sees I see whites as the real culprits. Who dares to believe such bullshit, the white family in the above caricature? The same info can be interpreted depending on our internal will. While white nationalists see a couple of kike silhouettes, I see in ochre colour the bitter cup that Christianity made us drink since Constantine.

The first image above can also be used as an illustration of a paradigm shift. Who to blame: the Jew who wants to sell us the teachings of Jesus or the white folk who candidly accepts them? Who is worse: the white imbecile or the foreign subversive?

In my life I have hardly dealt with Jews. Two of my classmates in elementary school were Jewish, and I only met a single Jew in high school (about whom I wrote a critical essay in the updated edition of The Grail). From my twenties to middle age I only superficially treated a couple of Jewesses: colleagues of my family in the cultural milieu of the country where I live. I never got on closely with any of them. But about the Christians or secular Gentiles I could tell hundreds of anecdotes: they are exactly like the white imbeciles of the first image.

The idea that occurred to me while sunbathing comes from a very specific example: what happened to me on the Gates of Vienna blogsite in 2009 and 2010.

Gates of Vienna is the perfect microcosm of what happens across the West; for instance, what happened to Irving with the Gentiles who obeyed the whining Jewry. As can be seen from my earliest posts when The West’s Darkest Hour was not launched by WordPress platform but Blogspot, when a Jew complained to Ned May (the Gentile admin of Gates of Vienna) because of what some Jew-wise commenters said, May immediately obeyed the Jew to censor the commenters.

For the evolution of my thought this was a microcosm of what happens on a large scale throughout the West! It took me about a year to give up Gates of Vienna and to grasp that Jewish subversion is, ultimately, white suicide. Thanks Ned!

The one who had power in the Gates of Vienna forum was the Christian Ned May, not the complaining Jew. May could let these gentiles comment about the JQ but he didn’t do it. The Jew complained just as the other Jews have been complaining in various countries, as David Irving recounts, until whites obey. And just as happened to me in the obscure site Gates of Vienna, worldwide gentile authorities banned Irving (and many others) from various countries simply for obeying the complaining Jew.

That sort of thing happens when you are imbecile enough to accept the code of ethics of the first image above.

Sometime after I stopped commenting on Gates of Vienna I received an email from an intelligent woman who told me that the dynamics continued the same in that forum: the Jew complained and May obeyed. Anyone who hasn’t had an exasperating experience like the one I had at that forum won’t understand what a paradigm shift means, from Jewish silhouettes to the poisonous chalice that whites like to drink. Exactly the same information—let’s say the Irving article I read—makes white nationalists and I see things as completely different objects.

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“They simply love what the kike tells them.” > Then who’s to blame? The genius of Constantine? The Aryan genes? A blind chance of history? White greed that got exploited at the perfect time? The Aryan ancestors who used to sacrifice children (you admit that Christianity improved the psychoclass at the time)?

Why did Hitler target Jewry specifically? Is that a mistake? Both the normies and the WNs are drawn to this red herring, the latter tend to overemphasize the Jews’ role, while the former are ironically closer to the truth by disregarding the Jews as a threat.

“The same info can be interpreted depending on our internal will.” > Unless one takes a determinist stance, and as an impassionate observer, condemns the race to death. After all, hasn’t the will of the Aryans spoken? And yet, this stormy timeline is what seems to be the Aryans’ fate, forever in struggle, sinking deeper and deeper; nevertheless, a lucky hour can reverse the tide, and snatch the future out of the jaws of defeat.

If there is any optimism to be derived, it is in the malleability of the Aryan and of man. A reversal back to the path of progress, a revolutionary restoration of perennial Aryan Hitlerism that would put Meiji to shame and mock all the prognoses!

Incidentally, the birthday of the Big Jew marks the high tide of the last Aryan offensive in the Ardennes.

Did you get my email yesterday asking you to please change your penname from ‘Antinatalist 44’ to something else? Remember what I say in the sticky post link: this site is for white advocates at the level of commitment of SS members (who, as we saw recently, were the opposite of anti-natalism). So I took the trouble to come up with a different penname and put it at the top of your comment, ‘Commenter 44’ so that other ‘SS’ visitors don’t get demoralised with the previous penname.

Day of Wrath doesn’t say that Christianity improved the psychoclass of the Greeks and Romans. Quite the contrary: it was a gross psychogenic regression. I guess you haven’t read it?

Regarding what you say about Hitler, my POV doesn’t contradict his. As we well know, if we quantify his critical comments of his after-dinner talks, he criticised Christianity more than Judaism: which is why racialist Americans don’t want to acknowledge that his table talks were authentic (they are authentic, according to Irving).

Near the bottom of this page, under the Greek bust, you can see these words from commenter Mike: Whatever you want to call it, thinking you can aid in saving the white race while, at the same time, bending the knee to Jewish deities (Yahweh and Yeshua) is some kind of combination of insane, dishonest, cowardly, naive, or very stupid. To bottom line it, it won’t and can’t work. These words have also a special place in one of the books I have compiled.

It is impossible to solve the Jewish problem if you still believe in their god or subscribe secularly, as Greg Johnson, to Xtian ethics. See for example what happened in Europe centuries ago: kikes were just thrown back and forth and like a ping-pong ball they came back. Let’s paraphrase Matthew 6:33: ‘But seek ye first to apostatise from Christian ethics and its righteousness; and all these things [final solution to JP] shall be added unto you’.

