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Civil war

Five possible reactions for whitey

– by Rhodok

1) Fu*king die already
2) Grovel harder
3) Ignore & hope
4) Race realism (ethno nationalism)
5) Become the racist they fear

I am afraid that many people will not even pause at option 4 but go directly to option 5.

8 replies on “Five possible reactions for whitey”

Ten years ago commenter Rollory said:

Activism at this stage doesn’t matter. There needs to be a critical mass of the general white population that is receptive to a potentially revolutionary message before anything of the sort will make any headway. That requires much greater social problems and disruption than are yet present: ordinary people need to be feeling it regularly at the dinner table, and more immediate concerns than American Idol or X’s Got Talent. The iron is not yet hot, striking it now won’t accomplish anything.

Well, a whole decade has passed and activism is still premature. Whites in general and Americans in particular need to suffer a lot more for a psychogenic jump to stage 5.

My experience with suburban whites who once were moderate egalitarians are rapidly getting pissed, many of whom are women, the men still seem to think it will all be okay. They are realizing that all their good intentions have led them to be called racist. They loved their constitution only to have it attacked. They loved their monuments to Lincoln, Washington, Columbus, etc only to see them torn down by blacks and liberal whites. So they are now realizing that soon enough their backs will be against the wall and I just smile and ask what took them so long. It seems that women had to get pissed before something actually gets done

Good to hear some of your acquaintances are waking up.

On my side of the Atlantic it is the men that are starting to get pissed. Maybe because we are not as much covered in puppy fat as the average American male. Not saying I am impressed with what I see here, though.

I am a bit weary as to the usefulness of a movement started by women these days. The iron grip of feminism has promoted a picture of them as eternal complainers. Will their awakening in this matter just be looked upon as another ‘stupid’ reason to complain? Men will react for sure, but will it be in the cuckold ways that has become so predominant for them these days?

In my book the only way forward is the awakening of the white male to a profound understanding of his own worth. His capacities and his glory. If the white women support him in this, excellent. But be very much aware that the white woman will only support him if he shows merciless strength.
And he will have to fight. Every demographic group in this world, not least within his own ranks of white degenerate males with their pitiful agenda.

It’s summertime. Testosterone flows freely. Thoughts of adventure, violence and fornication aplenty. I dream about getting on a boat, sail to a northern shore, kill a bunch of shitskin migrants, steal me a pretty blonde nymph, bring her back, and after many sweaty nights make her forget her useless parents. My Med bloodline would genetically skip ahead three generations of good breeding.

And in that whole CC article and comments, not a single word search result for “kill”, “murder”, “execute”, “remove”, “kidnap”, “burn”, “brutal”, “blood”.

But several results for “race”, “america”, “white”, “racial”, “social”, “politic”, “national”.

Activism will remain premature, it seems. The best course of action is to stay under the radar, accumulate resources and hate. But one needs to start writing (and if possible, talking) about killing and destroying.

Yes, Murkan Whiteys will keep ‘Grovelling Harder’ until they experience the Great Suffering. And even then, maybe the ‘racist they fear’ is one that just wants to send all niggers packing to Liberia and all spicks to Mexico.

That’s what frustrates me; it’s possible that even when the iron gets hot, the cowardly Xtianized murkans won’t strike it properly, allowing the system to adjust, relocate and recover, delaying Rahowa for another generation. A half-assed revolution is worse than no revolution.

I recently told Goebbels Hub that only when 40 to 80 percent of whites die during the race wars will American whites really begin to amend their ways (step 5 above).

Yes: it is time to read The Brigade on a hard copy, but not of any actual revolution.

Could it be Norman Spear, with whom I spoke on Skype about the concept of the ‘trouble trio’ (cf. The Brigade), really be that FBI agent as some newspapers recently said?

I have read a lot on Norman Spear [Nazarro] since his identity became known. His words were suspicious to me even when he was supposedly anonymous. He seemed like someone who was merely inclined to a more serious nationalism. His odd eye motions and slowness to answer obvious questions aroused a deep curiosity within me as I paid attention to him on the “Power Hour” video on youtube. The fact that he preferred Italian Fascism to NS simply because of its Grand Council was an astonishment in light of how that organization ultimately gave Mussolini a vote of no confidence and ultimately dissolved itself! Had it not been for Germans coming to Mussolini’s aide [which was a total waste of time and energy] he would have never been able to execute those traitors to Fascism like De Bono and Ciano.

Furthermore, it seems Spear is also in possession of a cage account: a necessity for trading with the government. If one trades with the feds then what is the likelihood that Spear is anything but an agent of xtian, capitalist America?

The different races in the United States are trying to pull apart, which is normal. People don’t want to have to constantly interact with people of other races. It’s making everybody miserable, And everybody who is not black is sick and tired of nigger antics,

But Christcuck Americans are trying to hold this multicultural mess together. There is neither Greek nor Jew, blah blah blah
we are all one in Jesus Christ, blah blah blah.

I’ve been listening to a local Christian radio station to keep my finger on the heartbeat of mainstream Christianity. It’s all about racial reconsideration. How we are all united in love in the name of The Great I Am. Being able to see that the mater of race is significant is “Satanic,” I suppose.

All the yammering sounds like this to me anymore

Charlie Brown’s teacher

“Become the racist they fear”, sounds like the only real option. Of course, knowing exactly what “the racist they fear” is might be difficult for most of the imbeciles of the WN-ism.

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