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Puritanical degeneracy

The first minute of this speech by a rabbi is unusual, as he tells the truth about how Hitler healed a Berlin that looked like Sodom and Gomorrah. The rabbi says that the first action Hitler took to heal degenerate Weimar Germany was to ban pornography and out-the-closet homosexuality. Which editor of the main webzines of white nationalism is currently proposing to emulate the Führer with such salubrious measures, repressing everything related to LGBT?

I have often said, even personally with some relatives, that the colourful LGBT flag lacks precisely the colour that was relatively accepted in the Greco-Roman world. Since in that world neither the Greeks nor the Romans had been miscegenated to the point of becoming the creatures we see today in Greece and Italy, Federico Fellini was right to choose two English actors for the roles of Encolpius and Giton in his surreal adaptation of Petronius’ Satyricon (the Roman author of that novel lived in 27-66 of the Common Era).

As we can see in this Satyricon clip, it’s about a man in his twenties and an androgynous teenager. Such sort of ‘pederasty’ was the only accepted form of homosexuality in the Greco-Roman world, and seeing the clip doesn’t cause revulsion in the straight viewer as the adolescent Giton, before becoming a fully-developed man, really looks like a girl.

The LGBT Sodom movement will be able to add more colours to its flag now that the genres are surrealistically multiplying. But it will never add to it the only colour accepted in the time of Pericles, or Nero when Petronius flourished (remember that in a revised reading of history, which removes Christian propaganda, Nero was not a villain).

Why do I say that those of the LGBT, who must be swept away as the first cleansing action of the Fourth Reich, will not okay the only homo colour accepted in the ancient Aryan world? A single anecdote will illustrate my point.

A book that can be read online, Thomas Hubbard’s Homosexuality in Greece and Rome: A Sourcebook of Basic Documents was published in 2003 and can be downloaded for free: here. The following editorial review also appears on that site:

The most important primary texts on homosexuality in ancient Greece and Rome are translated into modern, explicit English and collected together for the first time in this comprehensive sourcebook. Covering an extensive period―from the earliest Greek texts in the late seventh century b.c.e. to Greco-Roman texts of the third and fourth centuries c.e.―the volume includes well-known writings by Plato, Sappho, Aeschines, Catullus, and Juvenal, as well as less well known but highly relevant and intriguing texts such as graffiti, comic fragments, magical papyri, medical treatises, and selected artistic evidence.

These fluently translated texts, together with Thomas K. Hubbard’s valuable introductions, clearly show that there was in fact no more consensus about homosexuality in ancient Greece and Rome than there is today… This unique anthology gives an essential perspective on homosexuality in classical antiquity.

Scandalised by this professor’s academic work on pederasty, half a year ago antifa vandalised his house, as can be read in this article. (You have to be very careful with this journalistic note. It was written by a Latina, and those who protested and vandalised the professor’s house were predominantly feminist women.)

Personally, I don’t think the Fourth Reich should promote pederasty, but it should promote what I quoted recently: ‘We need a regime that bans pornography and erects statues of gorgeous naked nymphs and ephebes in every public square and crossroads’.

However, it is very clear to me that what we see in the above image, and the filth that fortunately Hitler prohibited as soon as he came to power, are two kind of animals not only different but opposed from an aesthetic point of view. But regarding same-sex unions Americans are apparently unable to distinguish between the sublime and the grotesque (the Gomorrah that the Third Reich rightly annihilated).

The United States was once brilliantly described by Richard Spencer saying that it was a mix of Christian Puritanism and sexual degeneracy—both side by side and at the same time! Too bad they recently deleted his YouTube channel and I can’t link to it, but if I remember correctly, that video dates back to the times of the Kavanaugh hearing.

No wonder that a nation suffering from such schizophrenia is absolutely incapable of recreating visually the Greco-Roman world as it really was. Hollywood Rome is not Rome, and although the Jews and the decadent Americans are very good in recreating degeneracy, they’re unable to recreate the healthy pederasty of ancient times. They couldn’t even bring a movie like Death in Venice to the screen. Only an Italian was able to do it with the proper aesthetics, and without any sexual contact in the film (a truly platonic love).

