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Creatures of Dad’s introject

Many times I have said that, in sharp contrast to National Socialism, white nationalism is charlatanism and recent cases exemplify it.

Everything has to do with what in this site (and in my books in Spanish) I call a state of mental slavery due to the introjects that our parents and society implanted in our heads.

The superiority of Hitler and his closest group compared to the racialist Americans of today is extremely evident in his intimate talks not only at dinner time, but in what remained in the memories of the Germans who knew the Führer in private.

For Hitler, the greatest calamity in our history was the advent of Christianity. White nationalists, on the other hand, are stupefied and paralysed in the middle of the psychological Rubicon because they don’t have the balls to face the programming of their asshole Christian parents (at least not the balls I have when exposing my parents in my books). They are ‘creatures of Dad’s introject’ as I say to myself in my soliloquies, and they will remain in that state of psychological immaturity until, apparently, their race is extinguished.

As I said in a comment yesterday, Hunter Wallace is such a case: as are the vast number of Christians who comment on his blog. But even in the forum of the most respected white nationalist in the US, this childishness of not wanting to break away from Dad’s introjects is evident. The title of the most recent article on The Occidental Observer begins with the words ‘Hail the Catholic Church for…’ There, Ricardo Duchesne tells us:

Many on the dissident right today blame Christianity for promoting universal values and the equality of human souls across the earth in the eyes of God. MacDonald does not blame Christianity. He does not argue that the Catholic Church created the conditions for the subsequent rise of multicultural collective norms.

It irritates me greatly that currently only one person is willing to systematically take issue with this blindness about Christianity in racialist forums. I am referring to Robert Morgan, who today commented on these words of Gregory Hood: ‘Many 19th century abolitionists were not peaceful idealists but blood-crazed fanatics, who cloaked their dreams of war and slaughter in apocalyptic, Biblical language. John Brown, whose band began its infamous raid on Harpers Ferry by killing a free black man, is the primary example’. Morgan replied:

John Brown was a nineteenth century version of an antifa or BLM rioter. He wasn’t just a “blood-crazed fanatic”, he was a blood-crazed CHRISTIAN fanatic. For a good picture of him and how he was regarded by a great many in the North, read Thoreau’s A Plea for Captain John Brown, wherein he is compared favorably to Jesus Christ and the angels. There’s a reason that all of the movements and personages Hood is complaining about resemble John Brown, and that is because, in their egalitarianism, their utopianism, their vision of a raceless future, they are displaying their true colors as just another version of Christianity. Belief in the crucified rabbi has become optional for some of them, true, but the rest of the Christian moral vision remains.

Hood’s essay isn’t very good insofar as it obscures this connection by calling the current goings-on a “new” religion. Referring to it this way is a hackneyed trope that attempts to strengthen the very root of the plant from which all the evil tendrils spring. Only when it is widely understood and accepted that all men are NOT brothers will the root finally die, and the evil tendrils wither. The white man has this lie as the centerpiece of his culture of lies primarily due to Christianity, not because some “new” religion has sprung up in opposition to it.

One might think that not all white nationalists or alt-right folk are as blind as those cited above. Before they nuked his YouTube channel I used to watch some videos that Richard Spencer uploaded on his McSpencer Group. My last two posts dealt with the topic that one of this trio, young Keith Woods, recently regressed to what I have been calling paleologic thinking on this site. (People who really want to argue with me should read Day of Wrath, which is not only available in hardcover but whose PDF can be read for free: here.)

What is striking is that a member of Spencer’s group has apparently deserted in the sense that he has apparently abandoned the main principle of the alt-right: Gens alba conservada est, the white race must be preserved. And if Woods sticks to that position, it seems that he’s doing it because the unconscious introjects that he suffers ordered him not only to stay paralysed in the middle of the Rubicon, but to take a few steps back.

I don’t know if the white race is going to survive. But if there is something I feel morally obliged to say—although as someone on Twitter told me I am like a voice crying out in the wilderness of white nationalism—it is that Judeo-Christianity fried the brains of whites. If they go extinct, at least posterity must have an exact diagnosis of what really killed them.

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The state of denial of Christians about what Morgan says about the American Civil War is truly astonishing. (See what they said today; though if someone clicks on that link in a couple of days, he’ll likely find more recent Morgan comments.)

If there is a word that should designate all these vaguely racialist conservatives commenting on that webzine it is: self-delusion. Tremendous self-deception indeed.

Poor dudes. I would never have the patience Morgan has to argue with them…

Mason did a Q&A recently, and it upset me to hear him say a series of agreeable things and then have it all sunk with his biblical analogies due to his Christian Identity. Perhaps in a succeeding Q&A somebody can boldly ask him why he is CI and not a Pagan? He claims to be an atheist and not into esoterica and nonsense, but also has an interest in UFO’s. I’ve never perceived anything on UFO’s, Nazi UFO’s, or anything similar as anything beyond entertainment and a gimmick. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. And why would an atheist adhere to a debunked sect? I don’t get what’s so difficult for these WN Christians to call a spade a spade. I’ve even had certain WN argue with me that Jesus was a half Roman bastard baby so that makes his feeble philosophy salvageable!? It’s honestly embarrassing. Jews must think WN are the biggest cranks worshipping their failed (albeit ideologically successful proto-Trotskyite in the long run) revolutionary.

If “Having a television in your home is like having a Jew in your living room”, then [asking Jesus into one’s heart] [italicized] is comparable to asking for Hebraic astral-bacteria to compromise the Aryan psyche.

Ethno-suicide and spiritual-suicide are indistinguishable. Remember what Athanaric did to those Goths who converted to Christianity!

UFOs, Christ, so-called spirituality (New Age nonsense) is the same mind-rotting degeneracy that even some white advocates consume. After my stage in cults and pseudosciences (December 1978 – May 1995) I became vaccinated against all that. But apparently some racialists still have to educate themselves. I would recommend to them one of Martin Gardner’s several books debunking the paranormal and the Carrier book about unhistorical Jesus on the sidebar.

Should those who read Carrier’s work supplement it with that of Kersey Graves? I read somewhere that Carrier had criticized one of the premises of Grave’s World Saviors Before Christ work, but I forget exactly which element he criticized.

Also, in all seriousness, do you see space colonization as probable in the foreseeable future, in accordance with the thesis of your first chapter of Dies Irae, to whet the Faustian pneuma’s inclination to expand? Or is the idea of such far too idealistic and not attainable?

Day of Wrath (Dies Irae) is only a translation of some parts of my eleven books. Only after the last one it is surmised that even if non-whites are wiped out, that doesn’t mean that whites have automatically earned the right to conquer part of the Milky Way. Even triumphant whites after a revolution à la Turner Diaries must go through the further process of unfolding absolute empathy. Only then may they earn the right to bridge a path to the nearest star.

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