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I’m still alone

One of the things that strike me when I say that I am speaking to myself is that some respond that they are listening to me, or that they have learned about anti-Christian matters thanks to this site. The reality is that that would be only one aspect of being accompanied.

A few days ago I quoted once again what Nietzsche said of Luther. This monk, instead of kneeling in Rome grateful for the transvaluation of visual values that had started at the very headquarters of Christendom, none of that impacted him, but returned to his dark Germany to write religious texts.

White nationalism is a basically American phenomenon. All major websites are American, not European. Europe died after World War II when two Judaised nations to the core annihilated it. But we should not blame Roosevelt’s US and Stalin’s SU one hundred percent, as both socio-political experiments were two branches that emerged from the same egalitarian baobab that began to engulf the West right after the French Revolution.

White nationalism being basically an American phenomenon, a descendant of the Calvinist Puritanism of the first colonists, is blind to the values that the Renaissance advocated: the plastic and visual arts. If we remember the texts of Evropa Soberana, a European from the westernmost part of Europe, for the Greeks and the Romans the beauty of the statuary and the temples, more than the texts—not all of them could read—was central. Remember what Greg Johnson said in the comments section of The Occidental Observer in 2012: ‘We need a regime that (1) bans pornography and (2) erects statues of gorgeous naked nymphs and athletes in every public square and crossroads’.

The texts of white nationalism, including the ones Johnson posts on his webzine, bore me (worst of all is the very verbose Unz Review whose admin is a Jew). They are a direct result of those who conquered the American continent, alienated in the Old Testament ethos and consequently inspired by Judaic legalisms and moralising rather than by the visual arts. Unlike these Judaised whites, what interests me is the beauty of nymphs, sylphs, and dryads (and it doesn’t bother me in the least that some pederasts include androgynous ephebes in the list).

Instead, the pundits of white nationalism, even those who have read Nietzsche, as little and prudish Luthers are blind not only to the beauty of the Aryan body, insofar their webzines don’t dream about it in every crossroad, but blind also about the squares that should inspire them to create the ethnostate. Remember ‘What Did Ancient Rome Look Like?’ that I embedded not long ago!

If I am alone it is because I have not been understood when I speak of the transvaluation. Perhaps many believe that I am still referring to texts or cold reason, when what I want is an ethnostate whose architecture resembles the Rome that appears in the aforementioned video.

The anti-white climate of our time is exactly the reverse of the dream of putting gorgeous naked nymphs and ephebes in every public square and crossroads. If contemporary racialists had already transvalued their values, instead of verbose texts that few read they would show in their webzines that beauty.

This is one of the reasons why I am not in the least concerned that the insane American negrolatres, and the blacks themselves, are smashing white male statues in America. All the statues knocked down by BLM and the antifa have been statues of clothed Christians: statues that had to be thrown away anyway after the Nietzschean revolution. What we need throughout the re-conquered West are thousands of completely naked pagan statues showing Aryan beauty in their full frontal glory.

To save the race, values must be revalued, and that means understanding things as inconceivable to American racists as what I said to European Vig these days in the context of how music would sound like if Christianity had not murdered our souls.

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Absolutely true!!!
In the arts one finds reflected the level of spirituality, or the inner life so to say, of the culture that shapes them.
Something in the white man has gone terribly wrong. look at his architecture, it is a stinking corps of a rational cancer. There is selfhate because there is no joy, there is no joy because there is no good sculpture and painting anymore.

It is very significant to realize that the Greeks were spending excessive parts of their energies on creating plastic arts. Why ??
Because they were still naturally connected to their intuitive powers which are based in the visual and spatial part of the mind and are the root of joy.
All of that started to disappear slowly in their culture , when Socrates and Plato appeared, and the energy was sucked away into an ego reinforcing ability to use language and debate. The Persian wars forced them into that. In 2000 years it went from bad to worse Parasites came up.

Off all this the last consequence is this fucking internet and this fucking facebook through which we out of sheer desperation try to forcefully wrench our whole human interaction in that miserable dimension of verbal logic. American WN sites just show that .

In ‘The Skin of our Teeth’, the first chapter of Civilisation by Kenneth Clark, he said: ‘If I had to say which was telling the truth about society, a speech by a Minister of Housing or the actual buildings put up in his time, I should believe the buildings’.

He added: ‘Whatever its merits as a work of art, I don’t think that there is any doubt that the Apollo [statue/bust] embodies a higher state of civilisation than the [African] mask… To the Hellenistic imagination it is a world of light and confidence, in which the gods are like ourselves, only more beautiful’.

Lord Clark added:

The same architectural language, the same imagery, the same theatres, the same temples—at any time for five hundred years you could have found them all round the Mediterranean, in Greece, Italy, France. What happened? It took Gibbon six volumes to describe the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, so I shan’t embark on that. But thinking about this almost incredible episode does tell one something about the nature of civilisation. It shows that however complex and solid it seems, it is actually quite fragile. It can be destroyed.

Clark then explains what happened to the formerly glorious self-image of whites during Christendom: ‘The subject of Mediterranean man was man. Two hundred years have passed—perhaps a little more—and man has almost vanished’. And he showed us the following image in his TV program:

From my psycho-historical perspective, this imago hominis only means a gigantic ‘psychogenic’ regression in the Aryan’s understanding of himself throughout Christendom.

In addition to a transvaluation of all values via artistic and cultural means, newborns should be barred from being assigned pallid Anglicized or Germanicized biblical names. Do you think this is possible?

It is a shame that Nacional Vanguard does not publish it. In 2014, someone sold it thru Lulu, but NV reacted. They complained to the one who published it, and it was removed. In print form, a good chunk of WWA can be read in The Fair Race. The full text is only available in PDF (here).

But I would recommend trying to publish it again on Lulu and tell the NV people that all the royalties go to their bank account and see if that’s fair enough…

NV was severely damaged after Dr. Pierce’s death by the idiot who he left as chairman and almost destroyed the National Alliance. That was one of his mistakes although my guess is that his death was just too premature.

Even with the new chairman (Will Williams), Who We Are is not on their online shop but that shouldn’t be surprising. Some of Dr. Pierce articles about women and the feminization of men are also missing.

You can’t just count at all in his organization anymore to tell the whole truth. Again, thanks for your efforts, Cesar.

That is already a good beginning ! But let us be practical
As a consequence of our discussion above I have been thinking it over yesterday what would have to change to cure the Aryan of his schizophrenia:
1). Written language has to become more pictorial. Pictograms have to be created to allow the right brain and emotional expression to be involved.
2)Excessive time awareness and the business mentality that is the consequence of that has to be counteracted. ( bad for the Jew )
3)Everybody has to be taught how to keep his inner balance , that means balancing rational and intuitive oriented activities.
4) Directly after birth for three years children have to be protected by a special regiem under supervision of spiritually mature people.
Couples can only be allowed to reproduce if they have passed an exam that shows that they are emotionally mature and free of psychological wounds.

Albert Pike wasn’t a Christian but an osiris-worshipping Scottish-rite freemason who hated Jehovah as much as you do. Blacks toppled his statue. I hope that we can topple the blacks. They are weeds in nature’s garden that must be eradicated, as Margaret Sanger put it.

The fact that the local police can not or does not want to prevent such destruction of public good shows where we are these days.
But the tide will turn eventually and warlords will manifest themselves in a good old tradition.

Saint Margaret Sanger. Saint Charles Darwin. Saint Lovecraft. These were true prophets and saints that foresaw with apostolic foresight the evils that a world that contained 2 billion blacks would contain. Most of these 2 billion blacks have been bred by white christians.

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