What I said in my entry ‘The transvaluation explained’ can be exemplified by that American chimera between gross sexual degeneration and Puritanism. As long as the Americans don’t dare to see Hitler as the best man in history, and Constantine the worst, they will be unable to bring to the screen the ethos of Greco-Roman antiquity, the truly Aryan world. As to the visual arts on the television and cinema, they will continue to be neochristian in sexual matters.

Our roots are Greece and Rome—not Jerusalem. Keep in mind what Savitri Devi said and the Nazis she quotes in my other post today.

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“As we can see in this Satyricon clip, it’s about a man in his twenties and an androgynous teenager. That was more or less the only accepted form of homosexuality in the Greco-Roman world, and seeing the clip doesn’t cause revulsion in the straight viewer as the adolescent Giton, before becoming a fully-developed man, really looks like a girl.”

It’s just as repugnant. In fact, its just fucking gay. Why not shag a woman at that point? But you want a lady-boy with a cock? That’s gay. The prison rape rampant in US prisons is just as gay too. “Pederasty” is obviously just a fancy Classical way of saying pedophilia in modern times, which obviously in modern times is not just morally repulsive but severely psychologically damaging. They all need the treatment of Alexandre V., who was a 19-year old French teen who rammed a crucifix down the throat of his Christian priest abuser and suffocated him to death.

But at least you don’t condone it for the future….. If Greco-Roman society condoned such faggotry, then that’s a flaw on their part. Just as “Positive Christianity” and “Kristianity” are rubbish and can only be perceived to be as Hitler’s political correct tactic towards a gradual eradication of Christianity.

And is the Platonism that the poor professor felt for the Tadzio of Death in Venice also ‘repugnant’ to you?

‘If Greco-Roman society condoned such faggotry…’ you say. But you are proving my point: Regarding homosexuality, Americans don’t know how to distinguish between the sublime and the grotesque. Even anti-Christians are still handicapped by Christian mores. When I disputed on this site against what Greg Johnson and his featured writer James O’Meara said about classical homosexuality, I wrote I was struck by a passage from Petronius’ novel in which both Encolpius and Giton were repulsed by a seeing fag, for the simple fact that he was a vulgar sodomite in Nero’s time.

Some time ago, IIRC, you said something very critical about Kevin Alfred Strom, something like he was a very bad man because he was convicted by the System for viewing pornography of pre-pubescent girls. I replied that we should not judge one of our own for a crime that the System assigned to him. But the point is that when you commented that, I imagined that perhaps you had a personal story to tell, something that I sensed but it’s just a hunch (from the avatar that you use, apparently you’re a woman, right?).

If you are a woman, I don’t think you can understand what I am trying to say here, as men have about ten times more sexual drive than women, and we can already imagine what they would feel in times when some adolescents were much more beautiful than what is seen today in Italy and Greece. And I say this taking into account that the only friend I have in the big city where I live is a woman. I don’t have a cell phone for the simple fact that I don’t have male friends. Not a single one (and in the past, I never had a boyfriend or ephebe).

They all need the treatment of Alexandre V., who was a 19-year old French teen who rammed a crucifix down the throat of his Christian priest abuser and suffocated him to death.

Thanks for confusing the healthy classical world that did not traumatise adolescents with the Christian world that did traumatise them sexually. I have personally spoken with one of the victims of Marcial Maciel and really, it is from heaven to earth the pedophilia that Maciel committed compared to the pederasty before Constantine (two different entities).

Quoted in the professor’s book mentioned above:

Greek homosexual activity, despite popular misconceptions, was not restricted to man-boy pairs. Vase-painting shows numerous scenes where there is little or no apparent difference in age between the young wooer and his object of courtship (see figs. 12a, b, 24a, b, c), as well as graphic scenes of sexual experimentation between youths (see figs. 8, 15). Early poets such as Theognis (1.41, 1.65) and Pindar (1.86) make it clear that youths were attracted to and slept with other youths of the same age. Plato tells us that the young Charmides’ beauty provoked the admiration and love of everyone present, even the youngest boys (5.4.154). In the Phaedrus, Socrates quotes the proverb “youth delights youth” to imply that young men would prefer companions of their own age to older lovers (5.9.240). Xenophon shows Critobulus in love with Cleinias, a youth of the same age or perhaps even a bit older ( Timarchus’ lover, Misgolas, appears to be the same age (4.7.49). In the Hellenistic period Meleager attests that boys were attractive to boys (6.40), and Quintilian worries about older boys corrupting younger boys in Roman schools (9.34). If interpretations of Alcman’s First Maidens’ Song (1.4) as a ritualized lesbian betrothal are correct, the two young women paired in that performance appear to be age-equal, in which case female homoeroticism also did not always conform to the age-differential stereotype (for artistic evidence, see figs. 3, 4a, 9, 13).