American white nationalists violate this paraphrased verse.

Regarding the pessimism in your comment, a member of the SS mustn’t have it. Rather I would say that his hate in destroying the System must be infinite, like the characters in Pierce’s novel who took an immense risk by launching the atomic bomb rockets to various parts of the world.

That’s the spirit of the commenters that I want to hear here! For my Spanish readers, remember that instead of the title I chose for my eleven books, De Jesús a Hitler, for decades I harboured in my soul a different title, El exterminio de los Neandertales…

About hate. As an honest Aryan, I tend to place my locus of control inward, and blame my ancestors. Thus I feel shame for my race first and foremost. Nobody made us make those blunders time and time again (Alexander, Constantine, Charlemagne, Luther, Robespierre, Napoléon, Churchill). I wouldn’t be able to look into the eyes of a genocidal Hutu warrior of brave Rwanda due to this shame.

About early Christianity. Didn’t they try to ban infanticide by sacrifice and by exposure (pp. 166, 167 of Day of Wrath)? Even though I don’t understand it that well – didn’t a quarter to half of newborns tend to die in antiquity anyway?

You speak with the hatred of vicious murderers in your book, and yet wouldn’t you find a better audience among cold-blooded killers? I’m not equating you to that killer, obviously, you have different objectives and roots. But the criminal of to-day possesses the ire the feminised Whities lack. The Christian notion of universal love is finding its ultimate conclusion in our demise.

The SS-men had to drink to kill. Did the Hutu?

I don’t think Greggy or Dickie subscribe to Christian ethics. 21 years ago Greggy visited William Pierce and asserted that the Jews should be stripped of their property and expelled from all Western nations “at the very least”. He further asserted that Hitler’s main weakness was “the excessive compassion he showed to the Jews”. And despite his persistent attacks on white martyrs, in 2013 he claimed that Breivik could become a “Mandela-figure” for whites after he had left prison, clearly not too concerned with all of the Norwegian leftist teenagers that Breivik had been slaughtered. In the case of Dickie, we heard the purest expression of what he really believes in the fall out of.Charlottesville and he’s always been a more-or-less open sociopathic Nietzschean, just like Greggy, who’s marginally better at hiding it.

I suspect that the main reason why Greggy and to some degree Dickie pander to Christian ethics is because it’s a more popular (and thus profitable) position to take, even in the WN milieu. It’s also more “intellectually respectable” in academic circles. “Every people deserve a homeland” is much more palatable, Christian, Kantian, than the amoral fact that those who cannot or will not defend their valuable possessions will lose them and that there is no inherent “right” to one’s land, one’s women or even one’s life. The position of the more serious racialists in history can only be to support war in a desperate situation rather than dialogue (words are the favoured weapon of the academic). But as Joe Sobran said of professional conservatism, WN is a game, a way of making a living.

Your last phrase reminds me that in the movie Imperium, directed by a kike, a very pop white nationalist confesses to the FBI that he was really after the buck, his real objective behind his racist rhetoric.

Some years ago Greggy wrote nasty things about the visit he paid to Pierce because after that visit he read his novels. Haven’t you read that article? Your Greggy quote is the opposite of what he says in his book, where he differentiates from what he calls ‘old right’ and ‘new right’. The same with Breivik et al. Just see his most recent pronouncements about them.

Greggy loves to speak with both sides of his mouth. For example, the Greg Johnson that promoted revolutionary Michael O’Meara and Covington some years ago, no longer exists.

The same as to his ‘Nietzscheanism’. A decade ago, when he was already the editor of TOQ Online promoting Nietzsche, at the same time he delivered pious homilies in his San Francisco church! Alas for him, Occidental Dissent’s admin wrote a piece exposing this scandal.

Those who have followed him for a decade know that Greggy has a forked tongue.

so true, c.t. thx for continuing to push the true narrative. a voice crying in the wilderness. my experience, too. who the hell would presently buy an autonomous car having no driver’s controls, untried and untested, the salesman preaching, “just trust these new technologies. the new generation automobile. the safest. the best. you’ll never look back!!”

all the charismatic prophets telling their dreams that trump will get two terms. oh yeah. and posting their asterisk: you, the listener, must believe and pray until it happens. otherwise, the implication is “it’s your fault it didn’t happen.” typical “believer” b.s. when the narrative breaks, project the guilt and shame thick and heavy and far and wide. what crappola.

pointing the finger at the other guy is simply and only the blame game. bankrupt. the buck stops at sovereignty, ownership of one’s choices.

bullying seems a universal law of nature, fight or flight. our archons know this and maintain rule by our fear. which is why big science/ big finance/ big data/ big…big…big is so much embraced by the leftists. b/c small science/ small data/ small finance/ small data, in their eyes, will never match what the big guys can do. when “we the people” own nukes, our governors will stop bullying the people. i long for the day when some unknown individual inventor starts picking off the big mouths/ big bullies with his “leave no trace” private personal handiwork, weapons of pinpoint precisions.

Probably not. Unlike the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, right before WWI, all of the Breivik types have chosen infinitely lesser targets. I guess Hitler would’t have comprehended the logic of what Breivik et al did, as we are living in far more degenerate and bizarre times.

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