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Spartan nostalgia

In his latest comments, Robert Morgan made a few remarks about why conspiracy theories, so popular in the comment sections of racially conscious whites, bother me so much:

Linh Dinh: ‘When your tyrants can’t even be identified, much less found, no coup, uprising or revolution is possible…’

Exactly. Preventing revolutions is the purpose of conspiracy theories. People who imagine they are being controlled by nameless others have the perfect excuse to continue doing what they are doing, which is making up conspiracy theories, or in other words, nothing.

You can score cheap moral points by denouncing vague conspiracies, attributing to them anything you don’t like. You avoid blaming the people themselves, because they’re only puppets! That’s the attraction of conspiracy theories.

I, on the other hand, do blame the people themselves. As I see it, America is just suffering the painful consequences for centuries of Christian delusions. They themselves imported negroes to their shores, and then fought a war to set them free and make them fellow citizens. Thinking this is the result of a conspiracy is ridiculous. To do so is just a transparent attempt to evade responsibility.

At another site, Counter-Currents, also in one of the comments sections a woman just recommended The Turner Diaries.

It is very positive that at least in the comments section, someone mentions Pierce’s novel. In one of the passages of that novel, blacks took a white woman in front of the police to rape her and when a white man complained, the policemen fled embarrassed by the complaint, since defending the white woman would be ‘racist’. As the negrolatric religion grows, it won’t take too long to reach that neo-Orwellian level. But I wanted to say something else about that comments sections.

A couple of CC commenters have just complained that it was useless to talk (for example, about the recent murder of a white woman by BLM) with their wives, that wives don’t get what’s happening.

Since I was liberal in the past, I treated women as if they were regular blokes. Over the decades, in my family I could only talk about the family tragedy with the direct victims of the perps: a couple of women (who, incidentally, have already died). But when speaking brutally with one of them, as we blokes do, my female cousin freaked out and for a few years we weren’t on speaking terms. Only after discovering the manosphere did I realise that I had done something wrong. If I had known what I know today, I would have refrained from talking about little red riding hoods and wolves in my dealings with my poor cousin, who had been a victim of molestation.

I don’t blame myself for that way of speaking because I was brainwashed. Twenty years ago, when I corresponded with my cousin, I had internalised the ethno-suicidal propaganda that guys and gals are all the same. Now I see more than ever that the first guideline I devised for the priest of fourteen words is really adequate: let’s try to talk about transcendental issues only with white males. For example, there is absolutely no point in trying to convey to a woman the fact that we have about ten times more sexual drive than they feel. Since they have never felt such a thing, we can’t create a bridge of true communication.

There are exceptions of course. In this site I’ve mentioned a female friend with whom I can communicate. But she is the exception that confirms the rule. Although as a woman she doesn’t have the impulse I have, her empathy is such that she once told me an anecdote. Apparently, a woman experimented with some male hormones and she felt, for a few days, a tremendous sex drive. As my friend confessed to me when assimilating the anecdote, she finally felt respect for men because we repress our sexual drive not only a few days, but throughout the years. It doesn’t matter that my friend hasn’t done such a hormonal experiment. Just by telling me that anecdote she transmitted that thanks to it she could finally understand men. But as I said, she’s the exception.

Commenters complaining on CC about their wives don’t follow the priest’s guideline. They try the impossible: to communicate with them. The ideal would be to have such guilds only for males as the Spartans had, in which all young men were forced to eat together, even after marriage in order to create the necessary mannerbund. This, in spite of the fact that eventually all Spartans had to marry.

Today’s feminised men, including many racialists, don’t even realise that, in some matters, it’s impossible to build communication bridges with the fair sex. Yes: women could be serving at the table of the Spartan warriors, but not get into discussions or camaraderie.

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Jews desire as many White Gentiles to become Homosexual as possible. That is the truth about the “Gay Agenda”. The Jewish people do not want us to sexually reproduce at all. That is also why they are behind pornography.

Mind you, I suspect that the Porn Industry and the Radical Feminists alike, are merely two sides of the same coin. There is a Dialectical process going on. Both desire to divide men and women against each other. For, they are both against the Gentile Family as such!

Blaming Christianity as a whole for the racial problems of the Western World today is neglecting to look at the big picture of what Christianity and the increasing influence of the Dark Races, including the Jews, actually represents. When the abolition movement began it was primarily driven from the Christian doctrine of all races being decended from Adam and Eve negle cting the fact that the blackening of Ham was meant to symbolize the inferiority of Ham’s decendents to the decendents of Seth and Japheth. The fact that the Universality of Man was created by the Bible meant that there is a uniuversal obligation for someone to be morally righteous to all races except those who were not Christian or degenerates who would endanger a Christian community because being morally righteous means doing whats benenficial or advantageous to your fellow “racial brothers” while abhoring anything that will divide this subjectively perfect unity of man. This kind of moral outlook, despite the lack of support many liberals have for the Church, is the very moral sysytem that makes them mindlessly support Blacks, Jews and Sexual degenerates by merely sympathizing with their struggle agaginst those who oppose them thereby swearing their alliegiance to these groups for the sake of human unity. This itself can solely be traced back to Christianity’s influence on Europeans which lead them to adopt this moral system as a whole while disregarding the interets of the group who created this idea. Ultimately this means that the universal morality of man is what allows Jews to hold power and have the Dark Races continuously migrate to the Western Nations and increase their numbers.

You make it sound like Jews don’t support homosexuality among themselves. There are many queer jews with Israel being the fag empire of the middle east, Tel Aviv being boys town. Israel is also the whore house of the middle east, importing whores from around the world. Yes, they are behind pronography, lgbtq, and any other sexual/social weakening. So Jews have sex on the brain and I don’t think it is about stopping goys from reproducing. Again it sounds like we are blaming jews for all our sexual problems. If Christians weren’t so suppressed by the Pauline gospels this would not be an issue. Guilt associated with sex is devastating but we are so used to it that we keep blaming jews for our stupidity

They certainly smuggle Ukrainian women into Israel, to be used as sex slaves. I suspect that the Israeli MOSSAD was behind September 11th, precisely to divert attention away from the Israeli Jewish role in the sex traffic.

A very important subject indeed.

To be aware of this profound difference between the sexes is vital to any attempt at creating a new society. Women do not create societies. End of discussion. And hence their interest lies elsewhere.

But any person needs recognition. And I for one believe that the mess many women creates in society at large today also has a base in the denouncement of the family unit, in which she has her natural inclination and her esteem. Sparta understood that.

So the white man’s Mannerbund or the likes is what we need to reawaken. This is crucial to understand when you try to focus your efforts.

“They themselves imported negroes to their shores,…”

on a ship called “Jesus”!

Men try to talk to their wives in such a way because they have no men comrades. Isolation from other men lets them delude themselves into thinking the wife is their best friend. A loving woman rejuvenates, but not through friendship.

I only speak to my women relatives in very measured and emotionally calculated ways about current happenings…always with an eye to inflame their passions against traitors, those with a death drive, and aliens. “They want you and the children dead!” is my message on repeat. That’s it. Everything else is saved for the comitatus.

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