Although a youth’s attractiveness was thought by many to cease with the growth of his beard and body hair, the window of attraction varied to some degree according to individual preferences.

And in another chapter:

Indeed, the realization that age-equal activity was not uncommon, as we have shown, profoundly undercuts any interpretation of Greek homosexuality in terms of “victim categories.”

The transvaluation of values means: inverting the concept of good and evil of Christianity and returning to classical values. Marriage with women was a solid institution in that world, and if transvaluation happened today and I was much younger, I would not be running after the ephebes, but looking for a woman to marry me.

However, if a young son from a transvalued Europe was as beautiful as Giton and fancied another teenager equally beautiful, it is easy to think of tolerating that for a brief season of his adolescence (as long as it is clear that, when reaching manhood, the duty is to marry and never to have relations with anyone of the same sex).

That imaginary world, not yours apparently, would leave Christianity and secular neochristianity behind, so in vogue in the Judeo-christian country where you live, responsible for three anti-racist wars that will cost the white race its existence (the 1860s, the 1940s and the war now being waged).

P.S. If you are indeed a woman, remember the first guideline of the priest of the 14 words, ‘Thou shalt speak only to Aryan males’. There’s an exception with my female friend of course, as she has read my autobiography.

I almost sent a very angry reply. But then I read things carefully and calmed down. I think you’re saying the classical Greeks were a bit more flexible about things when a person was younger, but were quite traditional when the persons got older. They let nature take it’s natural course.

What do you think the Greeks would’ve thought about the sexual mores of the American left? The LGBT movement, “gay marriage,” the pushing of “transgenderism,” Trannies reading to little kids, the slower acceptance of NAMBLA and the rise of the slur “pedophobe”

Probably not much is my guess!


You don’t have to answer the question. I reread the piece again and you already did. It’s a subtle point (to me), and it took me a couple of readings to see what you were trying to say.

I had an almost violent reaction the first time I read through it though.

I have not read the whole of Hubbard’s book, but it seems overtly queer behavior was as nauseating to them as for us.

But I am still shocked that virtually all people I’ve met in real life are unable to distinguish between healthy same-sex unions in the Greco-Roman world and degeneracy.

That’s why I would’t recommend promoting pederasty in the 4th Reich. Since these are extremely degenerate times, it will take a time to reach the level of decency of antiquity.

By the way, did you miss what I said about Encolpius and Gitone feeling revulsion for a lewd sodomite in Petronius’ novel?

So what you are saying is that Nick Fuentes did nothing wrong by having that fateful affair with a catboy?

I didn’t let pass all of your comment because I suspect (not sure) that you are one of the banned commenters on this site. If you are one of the banned comemnters and now are using a sockpuppet, please stop.

Since I’m not sure if you’re a banned commenter, I’ll answer your question. It reflects that you (whose IP is apparently not in the US) are also incapable of distinguishing between the sublime and the grotesque. And about your text that I didn’t let pass, you apparently didn’t read the Hubbard quotes from my previous comment about sex between Greek coevals.

Yes, that ‘Catboy’ is indeed an extremely grotesque man. Richard Spencer said, in one of his podcasts, that he didn’t want to have anything to do with him, didn’t even want to exchange a word. (And, obviously, by accepting the appointment with such a creature, Fuentes completely discredited himself.)

But this is irrelevant. The point is that any white ‘advocate’ who vehemently rejects Greco-Roman mores is still under the spell of Judeochristian mores.

Again, I am not letting pass all of your comment because you didn’t answer if you are already on my ban list and are resorting to sockpuppeting.

(Catboys are extremely disgusting to any normal guy who sees a pic of them, like the one who appeared beside Fuentes.)

“By the way, did you miss what I said about Encolpius and Gitone feeling revulsion for a lewd sodomite in Petronius’ novel?”

No, but I had to read it twice to grasp that part, and to grasp what you were saying in general.

In symposium Plato says Achilles was an object of homosexual love because of his fairness(Achilles had blond hair). The “twink” archetype in the homosexual community is a euphemism for blond or fair haired boy who is pursued by men. This, if taken too far, can have the effect of reducing the blond gene.

I am a blond haired man. I can say from personal experience that attention to me by homosexual men has been both good and bad. In some cases it has helped me get resources I needed or avoid trouble, and I did not have to exchange sexual favors to get those things.

However in other cases being sexually pursued by other men has almost emasculated me. I do believe there should be a mild taboo on homosexuality in society, yet it should be tolerated in the shadows.

Homosexual attention to blond men in very small doses can help the blond gene. In medium or high doses it can turn blond men gay and stop them from reproducing. I believe some homosexual men who have a thing for blond men are friends of the blond gene. And I believe some homosexual men who have a thing for blond men, are enemies of the blond gene.

Some homosexuals are friends and some are enemies. In egenral I think men should avoid homosexuality. But having an experience in highschool is not a big deal, but it doesn’t mean you are homosexual to have done something in highschool once.

We should have a taboo against homosexuality and encourage strict heterosexuality.

‘Gay’ is not a word in my vocabulary. I believe it’s anti-white newspeak.

In medium or high doses it can turn blond men gay and stop them from reproducing.

In today’s degenerate homo world, yes. But not in antiquity when even the erastes and the eromenos (that is, the Encolpiuses and Gitones) married women after a time.

We should have a taboo against homosexuality and encourage strict heterosexuality.

Again, in today’s degenerate West world, yes per the rabbi’s thoughts about Hitler’s first move. But what if in a transvalued ethnostate with statues of nymphs and ephebes everywhere, some of the latter want to experiment a little among themselves?

The transvaluation of all values means a thoroughgoing repudiation of Christianity, a return to Greco-Roman customs even in sexual matters. The whole discussion of this thread motivates me to read Hubbard’s academic book, not just the few passages I’ve quoted.

I will say something after reading it…

“when even the erastes and the eromenos (that is, the Encolpiuses and Gitones) married women after a time.”

Yes that’s important. If people are experimenting in highschool they should realize that doing so does not make them homosexual. And that they should eventually marry a woman and have children. And of course there are older adults too who are heterosexual who have done homosexual things, but are still heterosexual.

The idea of homosexuality makes no sense. Men are not supposed to be homosexual. All men are supposed to be heterosexual, and of those heterosexual men, a SMALL MINORITY of them might do “homosexual” things some times, but that doesn’t mean they are homosexual. It’s normal for some heterosexual men to have done that or do that.

The idea of homosexuality makes no sense.

Which is why the Greeks and Romans lacked such term. Modern language can be very deceiving!

It’s perfectly natural that sometimes a true friendship between males could transgress its common borders in more sensitive individuals, especially in a Mannerbund atmosphere. Didn’t you once embrace or kiss your best friend so emotionally that it gone over the line of usual friendly sympathy, beyond just mental kinship into a hint of erotic inspiration? There’s nothing homosexual in it at all, as well as a “body contact” is a thing unnescessary and rather related to a taste and intellect of a person who discusses about it. As The Order of the Garter’s motto says: “Shame to him who thinks evil of it” )))


Did you ever read the DS article “Polish President Dubs LGBT “Foreign Ideology””?

“In fact, homosexual behavior in Greece is highly exaggerated. But that is just what it was – homosexual behavior. Not “homosexuality” in the modern sense of grown men exclusively having sex with other grown men. The men who stuck it in (-) young boys were also married with wives, and this was just a hobby. It’s the same thing throughout the entire Islamic world, and the Jewish world for that matter – a portion of the population engages in recreational homosexuality.

“Homosexualism” is an ideology and a cult that was invented in San Francisco in the 1970s.”

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